NC State Smoked by UNC, Gottfried era over?

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We’re not going to spend much time here. NC State fell to UNC 97-73. Here is the quick rundown.

– State came out with intensity and played hard for the first 15 minutes. Then the wheels fell off.

– Dennis Smith played a great first half, but then went back to stagnant, top of the key dribbling around and not running any sort of offense, Dennis Smith in the 2nd half. He finished with 27pts, 6 assists, 4 boards and 6 TOs.

– NC State’s interior defense is the worst we’ve ever seen. Abu, Yurt and Anya all provide no defense whatsoever in the post and UNC simply dumped it down and scored with no problem.

– Kapita was the only one consistently fighting in the paint. Sure he only had 6 points and 1 rebound, but Kapita played physical, and was constantly keeping rebounds alive that otherwise would have gone to UNC.

-UNC shot 56% from the floor. 56%.

– This likely seals the deal for the end of the Gottfried era. We’ll dig deeper into that later today.

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