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Darian Roseboro Shaking Up NC State Depth Chart

NC State Football

Darian Roseboro Shaking Up NC State Depth Chart

NC State released their depth chart for the Boston College game yesterday, and everything was the same except for one addition of the word OR.


Darian Roseboro OR Kentavius Street will be starting at Defensive End. Street has been the shoe-in at starter all year, but Roseboro has continued to push him. From my vantage point, Roseboro’s name deserves to sit over top of Street’s, being more consistently disruptive. Street came in with 5 stars, but Roseboro’s 4 stars were no slouch.

Street has started in 6 of the Wolfpack’s 7 games, with Roseboro starting for the first time last week. This week Roseboro’s starting position is in question.

Despite the fact that Street has started more games, Roseboro has played in 268 snaps, compared to Street’s 255. Street has 19 tackles compared to Roseboro’s 17, but Roseboro has 7.5 tackles for loss compared to Street’s 6.

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