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NC State Snap Count: Defense: South Carolina

NC State Football

NC State Snap Count: Defense: South Carolina

NC State Snap Count: Defense: South Carolina

Before we completely move on to Marshall, we wanted to take a detailed look at which NC State defensive players the coaches kept on the field the most against South Carolina.

In his first game ever as a Cornerback in college, RS Senior Johnathan Alston played all 52 defensive snaps. His counterpart, Sophomore Nick McCloud didn’t leave the field for a single snap either.

Johnathan Alston – 52 snaps (100%)
Nick McCloud – 52 snaps (100%)

While RS Sophomore Jarius Morehead didn’t leave the field once at Strong Safety, RS Junior Dexter Wright, Sophomore Tim Kid-Glass and Senior Shawn Boone rotated at the Free Safety position.

Jarius Morehead – 52 snaps (100%)
Dexter Wright – 24 snaps (46%)
Tim Kidd-Glass – 17 snaps (33%)

There was an “OR” between Senior Airius Moore’s name and RS Junior Germaine Pratt, and it looks like it was fitting, nearly splitting the snaps down the middle.

Jerod Fernandez – 43 snaps (83%)
Airius Moore – 30 snaps (58%)
Germaine Pratt – 25 snaps (48%)

Defensive Line
The “OR” in between Senior Kentavius Street & Junior Darian Roseboro, and Senior Justin Jones & Junior Eurndraus Bryant basically equaled out to the starters getting roughly 60% of the snaps with the backups getting roughly 40%.

Bradley Chubb – 47 snaps (90%)
B.J. Hill – 46 snaps (89%)
Kentavius Street – 30 snaps (58%)
Justin Jones – 28 snaps (54%)
Eurndraus Bryant – 20 snaps (39%)
Darian Roseboro – 19 snaps (37%)
James Smith-Williams – 3 snaps (6%)
Shug Frazier – 2 snaps (4%)
Deonte Holden – 1 snap (2%)

Senior Shawn Boone played all but 2 of the defensive snaps, between Nickel and Safety. Maybe Phillips would have played more, had he not torn his Achilles.

Shawn Boone – 50 snaps
Freddie Phillips – 8

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