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C.J. Williams Signs With Los Angeles Clippers

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C.J. Williams Signs With Los Angeles Clippers

C.J. Williams Signs With Los Angeles Clippers

Former NC State Guard C.J. Williams has signed a deal with the Los Angeles Clippers. The contract is a two-way deal, which means that Williams will spend a majority of his time with the Clips G-League affiliate team in Ontario, California.

Williams deal is partial/non-guaranteed prior to the beginning of the regular season.

Here is a breakdown of what a two-way deal really means:

A two-way contract can only be up to two years, and no bonuses, extra compensation or options for future years can be included. The NBA season is split into 170 days, and a player on a two-way deal can only spend 45 days with their NBA team receiving the minimum salary, which is set at $815,615 for the 2017-18 season. The rest of the 125 days, the player will be paid at the rate of their G League salary capped at $75,000. In a best-case scenario, the salary math works out to roughly around $280,000. (Link) (P.S.Two-way players can spend way less than 45 days in the NBA, which would make their salary much less, and some G-League players make way less than $75,000)

Williams is coming off of winning the gold with Team USA in the AmeriCup. He spent last season playing for the Dallas Maverick’s G-League affiliate, the Texas Legends, averaging 12.8 points and 4.1 rebounds per game.


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