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How NC State Landed in the Sun Bowl & What’s at Stake

NC State Football

How NC State Landed in the Sun Bowl & What’s at Stake

How NC State Landed in the Sun Bowl & What’s at Stake

On December 29th, NC State will play Arizona St. in the 84th Sun Bowl in El Paso, Texas.

NC State was hoping to land a bowl game destination that would be easy for their fan base to travel to.

Not one 1,822.7 miles away.

Not a 27 hour drive.

Not 1 day and 22 hours on a train.

Not 164 hours by bike.

Not 597 hours walking.

Something like the TaxSlayer Bowl, formerly known as the Gator Bowl, in Jacksonville, Florida, but they decided to go with unranked Louisville. The Louisville team NC State beat, and finished 2 games ahead of in the ACC Atlantic. I’m sure they signed Louisville because they simply wanted to sign the Lamar Jackson show.

Or something like the Belk Bowl in Charlotte, North Carolina, but they went with unranked Wake Forest, who NC State also finished 2 games ahead of in the Atlantic. Maybe they passed over NC State because the Wolfpack already played there in their season opener this year.

No one was pulling for the PinStripe Bowl, but it’s roughly 20 hours less of a drive than the Sun Bowl. But unranked Boston College got the spot, who NC State beat, and finished two games ahead of in the Atlantic. I know that Boston is in New England, I get it.

NC State Athletic Director Debbie Yow took to Twitter to let the Wolfpack fans know that she emphasizes with them.

As Yow concludes, despite the bowl placement, it’s time to prepare for Arizona St.

NC State has a chance to become the 11th team in school history to win 9 games, which hasn’t been done since 2003. This is the 125th year of NC State football, to help put that in perspective. If they win 9 games, they will do what 91.2% of the NC State teams through out history haven’t been able to do.

They could have picked up that 9th win in a variety of other places, but El Paso will be where NC State attempts do something that hasn’t happened very often here in Raleigh.

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