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Kevin Keatts Talks to Media in ACC Teleconference :: Bulleted

NC State Basketball

Kevin Keatts Talks to Media in ACC Teleconference :: Bulleted

Kevin Keatts Talks to Media in ACC Teleconference :: Bulleted

Each week the ACC holds a teleconference for the media. Here you can ask questions about the previous game or the upcoming schedule. Here is the summary of Kevin Keatts’ comments:

  • Biggest challenge is blending everybody in. Look at the fact that we have a couple 5th year transfers and a couple freshmen and some returners. Just trying to get everybody together and getting chemistry right is important. Having Abu out hurt, and trying to work him in was tough, but he is coming around to where he feels like he’s back. Also Markell’s situation has been a challenge.
  • Team has done an extremely good job of working and feel like team is taking big steps to getting better every day.
  • Playing Clemson twice in a short span isn’t a big deal. Just taking it one game at a time and scheduling isn’t something you can change.
  • Had no guys play well vs. Notre Dame and only a few played well vs. Clemson. Against Duke, had 6 guys in double figures, shared the basketball, had 17 assists on 34 made FGs and didn’t turn it over. Team has a small margin for error, so everyone needs to be on the same page.
  • Getting closer to having a consistent team. Showing more chemistry. But it takes a new coach all of the non-conference schedule to get his guys on the same page. Team is learning and starting to understand what is expected of them on offense and defense.
  • Helps to know you are capable of beating such good teams, but need to find a way to play that way every time out. That is hard because of different venues and different styles. Wants team to be more consistent every night.
  • Win over Duke was great and team got a much-needed rest on Sunday. Now time to get back to work and focus on Clemson. After Arizona there was such a quick turnaround that the team didn’t really get to enjoy it. Wants team to enjoy this win over Duke.
  • Proud of Lavar Batts. Turned the game around on defense at first, then turned it around on offense. Had great practices and was excited to watch him step up as a freshman.
  • Batts biggest hurdle had been learning how to compete on the defensive end. Talked about him as a guy who can really guard the basketball, and once it happens offense will come and he’s starting to see that.
  • Played well at home and it was more important for the guys more than the fans. Team didn’t play well as a team on the road, but coming home and getting a win was good for them mentally.

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