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NC State Basketball

NCAA Turns their back on Ted Valentine, not allowed to ref in NCAA Tournament



ESPN is reporting that referee Ted Valentine (aka TV Teddy) will not be seen at this year’s NCAA Tournament.

It’s about time someone had the guts to give this guy what he deserves. Valentine has been out there dictating game flow, taking things personal and influencing outcomes of games for years. The ACC has given him a few slaps on the wrist but that’s it. Now, the NCAA has finally stepped in and gave him something to think about.

If you remember, Valentine was the ref who T’d up Torin Dorn for no reason and then went on a binge of calls against the Wolfpack, which led to another T against coach Kevin Keatts, which played a part in the Pack’s road loss to Georgia Tech. That childish and unprofessional display of refereeing caused Debbie Yow and NC State to file a complaint with the league.

It’s unclear if the NC State situation played into this or not, but it seems as if it stems more from the Joel Berry and UNC incident. And looking at his quotes, it seems as if Valentine still doesn’t get it…

“I asked him why. We talked about the Joel Berry situation and how he had a discussion with the Big Ten. But I told him, ‘I fixed the situation.'” said Valentine (ESPN)

Here is the play being referenced (followed by more antics from Valentine.)


There are no take backs in college basketball. You have a job to do as a referee and when you refuse to do it, or you do it poorly, you should be punished. But that’s not the way Ted sees it.

“I went back a week later and apologized, and he and I were joking and kidding. It was no big deal. I even pulled him out of a situation where he could have gotten a technical foul.” Valentine told ESPN

It is a big deal, Teddy. Even if Joel Berry really did have the decency to joke with you afterward, you were wrong. Being a referee is a job that holds tons of responsibility. There are million dollar contracts riding on these games, there are hours and hours of work put into practices that lead to these games, whose outcomes decide success of entire seasons. So for a ref to put on a show like this, when he blatantly missed a call, it is disgusting an there is no room for it in the sport.

Not to mention, he’s over here trying to take credit for “taking Berry out of a situation where he could have gotten a technical foul.’ Really?

I don’t think we need to say anymore. Those comments tell you all you need to know about who Ted Valentine is and how he views his job.

Good on the NCAA for taking a stand against an employee who has been putting himself above the game for a long, long time.


We were sent this video clip which we found interesting. This is former coach and ESPN commentator Dan Dakich telling the viewers that Ted Valentine is not a good referree, listing the reasons why.

After that began to circulate yesterday, Mr. Dakich himself decided to tweet something strange.

After being reminded of the video, he stood his ground on his now very public 180.

I wonder what kind of “talk” he had with him. Ted Valentine must be a pretty convincing guy….or Dan Dakich is still hunting for a coaching job and doesn’t need clips of him blasting refs circulating. Not sure which it is.

NC State Basketball

NC State Gets 1 Vote in the AP 2018-19 College Basketball Preseason Poll



The AP 2018-19 College Basketball Preseason Poll is out, and NC State picked up a singular vote from a voting member. The AP voters don’t think as highly of NC State heading into the season as NBC and ESPN, who both included them in their Preseason Top-25.

ACC Teams in the AP Preseason Top-25

4) Duke
5) Virginia
8) UNC
15) Virginia Tech
16) Syracuse
17) Florida State
22) Clemson

Other ACC Teams Receiving Votes

33) Notre Dame
39) Louisville
40) Miami
50) NC State

The Wolfpack will face steep competition in the ACC this season, and will also face #11 Auburn in non-conference play.

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NC State Basketball

NC State’s Braxton Beverly Fractured His Hand in Practice



According to, NC State Sophomore Point Guard Braxton Beverly fractured his hand in practice this past Friday, and is scheduled to have surgery tomorrow.

NC State is blessed with depth at the point guard position, returning Junior Markell Johnson, who led the ACC in assists last year, and Sophomore Missouri transfer Blake Harris, but the loss of Beverly is a significant blow to the Wolfpack’s rotation.

Head coach Kevin Keatts has been hyping up running a lineup including Johnson, Beverly and Harris at some points in the upcoming season. Losing Beverly isn’t just a loss of a floor general. He is NC State’s second best returning three-point shooter (38.5%) behind Markell Johnson (40.9%).

At this point, there is no projection of how long the Wolfpack will be without Beverly in the lineup.

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NC State Basketball

NC State Ranks 23rd in ESPN’s Preseason College Basketball Power Rankings



ESPN released their 2018-19 Preseason College Basketball Power Rankings at the end of last week, and NC State landed at #23.

ESPN’s 2018-19 College Basketball Preseason Power Rankings

(ACC teams in italics)

  1. Kansas
  2. Kentucky
  3. Gonzaga
  4. Nevada
  5. Duke
  6. UNC
  7. Auburn
  8. Tennessee
  9. Villanova
  10. Michigan St.
  11. Oregon
  12. Virginia
  13. Syracuse
  14. Virginia Tech
  15. Kansas St.
  16. LSU
  17. Mississippi St.
  18. Washington
  19. Florida St. 
  20. UCLA
  21. West Virginia
  22. Marquette
  23. NC State
  24. Alabama
  25. St. John’s

Here’s what they had to say about the Wolfpack:

23. NC State Wolfpack: Kevin Keatts surprised many people last season by leading the Wolfpack to an NCAA tournament appearance — and now he has five transfers in the rotation to make it two in a row. C.J. Bryce, who played for Keatts at UNCW, is the headliner of the group, and returnee Torin Dorn is one of the most underrated players in the ACC. (ESPN)

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NC State Basketball

Primetime with the Pack Recap: Funderburk wins dunk contest, Daniels wins 3pt shootout



Primetime with the Pack was a success in many ways for NC State.

The biggest success was the fact that they raised nearly $15,000 for Hurricane Florence disaster relief.

The event also allowed Pack fans to meet a roster filled with new players and see them compete in a skills competition, a 3pt shootout and a dunk contest. Here is what we learned…

-Kevin Keatts son can dance
Keatts didn’t repel down from the rafters or go shirtless for a boxing match (a la Mark Gottfried). In fact, Keatts left the entertainment of his entrance to his son who rattled off a bunch of 2018s viral dance moves, putting the crowd in a frenzy.

-Wyatt Walker’s entrace will never be forgotten
Pack fans really haven’t gotten to know Wyat Walker up until now, and man did the grad-transfer from Samford make an entrace. Walker came out to a little Guns n Roses, head-banging with his massive mane and shredding his air guitar.

-Devon Daniels’ (who won the 3pt shootout) shot is as good as advertised and Jericole Hellems has a better stroke than we thought
Devon Daniels is billed as the replacement to Al Freeman. The two battled daily in practice and two separate sources told us that Daniels often got the best of Freeman. He will be asked to shoulder a great deal of NC State’s scoring load since he can score at all 3 levels with ease. Today was his first time being able to show the public a preview of his offensive abilities. We also got to see freshman Jericole Hellems participate, and he’s actually a much better spot shooter than we expected.

– Sophomore transfer DJ Funderburk (who won the dunk contest) is 6’9 and freaky athletic. Missouri transfer Blake Harris can fly, and Ian Steere dunked over his bodybuilder dad.
Blake Harris was always billed as a kid who could really fly and finish above the rim while he was in high school at Word of God in Raleigh. Last night he got to show it at NC State. Meanwhile, the biggest takeaway from this dunk contest is that DJ Funderburk is a freak of nature. The guy is 6’9 and reeled off some spectacular dunks. He had a nice little cradle revers and then won the contest with a dunk from a foot inside the free throw line. Check out the dunks below.

Overall, the men’s basketball kickoff event went great. The fans enjoyed the festivities and the contests and it seemed like the players were amped up to get this season going.

While we used to like to see the red/white scrimmage that they used to host, it’s probably better that they don’t do it anymore. It sometimes got boring, you risk players getting hurt, and there is no defense. So while it gives a site like ours more to talk about an examine, doing it the way they did is probably the right call.

Next up for the basketball team is a closed door ‘secret-scrimmage’ against ECU on Sunday followed by the first open exhibition game that fans can attend. That takes place October 29th vs. Chowan at 7pm at the PNC Arena.

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