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NC State Basketball

NCAA Turns their back on Ted Valentine, not allowed to ref in NCAA Tournament



ESPN is reporting that referee Ted Valentine (aka TV Teddy) will not be seen at this year’s NCAA Tournament.

It’s about time someone had the guts to give this guy what he deserves. Valentine has been out there dictating game flow, taking things personal and influencing outcomes of games for years. The ACC has given him a few slaps on the wrist but that’s it. Now, the NCAA has finally stepped in and gave him something to think about.

If you remember, Valentine was the ref who T’d up Torin Dorn for no reason and then went on a binge of calls against the Wolfpack, which led to another T against coach Kevin Keatts, which played a part in the Pack’s road loss to Georgia Tech. That childish and unprofessional display of refereeing caused Debbie Yow and NC State to file a complaint with the league.

It’s unclear if the NC State situation played into this or not, but it seems as if it stems more from the Joel Berry and UNC incident. And looking at his quotes, it seems as if Valentine still doesn’t get it…

“I asked him why. We talked about the Joel Berry situation and how he had a discussion with the Big Ten. But I told him, ‘I fixed the situation.'” said Valentine (ESPN)

Here is the play being referenced (followed by more antics from Valentine.)


There are no take backs in college basketball. You have a job to do as a referee and when you refuse to do it, or you do it poorly, you should be punished. But that’s not the way Ted sees it.

“I went back a week later and apologized, and he and I were joking and kidding. It was no big deal. I even pulled him out of a situation where he could have gotten a technical foul.” Valentine told ESPN

It is a big deal, Teddy. Even if Joel Berry really did have the decency to joke with you afterward, you were wrong. Being a referee is a job that holds tons of responsibility. There are million dollar contracts riding on these games, there are hours and hours of work put into practices that lead to these games, whose outcomes decide success of entire seasons. So for a ref to put on a show like this, when he blatantly missed a call, it is disgusting an there is no room for it in the sport.

Not to mention, he’s over here trying to take credit for “taking Berry out of a situation where he could have gotten a technical foul.’ Really?

I don’t think we need to say anymore. Those comments tell you all you need to know about who Ted Valentine is and how he views his job.

Good on the NCAA for taking a stand against an employee who has been putting himself above the game for a long, long time.


We were sent this video clip which we found interesting. This is former coach and ESPN commentator Dan Dakich telling the viewers that Ted Valentine is not a good referree, listing the reasons why.

After that began to circulate yesterday, Mr. Dakich himself decided to tweet something strange.

After being reminded of the video, he stood his ground on his now very public 180.

I wonder what kind of “talk” he had with him. Ted Valentine must be a pretty convincing guy….or Dan Dakich is still hunting for a coaching job and doesn’t need clips of him blasting refs circulating. Not sure which it is.

NC State Basketball

NC State Freshman Big Man Manny Bates To Redshirt the 2018-19 Season



Today was a day of good news, and bad news for the NC State Men’s Basketball program.

The good news: Sophomore point guard Blake Harris was granted immediately eligibility, after transferring from Missouri after 14 games played.

The bad news: Freshman big man Manny Bates (6’11″/221) will have to redshirt the 2018-19 season after undergoing surgery on his left shoulder earlier this month (dislocated his shoulder).

“Obviously this is not how any of us wanted Manny’s college career to begin,” Keatts said. “But Manny has a positive outlook on the situation and I know he will work hard to rehabilitate his shoulder.” (GoPack)
Bates actually dislocated his shoulder at the beginning of his Senior season at Northwood Temple Academy as well, and missed much of the season after undergoing surgery.
Obviously it’s not a good sign that Bates has now had two dislocated shoulders, accompanied by two surgeries in a two-year span, but he will get the best treatment possible here in Raleigh.
The Wolfpack’s front court was already a question mark, and after the disappointing news today, that question mark is in bold.
Last season the front court had a star in Omer Yurtseven, and experience in Lennard Freeman and Abdul Malik-Abu. Yurtseven transferred to Georgetown, and Freeman and Abu graduated.

This years front court was already going to be young and inexperienced, but now they are one man down. They are left with Graduate Transfer Wyatt Walker (from Samford), RS SO DJ Funderburk and Freshman Ian Steere.

In fairness to Keatts’ system, it will often run with only one big man, depending on matchups, but the loss is still significant.

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NC State Basketball

NC State Point Guard Blake Harris Granted Immediate Eligibility



News broke this afternoon that Sophomore NC State point guard Blake Harris’ (6’3″/190) waiver for immediate eligibility has been granted by the NCAA.

Harris received his release from Missouri on January 5th, after playing 14 games for the Tigers. He averaged 3.8 points and 3.1 assists in 13.9 minutes per game. Harris was a 4-star recruit in the 2017 recruiting class. ESPN ranked him as the #99 overall player in the class, and the #3 player in the state of North Carolina, playing for Word of God Academy right down the road from NC State.

It didn’t take long for Harris to figure out what school he wanted to transfer to. He wanted to come home.

On January 10th, Harris committed to NC State, enrolling immediately for the second semester, and was with the Wolfpack on the bench for the remainder of the season.

It was originally expected that Harris would join NC State midway through the 2018-19 Men’s Basketball season, so today’s news is a welcome surprise.

Harris is a talented floor general, that also possesses some height at the point guard position.

“I’m excited for Blake that he has an opportunity to join our team immediately,” Keatts said. “I’m very appreciative of our compliance staff for working diligently with Blake on the waiver and thankful to the NCAA for approving it.” (GoPack)
With Harris in the fold, NC State will have good depth from the beginning of the season at the point guard position, joining Junior Markell Johnson and Sophomore Braxton Beverly.
Here are some of his highlights from his Freshman year at Missouri.

Here is his ultimate High School mixtape from Word of God Academy.

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NC State Basketball

NC State, Adidas emails made public. More about uniforms than Dennis Smith



NC State released their first batch of emails between them and Adidas to the public.

This was from a public records request in regards to the federal investigation which stated that Dennis Smith Jr received money from an agent.

NC State has been transparent and up-front about the entire investigations and has been working with authorities on the case. Part of that transparency is the release of these emails without a fight.

You can read about the release a little more in this article from WRAL.

So, what everyone is wondering is ‘What is in these emails?’

Well, if you search through it, there is no mention of Dennis Smith at all. Now, this is only the first batch, so there is likely to be more releases, but as of now, no Smith.

What was in the email was a lot of Dave Doeren weighing in on uniform choices. The guys at Backing the Pack found some pretty interesting nuggets about it. Here are a few things we learned …

  • Dave Doeren is very involved in uniform design and selection. He also likes to recommend dates for them to be worn.
  • NC State almost wore throwback jerseys vs. Notre Dame, but Adidas wasn’t able to execute the older design with how newer jerseys are structured
  • Doeren isn’t a fan of the stripe down the side of the leg
  • The ‘Our State’ campaign was canceled after Doeren’s first season for a ‘variety of reasons’

Make sure you check out their whole piece to get full context.

And, that’s where we stand. We’ll let you know what’s found in the next drop, but it’s very unlikely that the officials at NC State were communicating about Dennis Smith Jr (in a capacity that any federal investigation would be interested in). We are, however, always excited to get a peek behind the curtain of  NC State’s deal (and communications) with Adidas





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NC State Basketball

N&O: NC State Working on New Contract for Kevin Keatts



Joe Giglio of the News & Observer reported today that NC State is working on a new contract for Men’s Basketball head coach Kevin Keatts.

The deal will likely include a raise for Keatts, who led the Wolfpack to 21 wins and the NCAA tournament in his first season in 2017-18, and an extra year. N.C. State has already reworked the contracts for Keatts’ assistants James Johnson and Takayo Siddle.

Keatts, 46, had an automatic rollover in his original contract, signed in 2017, for a $100,000 raise and a one-year extension. His current deal is worth about $2.3 million annually and runs through the 2023-24 season. A seventh year is a possibility for the new deal. (N&O)

He also broke down the new contracts of Keatts assistants that were recently re-worked in July.
Johnson, Keatts’ top assistant and former Virginia Tech coach, signed a new two-year deal in July worth $407,423 annually. Siddle, who was an assistant for Keatts at UNCW, signed a two-year deal worth $314,970 annually. They previously had been on one-year deals.

Roy Roberson, who was hired to replace assistant coach A.W. Hamilton, signed a two-year deal worth $284,500. Hamilton left after the 2017-18 season to become the head coach at Eastern Kentucky. (N&O)

Read the article in its entirety here.

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