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2019 Tight End Kam Walker Commits to NC State

Football Recruiting

2019 Tight End Kam Walker Commits to NC State

2019 Tight End Kam Walker Commits to NC State

Kam Walker (6’4”/236) received a blueshirt offer from NC State today, and he didn’t hesitate, committing on the spot.

Last season Walker had 40 catches for 371 yards and seven touchdowns for Pisgah High School (Canton, NC).

As a blueshirt, his scholarship doesn’t count towards the 2019 class, but the 2020 class instead. The way the loophole works, is that a blueshirt isn’t allowed to be actively recruited. Basically that means that Walker will not get an official visit or be allowed in-home visits with the NC State coaches. Also, as a blueshirt, he will not receive a scholarship until the first day of Fall Camp. You might remember, that linebacker Airius showed up for his first day on the first day of Fall Camp as a blueshirt, and ended up not being redshirted, and played in every game as a true Freshman.

Walker officially becomes the second commitment of the 2020 class technically. He currently is not rated in any of the primary recruiting databases.

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