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NC State’s Fanbase Impressive in Light of Championship Drought

NC State Baseball

NC State’s Fanbase Impressive in Light of Championship Drought

NC State’s Fanbase Impressive in Light of Championship Drought

The News & Observer’s Joe Giglio did some in depth research into NC State’s conference championship drought (Football, Basketball and Baseball), and the results are downright staggering.

When it comes to the Big Three Sports, NC State hasn’t won a conference championship (Regular Season or Tournament) since 1992, when the Wolfpack won the ACC Baseball Championship. That’s 25 years.

The next longest championship drought in the ACC is owned by Boston College. It’s been 13 years since the Golden Eagles won the Big East Regular Season Title in 2005.

In fact, NC State owns the longest Conference Championship drought among the 65 Power 5 Schools. Trailing behind with the 2nd longest drought is Northwestern, earning its last Conference Championship in Football in 2000.

Here’s a complete look at the last conference championship in Football, Basketball and Baseball for all 65 Power 5 Schools. 59 of the 65 Power 5 schools have at least a piece of a Conference Championship since 2010.

Growing up an NC State fan, I’ve always heard that our fanbase’s hunger for a Championships is delusional. That we are irrational and unrealistic.

The above data proves otherwise.

NC State fans have every right to expect championships, in some degree of regularity. Every other Power 5 has won them.

We aren’t out of our minds. We know we SHOULD have been hanging banners over the past couple of decades, and haven’t. We shouldn’t settle for mediocrity.

In fact, it’s not even settling for mediocrity. It’s settling for below average when you look at the data.

With all of this being said, I would like to point out how impressive the NC State fan base is. Despite the conference championship drought, the loyalty of the Wolfpack fans is tremendous.

NC State has ranked in the Top-25 nationally in attendance for Men’s Basketball every single season since 2000. Last year they ranked 10th, averaging 15,906 per game.

For the past three seasons, NC State Football has ranked in the Top-25 in attendance calculated according to percentage of stadium capacity. Last year they ranked 17th in the nation, filling 98.7% of Carter-Finley each game.

The Wolfpack fanbase is resilient, and considering their attendance numbers despite the conference championship drought, there might not be a more loyal fanbase in the country.


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