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NC State Eliah Drinkwitz Fires Shots at UNC on Adam & Joe

NC State Football

NC State Eliah Drinkwitz Fires Shots at UNC on Adam & Joe

NC State Eliah Drinkwitz Fires Shots at UNC on Adam & Joe

NC State Offensive Coordinator Eliah Drinkwitz was on the Adam and Joe show yesterday on 99.9 The Fan, and he went out of his way to “fire” some “shots” at UNC while he was on the air.

“Right now, we’re getting some really good players. In fact, I think we’ve got 14 or 15 of the top 50 players in the state right now. The other schools around here have 1 or 2…shot fired.”

Drinkwitz was a little overzealous. NC State has 13 players committed that rank in the Top-50 in North Carolina. He wasn’t inaccurate in his understanding of UNC’s dismal recruiting class. The Tar Heels have commitments from 2 players in the Top-50 in North Carolina.

“We’re making additions to our stadium. We’re definitely not taking seats out or anything like that, again…shot fired.”

Drinkwitz is referring to the revamp on Kenan Stadium that is underway, that removing bleachers and putting in seats with chair backs. The goal in doing so was “to create a more comfortable and fan-friendly game day experience at Kenan Stadium.” (N&O)

As a result of the project, they are decreasing the seating capacity from 63,000 to 51,000. They are spending between $6 to $6.5 million to take out 12,000 seats to create a better game day experience.

It’s a sad day when you need to spend millions of dollars to decrease your seating capacity, because you can’t get fans to come to your games. It’s also sad when you have to baby your fanbase into coming with a guaranteed chair back. The fans in Kenan are notorious for remaining in their seats throughout the game, rather than standing and cheering. The way I see it, with the chair backs, don’t expect the fanbase to budge after they take their seat.

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