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NC State Football

Dave Doeren’s Weekly Press Conference Before WVU: BULLETED



NC State head coach Dave Doeren met with the media today for his weekly press conference before this Saturday’s game on the road at West Virginia. You can watch the video here, or check out a BULLETED breakdown below.

Western Carolina thoughts…

  • Our guys were physical. Attacked line of scrimmage
  • Took care of areas we really emphasized.
  • They didn’t cross the 50-yard line
  • The way the defense is playing, amount of kids playing, the passion & effort…that’s fun to watch. It’s fun to coach.
  • As the game went on we settled down at quarterback.
    • That 2-minute drive at the end of the half was really good by Matt McKay.
  • Special Teams improved…besides 2 kicks out of bounds.

West Virginia…

  • Get to play in a great stadium.
  • Very storied program we know a lot about.
  • Know their roster pretty well
  • New coaching staff, but played Troy a couple of years ago.
    • I have a lot of respect for Neal, his coaching staff, and what he was able to do at Troy.
  • Excited to take this young team on the road and see how our offense can handle the crowd noise.
  • They’ve been a successful football team. Last 3 years they’ve been really, really good.
  • Lost a lot of talent to the NFL
  • Lost their coaching staff.
  • Young & inexperienced roster, but a team used to winning.
  • They are still trying to feel their way out. It takes some time as a coaching staff and locker room to figure things out
  • Doesn’t mean they are a bad football team.
    • They are not. They have good players. They are fast. Their DBs will hit you. Expect a really, really good football team to show up against us.

McKay’s struggle with the deep ball…

  • We went through it with Jacoby Brissett in his 1st year. Struggled with down the field accuracy.
  • Ryan Finley will tell you his biggest improvements were down the field accuracy over the course of his career.
  • That’s just part of it.
  • Practice is different than games.
    • How juiced up they are.
    • Ball will go a little too far (example: pass to Thayer Thomas)
  • McKay’s also thrown some good deep balls.
    • He hit a wide open guy and sometimes a wide open guy is harder to hit than a covered guy.
    • He hit Cary down the sideline.
    • He’s done a really good job on some of his passes coming off play-action. That’s 1 area I’ve been impressed with him.
    • I thought the throw to Devin Carter was a really good throw.
  • Early in the game…threw a fade ball to Emeka Emezie and the ball was out of bounds. Didn’t even get a chance to make a play.
    • Just working on those types of things. It will come. The good thing is it (deep ball) hasn’t been bad in practice. We just have to get it to carry over to the game.

Nick McCloud not on the depth chart…

  • Just not ready yet. He’ll be back, he’s just not ready.

Running Back Rotation…

  • Don’t think it will be a hot-hand thing.
  • They all give us things and are all good players.
  • Strengths in different areas. Have to use those strengths.
  • That’s our job, to find ways to get them the football, keep them fresh, healthy, and let them play.
  • Those guys are playmakers. We have to keep feeding them the football.

Playing in a hostile environment…

  • At home, it’s easy as a QB when things don’t go well. You can go to the bench with your fans behind you.
  • It won’t be like that.
  • I told Matt McKay the other day they’ll probably learn some new words they haven’t heard, and to just smile with people yelling at you.
  • Nothing more rewarding than going into another stadium and playing really, really well.
  • Big thing is communication and making sure you don’t have a lot of pre-snap penalties.

Cecil Powell playing both ways…

  • Had 3 players that played both ways at Kansas. Familiar with doing that.
  • Cecil’s another guy who can add things to the offense without having to totally flip him, because he will be a really good defensive back.
    • With Nick McCloud hurt on defense we’re trying to get Cecil ready at corner, as well.
  • You saw him on the 1st punt run by their team and get down there 5 yards before everyone else. He can fly. He can really run.
  • It gives us another guy who can stretch the field
  • After losing C.J. Riley we felt like he could help us there.


  • They will grow as their confidence grows. Have really good ability.
  • The freshman class isn’t a group I’d call rep guys. They pick football up very fast.
  • Most of them come from really good programs where they were well-coached.
    • You’re not starting from scratch like you are in some cases.
  • Each time they are out there they get more confident & comfortable. If there are injuries where you have to plug them in as full-time players, they now have their feet wet.

Jordan Houston almost broke it loose twice…

  • Shoe-string tackled a couple of times. Something for him to get better at. Has to get better at that, but he plays at a different speed..
  • It’s like watching Nyheim Hines sometimes. His acceleration is really, really impressive. He gets to top speed in a hurry.


NC State Football

Dave Doeren’s Press Conference After WVU: BULLETED



Head Coach Dave Doeren met with the media in his postgame press conference after NC State’s 44-27 loss to West Virginia yesterday. You can watch the video here, or check out a bulleted breakdown below.

  • 1st half did some good things offensively.
  • 2nd half couldn’t stop edges of their run game.
  • Give them credit. Did a lot of different things than we’d seen.
  • Adjusted, but didn’t do a good job getting players to understand adjustments.
  • Coaches have to own the loss first and foremost. Players have to be able to take the coaching.
  • Not ourselves.
  • Blocked punt a major mistake on mental error. Catchup from that point, & weren’t throwing ball well enough for that.
  • 5 of 17 on third down.
  • When you give up 200 yards rushing it’s hard to win.
  • We won’t let this game define us.

Touchdown struggles in 2nd half…

  • Multitude of things.
    • Dropped passes
    • Batted balls when we had guys open.
    • We ran the ball well into the boundary in 1st. They adjusted.
    • They won battle of the trenches today.

Run Defense issues…

  • Couldn’t stop the edges.
  • Have to be able to adjust during the game.

Matt McKay…

  • Did some good things.
  • Don’t think he played rattled.
  • Calm on sidelines.
  • Could do a lot of things better obviously.
  • A lot of things that happen are out of his control.
    • Dropped passes.
    • Not running the route right.
  • Easy to blame me. I’ll take it. Easy to blame QB, but there’s a lot of people involved, and all have to own it.




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NC State Football

West Virginia 44 NC State 27: ACCDN HIGHLIGHT REEL



NC State lost their first game of the season today to West Virginia on the road, falling to the Mountaineers 44-27 in Morgantown. The ACC Digital Network’s Highlight Reel is below.

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NC State Football

West Virginia 44 NC State 27: OUR TAKE



There wasn’t much to like about NC State’s performance this afternoon in a 44-27 blowout on the road at West Virginia.

The Wolfpack entered the game as 7-point favorites, and ended up losing by 17.

Excuses could be made.

Graduate Redshirt Senior Defensive End James Smith-Williams and Senior Cornerback Nick McCloud were unable to play. Both are captains, and both are starters. Redshirt Freshman Joseph Boletepeli was also out of commission.

With that being said, excuses don’t need to be made here. They won’t cover up what was a completely lack luster performance on both sides of the ball for the Wolfpack.

An anemic Mountaineers offense came alive against NC State today, for 445 yards of Total Offense.

Redshirt Junior Quarterback Austin Kendall had his coming out party against a rowdy home crowd. It’s funny how players always love to have career efforts against NC State, but I digress. Kendall is no slouch. He was a 4-Star prospect coming out of high school, committing to Oklahoma, before transferring to West Virginia to be the man to fill the shoes of Will Grier. He looked the part today, completing 27 of 40 passes for 272 yards with 3 touchdowns (1 interception) for a passing efficiency rating of 144.4.

Wide Receiver Sam James put on a clinic, with 9 receptions (career high) for 155 yards (career high) and a touchdown.

The Mountaineers averaged 1.1 yards per carry the first two games, and managed to average 6.2 today.

NC State’s offense struggled, due in large part to the struggles of Redshirt Sophomore Matt McKay. He wasn’t sharp, and didn’t look ready for this stage. I’m not saying he can’t get there, but it was a rough outing. He was overthrowing, under-throwing, throwing behind, etc. McKay finished the day 23 of 48 for 207 yards with 1 touchdown (0 interceptions).

Junior Wide Receiver Emeka Emezie was his target of choice, targeting him an insane 23 times. Emezie finished with 12 receptions for 103 yards. It was good to see Redshirt Junior Tight End Cary Angeline being featured two weeks in a row, reeling in 4 receptions for 74 yards and a touchdown.

Freshman Zonovan Knight and Sophomore Ricky Person were both effective today. Knight had 72 yards rushing (6.0 yards per carry), and Person had 52 yards (4.7 yards per carry).

The total yardage left much to be desired, producing 369 yards of total offense, but they didn’t turn the ball over, and put up 27 points on the road in a hostile environment. The defense giving up 44 points is what should be sending the biggest alarm bells off.

The Wolfpack will try to get the train back on the tracks next week, hosting Ball State at 7pm in Carter-Finley Stadium.

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NC State Football

West Virginia 44 NC State 27: BOX SCORE



NC State fell 44-27 on the road against West Virginia this afternoon, falling to 2-1 on the year. The box score is below.

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