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NC State Football

Dave Doeren’s Press Conference Before Ball State



Head Coach Dave Doeren met with the media today in his weekly press conference before NC State’s matchup against Ball State on Saturday at 7pm. You can watch it here, or check out the bulleted breakdown below.

  • Obviously disappointed. Not discouraged. Bunch of very upset and mad guys. Very mad and upset coaches. Lot of stuff to fix.
  • Anytime you lose you have to grow and learn from it.
  • Offensively, it was too different halves. 1st…moved the ball well. The first half, I thought we moved the ball well…21 points. 2nd half…6 points…no rhythm.
  • Ran ball efficiently.
  • Too many negative plays.
    • 10 plays in our backfield.
    • 7 tackles for loss.
  • Details
    • Route depth and location.
    • Off an inch.
    • Not quick enough to tuck
    • Not accurate with throws.
  • Red Zone Offense has been really good.
  • Like the way some guys competed.
  • Very good yesterday in meetings.
  • Defensively, we played slow.
    • Didn’t tackle as well as we have.
    • Didn’t contest enough balls, which is something we’ve been doing well.
    • Gave up some stuff that we haven’t been.
    • Weren’t disruptive
    • Not good enough technique.
    • They played fast and their tempo was good. We didn’t adjust to that very well throughout the game.
  • On special teams, the blocked punt was a critical mental error. Should never happen.
  • With all that being said, there was 11 minutes remaining in the game and down by four.
    • We got a stop on defense and had an unfortunate penalty that created that drive to extend.
    • That was a critical point in the game. As bad as we were playing, we had a chance to win and do the right things. We have to play the ball better when the ball is in the air or flags will be thrown when you don’t.
  • Come home this week and play a sold out…black out…night game.
  • Excited about the opportunity this week we have in the community and really nation wide with ‘Set The Expectations.’
    • Brenda Tracey, who is very well known and came here in the spring, and met with our football team and met with all the student athletes.
    • James Smith-Williams and another member of our men’s soccer team joined up and did something with our baseball program in the spring. They have now set up to do the same thing with our football team.
    • They will wear a shirt that advocates her cause. I’m very excited and proud of our guys for wanting to be part of a solution to such a big thing nationally, something we can do to help Brenda and her cause and help our world.
  • Ball State has a really good offense.
  • Obviously, I know a lot about the MAC Conference and the skill level.
  • Quarterback is playing at a high level.
    • 70 percent completion rate
    • Over 1,000 yards in three games
    • 11 touchdowns and 3 interceptions.
  • Balanced offense like us. Almost 50-50. A lot of play-action down the field.
  • Tailback is a tough kid who runs downhill.
  • Four returning starters up front…play fast.
  • Over 80 plays a game offensively.
    • Tempo is going to be something we have to be prepared to play against.
  • Over 30 points a game (37 points).
  • Good football game at home. Good opponent.
  • Defensively sound.
    • Athletic
    • All 4 starters in their secondary are back.
    • Free safety that is 6’4″/220. Makes a lot of plays. Leading tackler in the box. Does a lot of things in the boundary.
    • Will linebacker (No. 6 – Thomas) is very athletic.
    • Boundary End does a really nice job on the edge.
  • Coach has been there a few years.
    • Has played a lot of young guys who are now in their 3rd year.

Matt McKay…

  • Certain things he is doing well.
  • Shouldn’t have called RPO’s on 3rd and 1. That’s on us.
    • Shouldn’t even have him thinking of throwing the ball there.
  • Couple of 3rd downs where he threw a good ball and the ball was dropped.
  • There is a lot that goes into him playing better and he needs to play better.
  • Mad at himself at some of the things that he could do better.
  • What is he doing well?
    • Not turning the football over.
    • Getting guys lined up.
    • Managing the clock well.
  • 3rd college game…1st road game in a loud environment.
    • Did he play great? No, he didn’t.
    • Can he play better? Yes, he can.
  • We have to grow.
    • We’ll have to evolve on offense. We have
    • A lot of new parts with C.J. Riley being out.
  • The other 2 QB’s are practicing well. Have to continue to get them better.
    • Everybody in the program that is in the two or three-deep has to get ready to play.

Position Competitions…

  • Makes people have to practice well because they know that the guy behind them is trying to take their job.
  • It allows you to rotate in games when you are having a lot of reps.
    • That depth is only good if it’s competitive. Want those guys to be able to compete in practice and award them with playing time if they earned it.
    • Something this year we’ve been able to do a lot more than others.

Smith-Williams & Boletepeli…

  • Anticipating them being able to play.

WR flexibility and rotation…

  • Tabari Hines’ has been outside at times. He was outside at the game Saturday.
  • Keyon Lesane was banged up. Now we feel like is getting healthier. Adds another piece.
  • Devin Carter and Emeka Emezie probably played too much. We’ve usually had a little bit more of a rotation in the game.

Kishawn Miller listed as starting CB…

  • He’s one of the hardest workers in our program…not just at corner.
  • Consistent. Competes. Knowledgable.
  • Hard-working performance every snap.
  • Great confidence
  • Communicates well.
  • Been through a lot. Proud of what he’s done as far as his work ethic.
  • There are things he’s got to improve on obviously, but he went into the game and competed.

Disappointing Penalties…

  • Jarius Morehead’s hit out of bounds.
    • He can’t do that.
    • No way he can do that as a Senior.
  • Calvin Hart jumping on a guy on the ground. Can’t do that.

Fan’s and Media’s overreactions…

  • Boo Corrigan’s helped me with this, to his credit.
    • He has been very, very helpful to me.
    • All starts with him, then me, then me to my staff, my staff to my players and our strength staff.
  • 7 days ago everyone was loving everybody…now today everybody isn’t.
    • That’s just sports. As the leader of this program I can’t act like that. We just got to get better.
    • We got hit in the mouth, so we got to get better and hit somebody else in the mouth. That’s football. That’s what happens when you don’t play well. We didn’t.
  • You’re 1 day away from somebody loving you or hating you in this business, that’s just how it is. You sign up for that when you decide to be a college coach.

Level of Competition…

  • It’s a factor. West Virginia’s the fastest team we’ve seen in a long time…since the bowl game. Good team speed. Can’t stimulate those things every day.
  • But that’s not why we lost the football game. It’s not. We just didn’t execute.




  1. next year hell why not this year

    September 17, 2019 at 2:48 am

    Let’s face it. Clemson is presently the class of the ACC. If we want to become the class of this conference, our coaches and players (and fans) need to start acting like Clemson coaches, players, and fans. Our coaches and players need to work as hard and be as demanding as Clemson’s.
    Are they? I think we can answer that based on what we see on the field at game time. Teams we are beating by 30 or 40 points Clemson might beat by 50 or 60. Where we might score on 30 or 40 percent of our possessions, Clemson might score on 60 or 80 percent of theirs.

    All I’m trying to say is we cannot continue to let the strength and performance of lesser opponents define us. If we are going to be better than that, we have to practice every day and coach and play every game like it was against a top tier team.

    Coaching really does matter. I truly believe that the better coach can swap players with another coach and still beat him. It’s not the size of the dog in the fight; it’s the size of the fight in the dog.

  2. next year hell why not this year

    September 17, 2019 at 2:02 am

    I wouldn’t call the fans concerns and anger and disappointment at such a dismal showing overreaction. I think it was a proper reaction to seeing the same poor performance against equal opposition as we have seen so many times in DD’s SEVEN years. Don’t think he has been nearly hard enough on himself and his shortcomings as HC, or hard enough on the team for their lack of improvement through 3 games. Against weak competition, you have to be even more demanding of toughness and improvement. DD’s record is his teams start slow and stay slow through most of the season. They play down to the level of their competition rather than playing up to expectations that good coaches and teams have.
    We have all heard this before and too often without seeing the improvement DD mentions. It’s time to stop talking and start showing something on the field that fans, coaches, and team can be proud of.

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Failing to stop the run…

  • Don’t know where to start.
    • Didn’t tackle well.
    • Didn’t set edges.
    • Didn’t play low enough.
    • Didn’t have good enough technique.
  • Pushed around at times.
  • Their running backs ran through contact.
  • Bottom line: they did a better job.

Devin Leary…

  • Felt like Bailey Hockman was a little bit shook.
    • Could be wrong on that, but that’s how I felt.
  • Devin Leary went in and looked calm and we wanted to give him a shot.
    • He seemed level. Wasn’t pressing and was just playing.
  • Valuable reps for him to get out there and see what he can do.


  • There’s 11 guys that were in our 2-deep when the season started that aren’t playing right now.
    • Makes it hard for chemistry on either side of the ball.
    • There’s a lot of guys not playing. Not an excuse.
  • The guys out there have to take advantage of the opportunity to play better.
  • Have to do everything schematically to give them opportunities to make plays.

Red zone efficiency…

  • It’s everything.
  • Ran a timing route for Thayer Thomas early in the game.
    • He was open and Bailey Hockman threw it over his head. Would have been a touchdown.
  • We got stopped 2x down there on an inside rush off the edge.
    • Last year, Reggie Gallaspy could’ve ran threw that probably. Freshman Running Backs not there yet.
  • Went with Matt McKay to see if he could get us some QB run game going. Didn’t get us in the end zone.
  • There’s a lot of things we’ve got to look at. It’s infinite right now.

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