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NC State Football Recruiting Update – October 3, 2019



NC State Football Recruiting Update – October 3, 2019


Recent Decommitment: 4* WR Nate McCollum from Georgia. Reportedly enamored with Georgia Tech (his hometown school). I would think that Georgia Tech’s poor showing last weekend did not help them with him at all. However, they probably have him convinced that he will get immediate playing time and will be a standout for them as they attempt to fully convert from a Triple Option attack to a Spread scheme.


Wide Receiver Targets: Antonio Barber and Jhari Patterson are two NC recruits who have been targets of State for a long time. However, Barber has been wishy washy with his recruitment going back to when he was committed to Tennessee, then uncommitted. Patterson’s recruitment has been a lot more quiet. Latest intel. from multiple sources indicates that both of them might have some issues qualifying, therefore State is probably looking at a rising sleeper type high school prospect or a JUCO prospect.


Some intriguing names to follow at Wide Receiver:


High School: 

3* WR Damien Alford – Attends McArthur HS in Hollywood, Florida. 6’5″, 210. He has scheduled official visits to Kentucky and Syracuse in December so far, we have offered.

3* WR Travis Tillman – Attends Killian HS in Miami, Florida. 5’11”, 135. We have offered.

3* WR Keishon Porter – Attends Southwest Edgecombe HS in NC. 6’4″, 185.  No offer yet.

NR APB/WR Andrew Henley – Attends Hallandale HS in Hallandale, Florida. 5’6″, 147. We have offered.

3* TE Jake Ray – Attends St. Thomas Aquinas HS in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. 6’3″, 234. Attends the same HS as current commit LB Devon Betty. We have offered.

3* WR Joshua Crabtree – Attends Heritage HS in Wake Forest, NC. An intriguing prospect who we have not offered yet.



2* WR Colby Cooper – Attends Independence Community College. 5’11”, 190. From Raleigh originally, attended Wake Forest HS.

3* WR John Jiles – Attends Fort Scott Community College. 6’3″, 215. From Raleigh originally, attended Wake Forest HS.

3* WR Bernard Porter – Attends Highland Community College. 6’3″, 190. 4.55 40. From South Carolina originally, attended Ridgeview HS in Columbia, South Carolina.

3* WR Justin McGriff – Attends ASA College in Miami. Originally from Tampa, Florida. 6’5″, 210.


Other Interesting Names to Consider


Updated Senior Stats For Current Commits:

4* WR Porter Rooks – 21 catches for 442 yards and 6 Touchdowns. 5-0 this season

3* S Nekhi Meredith – 3 carrels for 65 yards and 3 Touchdowns, 1 catch for 15 yards, 29 tackles with a 45 yard pick 6 on defense, 1 punt return for 50 yards. 2-4 this season.

3* JUCO DT Pheldarius Payne – 4 tackles, 1 forced fumble, 1 pass breakup and 4 quarterback hurries. 4-0 this season.

4* OT Austin Blaske – 44 pancakes, 10 tackles and 1 forced fumble on defense. 4-1 this season

3* CB Aydan White – 9 catches for 277 yards and 5 Touchdowns, 7 tackles and 1 pick 6 on defense, 2 punt returns for 80 yards. 3-1 this season.

3* DT Jaylen Smith – 27 tackles, 8 tackles for loss, 3 sacks, 4 pass deflections, 12 pancakes on offense. 4-1 this season.

3* OT Jonathan Adorno – 38 pancakes. 6-0 this season

3*ATH Devan Boykin – 23 catches for 312 yards and 6 Touchdowns, 15.5 tackles, 23 tackles for loss, 1 pass deflection, 3 interceptions, 1 forced fumble, 6 punt returns for 120 yards. 2-4 this season.

3* C Ethan Lane – 18 pancakes. 3-2 this season.

3* DT Davin Vann – 50 tackles, 12 tackles for loss, 9 sacks, 28 quarterback hurries, 3 forced fumbles, 3 fumble recoveries, 2 carries for 9 yards and 1 Touchdown, 1 pancake. 2-4 this season.

3* QB Ben Finley – 73 of 97 for 1,398 yards with 17 Touchdowns and 1 Interception. 5-0 this season.

3* OG Sean Hill – 19 pancakes. 2-3 this season.

3* WR Stephen Gosnell – 32 catches for 777 yards and 11 Touchdowns, 14 carries for 121 yards and 2 Touchdowns, 11 tackles, 1 Interception, 1 70 yard kickoff return, 6-0 this season. Had a monster game against Reidsville (the #1 3A team in the State) last week for 11 catches for 263 yards and 4 Touchdowns, 11 carries for 101 yards and 1 Touchdown.

3* TE Ezemdi Udoh – 9 catches for 124 yards and 2 Touchdowns. 3-2 this season.

3* OT Patrick Matan – 12 pancakes. 6-0 this season.

3* LB Devon Betty – 5 tackles, 1 tackle for loss. 4-0 this season.


Target WR Antonio Barber is reportedly injured and will miss the rest of his senior season.


Next Marquee Recruiting Weekend:

Look for the weekend of October 11th to be a big recruiting weekend with NC State playing on a Thursday night. I would not be surprised to see at least one commitment that weekend, from either a 2021 kid or potentially a 2020 kid (LB Jayland Parker, OT Anthony Carter Jr., or CB Joshua Pierre Louis).


Football Recruiting

NC State Football Recruiting Update – December 5, 2019



NC State Football Recruiting Update – December 5, 2019


Backup QB Matt McKay and Backup OT Justin Chase have decided to leave the program.

Available scholarships left for 2020

Around 5-6, maybe more depending on addition attrition between now and February’s Signing Day. I fully anticipate NC State will sign 20 in December and several more in February. Rumor has it that they will have several more deductions from the offensive side of the ball and possibly several on the defensive side.


Recent Commits

WR Anthony Smith – Attends Huntingtown HS in Maryland. 6’1″, 175. Rated a NR 2* on Rivals, NR on 24/7Sports, and NR on ESPN.

He’s an absolute burner. Career records in 100m was 10.98, 200 m was 21.96 in Spring 2019, during his junior season. This would translate to a 4.5 40, which is very good to be 6’1″. He was officially clocked at 4.46 at a camp in the summer of 2019. Smith could easily become a vertical passing threat or another underneath extension of the running game – like Nyheim Hines was during his first year at State.

Senior Season Stats:  35 catches for 918 yards with 14 Touchdowns, 17 Tackles with 1 Tackle for Loss.


WR Jalen Coit – Attends Cheraw HS in South Carolina. 6’1″, 165. Rated a 3* and #17 overall player in South Carolina on Rivals, the #185 Wide Receiver in the Country and the #20 overall player in South Carolina (3*) by 24/7Sports, and the #163 Wide Receiver in the Country (3*) on ESPN.

He’s a stellar two sport athlete who averages around 19 points per game in basketball. Most analysts have him slated to be a slot receiver in college. Several analysts have stated that they think he has a higher ceiling and better open field play making ability than the top rated receiver in South Carolina (Jaylin Hyatt). Coit also projects to potentially play in the slot with Smith. Coit could be a potential to play immediately as a kick returner along side Lesane (if Lesane can figure out his fumbling issues). Coit has been named to the Shrine Bowl team for South Carolina.

Senior Season Stats: 1 for 1 passing for 9 yards, 1 carry for 39 yards, 55 catches for 842 yards with 11 Touchdowns, 2 Two Point Conversions Scored, 7 Kickoff Returns for 67 yards, and 13 punt returns for 154 yards with 1 Touchdown.


Big Visitors at UNC Game

The #1 JUCO Safety in the Country was at the UNC game. Justin Harrington, who currently attends Bakersfield College in California, was offered a scholarship by State late last week. Harrington attended Southeast Raleigh HS as a prep prospect but could not qualify academically to attend a major college. He was high school teammates with Current Nickel Tyler Baker-Williams. Harrington is planning to be a mid-year enrollment at whatever college he decides to attend. Right now, it looks like Oklahoma is the major competition for Harrington. Harrington is also planning an official visit to Oklahoma State and possibly Southern Cal before making his college decision.


Transfer 3* OL Joe Kane from Virginia Tech attended the game. Transfers look like they are going to be the route to go for several different empty spots for the staff to find, particularly in high needs areas (depending on further attrition, I would argue that WR, QB, and OL/DL are these areas of potential grad transfer targets). Kane was recently offered a scholarship to play D-Line at Elon.


Transfers to Mention:

I just list these as possibilities that the coaches would be interested in targeting and the reasons:

QB Jack Allison – Transferring from West Virginia, knows and was recruited by Tony Gibson

QB Jake Bentley – Transferring from South Carolina, knows and was coached by Kurt Roper

QB Feleipe Franks – Transferring from Florida, could be a target because he would have immediate eligibility

QB Dekereon Joyner – Transferring from South Carolina. NC State was his #2 school before he committed to South Carolina. He also knows Kurt Roper. Converted to WR this year.

WR Brian Montgomery – Transferring from Miami, NC State offered him a scholarship during the 2018 cycle

WR/APB Tevin Bush – Transferring from West Virginia, knows and was recruited by Tony Gibson

TE/WR Daevon Robinson – Transferring from Rutgers. NC State was his #2 school when he decided to stay home and commit to Rutgers

OT Carter Colquitt – Transferring from Ole Miss. NC State was his #2 school when he decided to commit to Ole Miss

LB Derek Boykins – Transferring from South Carolina. NC State was his #3 school when he decided to commit to South Carolina. From NC, and NC State is also recruiting his younger brother.

JUCO DE Dionte Gipson – Attends Hutchinson CC in Stone Mountain, Georgia. NC State recruited that area well a few years ago when we landed Jakobi Meyers

JUCO RB Brian Snead – NC State was recruiting him when he was in HS, attends Iowa Western CC, a place where they’ve have had some success in the past. He attended HS with former Pack RB Erin Collins, however the Wolfpack will probably stay away from him due to some unsavory criminal activity when he was enrolled as a freshman at Ohio State.

JUCO WR Justin McGriff – NC State recruits the Tampa area well. He has extremely good size and long arms that Coach D covets – 6’5″, 210.


Official Visits Coming Up

December 6th:

4* JUCO S Justin Harrington

4* OG RJ Adams – recently decommited from Penn State. NC State was one of his top schools before he committed. Visited for UNC game also. Alabama visit is after this.

3* DB Joshua Pierre Louis – Smaller CB/NLB type prospect who also has a lot of speed.

Most of NC State’s current commits will also be officially visiting this week (Porter Rooks, Devan Boykin are confirmed via social media).


Things to keep an eye on 

If James Franklin leaves Penn State and goes to Florida State, former 4* CB Joseph Johnson could also be in play again for NC State (his father really liked State).

If Will Muschamp leaves South Carolina, current Target 4* WR Rico Powers and Target 4* LB Mohamad Kaba could be in play again for NC State. (Unlikely Muschamp leaves)


My Take on the Coaching Switch

In the periphery of the season, it looks like the canning of Huxtable was due to the huge amount of points the defense continued to allow, bad technique by the defensive backs, and bad play calling at times.

However, there is another silver lining to the canning of Huxtable in deference to the other members of the staff.

Des Kitchings and George McDonald are considered to be the best recruiters of offensive talent on the staff, whereas, Kevin Patrick and Tony Gibson are considered to be the best recruits of defensive talent on the staff.  According to a pre-season publication, Huxtable was responsible for recruiting Alamance County/Orange County in NC and the Orlando to Space Coast areas of Florida (zero currently committed players in the 2020 cycle). The last three commits all came from the areas in which McDonald and Kitchings are assigned.  This is not to say that the coaching switches are completely done, but I don’t foresee any more coaching switches before the December Signing Day event, which will take place on December 18, 2019.


On the Road

All the coaches are on the road this week to meet with current commits and see current targets. George McDonald was visiting South Carolina earlier this week and extended an offer to 6’4″ receiver, Ger-Cari Caldwell, who had a stellar senior season at Northwestern High School in Rock Hill, South Carolina, and was named to the Shrine Bowl. Caldwell is an interesting prospect because of his size and playmaking ability. Not necessarily a burner, but runs great routes and has great hands.


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Football Recruiting

4-Star JUCO DB Justin Harrington Taking an Official Visit to NC State this Weekend



4-Star JUCO Defensive Back Justin Harrington (6’4″/215) will be taking an Official Visit to NC State this weekend. ESPN lists Harrington as a Cornerback, and 247Sports lists him as the Safety.

247Sports ranks Harrington as the #6 Junior College football player in the nation, and the #1 Safety. He played high school ball right down the road at Southeast Raleigh High School, and just wrapped up his 2nd year at Bakersfield College. After having 40 tackles and 4 interceptions as a Freshman, he had 36 tackles and 3 interceptions this year.

Harrington took an Official Visit to Oklahoma State in June, and then took one to Oklahoma on November 22nd. The Sooners then offered him two days later, and seemingly took the lead. NC State offered him on November 29th.

Photo Credit

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NC State 2020 Football Commits Week 15 Report



Here’s a look at how NC State’s 2020 football commits did in their respective playoff games in Week 15 of the 2019 season.

4-Star Wide Receiver Porter Rooks had 2 receptions for 57 yards in Myers Park’s 35-32 loss to Richmond in the 3rd Round of the North Carolina 4AA State Playoffs.

3-Star Linebacker Devon Betty had 2 tackles in St. Thomas Aquinas’ 42-0 victory over Venice in the Semifinals of the Florida 7A State Playoffs.

3-Star Cornerback Devan Boykin rushed the ball 13 times for 61 yards in Ragsdale’s 34-21 loss to East Forsyth in the 3rd Round of the North Carolina 4A State Playoffs. He also had 5 receptions for 59 yards and a touchdown, and 7 tackles on defense.

3-Star Center Ethan Lane and Archer lost to Parkview 35-17 in the 3rd Round of the Georgia 7A State Playoffs.

3-Star Tight End Ezemdi Udoh had 1 reception for 8 yards, 5 tackles, and 1 sack in Terry Sanford’s 59-21 loss to Southern Nash in the 3rd Round of the North Carolina 3A State Playoffs.

3-Star Wide Receiver Anthony Smith had 2 receptions for 113 yards and a touchdown in Huntington’s 21-14 loss to Damascus in the Semifinals of the Maryland 3A State Playoffs.

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Football Recruiting

4-Star OG R.J. Adams Visiting NC State for UNC Game



NC State will have a big time prospect on campus this weekend for an unofficial visit for the UNC game in 4-Star Offensive Guard R.J. Adams (6’3″/326)

Adams is also scheduled to take an Official Visit to Raleigh the following weekend as well. Last weekend he was in Kentucky for an Official Visit last week.

Back on April 13th, Adams committed to Penn State, but decommitted on September 16th.

NC State offered Adams back on November 3rd of last year.

Adams plays for Woodbridge Senior (Woodbridge, Virginia). Rivals ranks Adams as the #4 player in the state of Virginia, and the #12 Offensive Guard in the 2020 recruiting class.

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