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Kevin Keatts Press Conference After Alcorn State: BULLETED



Head Coach Kevin Keatts spoke with the media after NC State’s 87-64 victory over Alcorn State yesterday. You can watch it here, or check out a bulleted breakdown below.

  • We played good in stretches. We did some great things.
  • My team is a little tired.
    • Three games this week, so we didn’t have our traditional day off.
    • We had to take two off the previous week.
    • Tomorrow, I told everybody in the locker room to stay away from basketball for a little bit.
  • We got going in the 2nd half. Shot the ball well from three.
  • We settled a little bit in the first half, where I thought we should have drove it and got some easy baskets.
  • I’m happy with our win and I like where we are at. I think we are moving in the right direction.

Bench production…

  • When you look at Devon Daniels and you look at D.J. Funderburk, they could both certainly be starters, and they probably will end up starting some games.
  • All 8 guys could be starters.
  • The 3 guys that are coming off the bench, they’ve been tremendous.
  • Our bench is scoring just as much as the guys starting the game.
  • I give Pat Andree, Devon and D.J. a lot of credit, because not once have they pouted about coming off the bench.
    • They just come in and do their job.
    • Everybody knows that they are going to play, so nobody complains.

Devon Daniels…

  • Devon was really good tonight.
  • He was aggressive. He made shots. He mixed his game up.
  • He was very solid on the defensive end.
  • He’s a good player. He’s starting to buy in and understand what I’m looking for.

Markell Johnson…

  • It was good to see Markell Johnson score 16 points.
  • He felt a little bit better, looked a little more confident shooting the basketball.
  • I don’t worry about him, because he’s going to be ok.
  • I still don’t think he played great tonight.
    • I thought he played good.
  • It was good to see him play better, and it was good for him to see the ball go in the hoop.
  • What’s lost, is that he’s passed the ball well.
    • He’s had a few more turnovers than I would like.
    • He’s passing the ball at a high level.
    • I can’t get him to go back. I don’t want him to be sophomore Markell where he thinks he’s got to lead the league in assists.
  • On this particular team, we need him to have a balance of scoring and passing the basketball.

Reynolds Coliseum…

  • This is a great venue to play in.
  • We also have a really great venue to play in at the PNC.
  • This is great because everybody is right on top of you and it’s a legendary place.
  • I love playing here.
  • We’ve got contracts where we’ve got to play a certain amount games at PNC.
  • I’m not giving up on PNC, because I love PNC.
    • PNC helps us with recruits. It’s a pro arena.
    • It’s a chance to play in front of 20,000 when we sell out.
    • It’s a great place.
  • We’re fortunate to be one of the few programs that has 2 great arenas to play in.
  • I wish it was a little bit bigger.
    • I wish it held 10,000, but it doesn’t.
    • It’s a beautiful place the way it is.

Alcorn’s run at the end of the game…

  • It’s crazy, because I don’t think that they beat us on the backboards or made shots inside during that time.
    • We just had too many breakdowns.
  • We didn’t do a great job tonight of rotating out of the press finding guys.
    • Left some guys open for some wide-open shots.
    • They were 5-7 from the 3 going into the half.
      • A lot of them were because of the press.
      • We just didn’t rotate out of it.
  • I thought we did a solid job of pressing, but out of the press we gave up some easy shots.
  • It’s different when we’re playing Jericole Hellems or Pat Andree at that 4 or 5 position, they’re really not used to it so they don’t know where to rotate to.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. next year hell why not this year

    November 21, 2019 at 1:25 am

    KK wishes Reynolds seated 10,000? When I was at State, I believe it seated over 12,500. They spent $30 million taking out half the seats.

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