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Dave Doeren’s Weekly Press Conference: Week 1 (BULLETED)



NC State head coach Dave Doeren hosted his weekly press conference yesterday. Here’s a BULLETED breakdown of his main points.

Previewing Wake Forest

  • NC State vs. Wake Forest is longest continuous ACC rivalry
    • 3rd-longest in the nation.
    • Series began in 1910.
  • Wake has advantage of having played a week.
  • Unique style of zone-read offense with the mesh and the RPO game.
  • Lost a lot of skill on offense.
    • Players they have showed a lot of athleticism against Clemson.
  • Returning tailbacks with lots of stats.
    • Speed and strength.
  • Slot receiver Taylor Morin is a playmaker.
  • Up-tempo offense.
    • One of fastest no huddle offenses they will face.
  • Defense has very experienced Front-7
    • More depth and rotation on D-Line.
    • Lots of respect for RS SR DL Carlos Basham.
  • NC State’s D needs to get them off of the field.
    • Tempo offenses struggle when they can’t get a 1st down.

Isaiah Moore Wearing #1

  • He earned it.
  • Represents team as a person, student and as an athlete.
  • What he’s doing in the community right now.
  • Likes holding people accountable.
  • Speaks from the heart.


  • Have about 95% of guys back

LB Louis Acceus Stepping Away From Playing Football

  • Continuation of injuries he’s been dealing with.
  • Best thing for him was to become a coach.
  • Has tremendous respect from players and coaches.

Tim Beck’s Offense

  • Won’t see whole playbook.
  • Slowed down by COVID set back.
  • Began repping what they needed to begin season with.
  • Will see some formation similarities, but system itself will be a lot different.

Rotating Players

  • Going to be a lot of rotation.
  • Some backups will play as much as starters due to tempo, 1st game, and COVID setback.

“F” Position on Depth Chart

  • Like an H-Back.
  • Will align in a lot of places.
  • Tight Ends have a lot of alignments and assignments in this system.

SAM Linebacker instead of BUCK Linebacker

  • SAM, MIKE and WILL are how Tony Gibson has always done his system.
  • Gibson has cross-trained through camp.
  • Drake Thomas plays multiple spots.

“OR”on Depth Chart

  • Those players have earned the right to be called starters.

Moving Ikem Ekwonu from LT to LG

  • Played G in High School.
  • Wanted to have best 5 blockers on field, and this got Tyrone Riley out there at LT.
  • Can always bounce back to LT if Riley gets tired.
  • Tim McKay has had a great camp.

Empty Stadium

  • Team has to be great in supporting each other.
  • Cutouts of Zach Galifianakis and Bill Cowher in the stands.
  • Fingers crossed there will be fans at the next game, because there isn’t another home game in September.

Porter Rooks

  • Consistent.
  • Makes plays every day.
  • Mature.
  • Learned playbook very quickly.
  • Catches ball naturally.
  • Good route runner.
  • Earned trust because he’s the same every day.


  • Shyheim Battle and Cecil Powell have been very consistent.
  • Teshaun Smith is a proven player who has played a lot.
  • Malik Dunlap played a lot last year.
  • Those are 4 corners we can play and rotate.
  • Freshman Aydan White has done really well in camp.

Chris Ingram

  • Not ready to go. Week-to-week.
  • With NCAA allowing this to be a zero year from an eligibility standpoint, going to see how long it takes for him to get back.

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