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TWITTER SLEUTHS investigate which players traveled for NC State’s game vs. St. Louis



After NC State announced it would play tonight in St. Louis, Kevin Keatts held a press conference and let the media know he’d be traveling with only 9 players. Which 9 players would be making the trip was anyone’s guess.

This morning the guys from The Red White Podcast and their followers started to dig through the player’s social media posts to try to figure who was in St. Louis and who had stayed home in Raleigh.

It seemed to imply that NC State was going to be without their 3 most important players. However, only minutes later, Twitter users @NCSU_Hype pointed out what looked to be Devon Daniels grabbing a bite to eat in the background of a photo.

Another user speculated that it may not be Daniels, but instead could be Chase Graham.

That theory was quickly debunked by @NCSU_Hype who noted that Graham posted a story asking who had ESPN+ (the channel carrying the game), which would imply that Graham was going to be watching the game, meaning he was one of the players staying back in Raleigh.

Then just one hour ago, @RedWhitePodcast updated us with another tweet, suggesting that it was, in fact, Daniels and he had traveled with the team and DJ was potentially there as well and could be cleared by game time.

Big shout out to the die-hards who spent their Thursday morning sifting through social media to break this info. We’ll keep you updated when things start to be confirmed by the university, but as of now these are all just educated guesses with no confirmation.

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