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ONE WORD: On NC State recruits, UNC hire, the transfer portal and More


ONE WORD: On NC State recruits, UNC hire, the transfer portal and More

ONE WORD: On NC State recruits, UNC hire, the transfer portal and More

Lots happening this week in the world of Men’s Basketball. Vonwolf and Wolferetti play a little Word Game.


UNC makes it official, by naming Hubert Davis their new coach.

Vonwolf – “Fine”: I could have gone with a boring word, but going to spice it up with “fine.” I actually don’t think the potential Wes Miller fit was good and there was no way in hell they were going to get Brad Stevens, Greg Popovich or the ghost of John Wooden, as some UNC folks had dreamed of. Davis will be fine at recruiting, fine at coaching, and fine at handling the media. He’ll also feel the heat after a nice three-game losing streak and immediately become the dog in the flaming room that reassures everyone, “It’s Fine.”

Wolferetti – “Doherty-esque”: A former player, turned ESPN analyst, turned assistant coach, who learned under Roy Williams, who just left because he felt like his style didn’t fit with today’s players. I mean, what could go wrong? Davis has zero head coaching experience. Oh scratch that, he led the UNC JV team, so that’s something. Look, Davis is probably a great guy. He’s probably saying all the right things. He probably loves UNC and he’s probably going to work his butt off. But this is UNC we’re talking about. They have unlimited funds and coaching them would be the pinnacle of almost any head coach’s career. If they went outside the family for candidates, you’d have to have ‘national champion’ on your resume. But because they want to keep it in family, they just decide to hand it to a guy who doesn’t even have ‘head coach’ on his resume. I mean, what do I care, I hope they crash and burn, but if you ask me, this hire has Matt Doherty written all over it.

State is a finalist for both transfers, Fleming and Gardner.

Vonwolf – “Solid/Ginormous”: Not sure we totally need another Guard, but Fleming would definitely get minutes and help the maturity process of the young guys. Gardner though…OMG…that’s the piece of this Wolfpack puzzle we need. Him and Manny Bates would have FUN inside, plus another player (as State has so few) that can drive to the hoop. Could end up being Keatts biggest move yet, if he can pull it off.

Wolferetti – “Strong”: Keatts gets a lot of flack for his teams defense. They score a lot, but they give up a lot. But I don’t think it’s really defensive strategy that’s lacking. The idea that you switch all screens and have a team of interchangeable players is actually a really good, but he’s been trying to do it without the correct personnel. If State lands Fleming and Gardner, they will be adding two guys that fit this system perfectly, and not just size-wise. These are to guys who are physical, pride themselves on defense and love to mix it up. NC State needs size and physicality more than anything (yes, even shooters) right now, Landing these guys would change the entire outlook for NC State next season.

State commit, Trequavion Smith, is winning everything and being invited everywhere

Vonwolf – “Tingling”: This kid is going to be electric. He may not have outstanding minutes each game, but he’s 100% going to give you at least one moment of, “well that was awesome.” State desperately needs a spark plug guy, and Smith might be perfect in that role. The fact that he’s moved quietly into a discussion of best player in NC right now, is something that is amazing to see. Can’t wait for next year.

Wolferetti – “Finally”: NC State has been missing a 3-level scoring 2 guard for a long time. I mean, Devon Daniels was actually coming on as one this season, but the knee injury ended that. Smith is fast, quick, has a nice handle, has hops, can finish around the rim, and has unlimited range. He has the potential to be the type of player that we haven’t seen in a long time. He’s a 2-time state champion, he’s only lost 2 games in his 3 varsity seasons, two of which he went undefeated in. So. he knows how to win. He’s electric and he’s going to be a big part of NC State’s future. It will be up to Keatts to help him with decision making, shot selection, and building up his body. But even if we have to wait a year for him to fully realize his potential, it will be worth it because we’ve been needing a guy with this bag of skills for a long time.



Tournaments are all done…Next up, TBT and Team Wolf Blood (former players teaming up to win $1 million)…

Vonwolf – “Apprehensive”: I’m beyond excited…however…I just hope that it lives up to what I envision in my mind (it won’t, haha). This core group of guys has a soft spot in most State fans’ hearts. If they make a run, it will bring back a lot of awesome memories. If they lose early, I’ll be just as bummed.

Wolferetti – “Masochism”: I don’t care what happens, I’m going to enjoy watching this group of some of my favorite Wolfpackers from different teams, team up to take on the world for a million bucks. But, I’m starting with expectations so high here that I know I’m setting myself up for disappointment. But you know what. I don’t care. It’s kind of like that feeling you have a few years after you and your ex breakup. You look back and only remember the good times, and forget all of the pain they caused you. You try to get back together and it doesn’t work out and the cycle starts again. Look, I hope that isn’t how this plays out, but if it does, hell, I’m here for it!



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