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Vonwolf Sold his Soul for NC State Baseball and Now We’re Here…

NC State Baseball

Vonwolf Sold his Soul for NC State Baseball and Now We’re Here…

Vonwolf Sold his Soul for NC State Baseball and Now We’re Here…

The Deal

It’s late March and Old Tuffy cans are falling faster than a Duke Point Guard on an opponent’s drive. State basketball had gotten my hopes up WAY too high and now a baseball team, I thought had the tools, was failing miserably and at the very bottom of the ACC standings.

I did want any other drunk, State-obsessed fan would do. I made a deal with the devil himself…

Devil: “You want what?”
Me: “I need this friggin’ *hiccup* baseketball team *hiccup* to win.”
Devil: “First off, what sport? And a series? A championship? What we thinking here?”
Me: “Baseball…like…wins everything *hiccup* and I can enjoy seeing them come back from the dead.”

True story folks.

Wait, you don’t believe me?


Well then Explain…

Then explain the team ERA going from 10.5 to 5. In starts since June 25th, Johnson, Highfill, Villaman and Willadsen have allowed State to go 11-1, while striking out 86 batters. In Johnson’s outing last night, he had a career high 13K’s in 6.2 innings.

Also explain to me how Jonny Butler is the second coming of Ted Williams? He has power, massive hitting streak with a PERFECT fielding percentage. In his last 11 games, 27 hits (.550 batting average), 8 dingers and 19 RBI’s. Also a little fun fact, he’s also 12-12 on stolen base attempts.

While you’re at it, explain the fact that each and every game, someone goes off at the plate. From the aforementioned Butler, to McDonough’s hot streak, to Tresh going off against Florida State on Thursday night. Tresh’s first home run was just a feel good game starter. His second? My Lawddddd…Yelled so loud the dogs won’t come within ten feet of me and the wife only has hearing in one ear.

The Road Ahead

Avent and the boys don’t need anymore added pressure, but I’d sure like to keep this streak going to know I wasn’t hoodwinkled into thinking this whole thing was going to come true. They’ve positioned themselves that there is a 95% chance they finish top-5 in ACC regular season standings and a really, really good chance they’re top-3. Regardless, they are far ahead of where we all thought they’d be when I made that decision in March.

I’m not asking to be called a hero, although that’d be cool. Also, not looking for any monetary gain, DM if you need my Venmo. I’m just so freaking excited to have an ULTRA fun baseball team to watch and CANNOT wait to get one more win and then roll the dice in the ACCT and NCAAT.


Passionate State fan that just wants to anything...

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