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If Nothing Comes from this NC State Baseball Situation…


If Nothing Comes from this NC State Baseball Situation…

If Nothing Comes from this NC State Baseball Situation…

Here is my biggest fear, which is saying a lot considering everything that has happened over the last week…

“If literally the entire nation is focused on State and nothing positive comes out of this mess, this will be the biggest wasted opportunity in NC State Athletics history.”

There, I said it…

State is at a Standstill

As I’ve said many times recently, I don’t expect answers to become immediately available. I understand fully that the political machine, known as the NCAA, isn’t looking to stop everything and say, “We’re an open book!” Yet, I can’t help to think this entire situation has just kinda ended.

We don’t have answers why a group of athletes couldn’t cross the damn street and play on Friday. We don’t know why decisions needed to be made and announced at 2:10am through a simple social post, rather than a normal operating hour press conference. Furthermore, as we found out yesterday, we are continually thrown new haymakers on filming of student athletes going to get tested and rumors that the NCAA was simply unprepared to test folks.

Instead of State taking the lead themselves, we’ve gotten a whole lotta “well it is, what it is” kind of responses. Corrigan and Woodson, thanks for taking the time to go on random podcasts and Skype calls, but could we not just have an actual press conference with an open conversation? With that, just pretend that you’re angry and want to get to the bottom of things, when questions arise that you or the NCAA can’t account for.

The longer this drags out, the more questions and conspiracies will arise. And the longer this drags out, the less likely answers actually come out.

Dangle that Ballpark Carrot

This is where the rubber meets the road. Boo Corrigan on Pack Pride’s podcast said that they have plans in place, architect’s hired and are ready to make sure that “State’s ballpark is the best in the ACC.” News & Observer has quoted Corrigan on saying that fans will notice a dramatic difference come next year and that it’ll be a multi-year renovation.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of funding heading to State Baseball. But if this is purely an in the moment, “give the people what they want” gesture, this will not end well. In fact, it couldn’t end worse.

You cannot, under any circumstances, tease and not follow through now. Corrigan and staff need to understand that the support of players, coaches and WPN are now all-in and they need to be, as well. If nothing happens and we head into the 2025 with that same dogsh*t training facility, then State will never be a yearly ACC Champion contender.

You have arguably the best team in the land with more incoming stud recruits. If they don’t put it together now, they never will. No more words, just actions. Give them what they need to be top contenders Every. Single. Year.

Eyes on State

It’s been bittersweet seeing the outcry of emotion and support this week. Alumni are coming out of the woodwork to throw out a ‘Back the Pack’ message. National media and schools across the country are all-in on State being the People’s Champion and America’s Team. It’s simply incredible.

So maybe we shouldn’t waste this moment? Maybe, just maybe, we use this to catapult ourselves to the next level.

You could argue this sports season has been one of the best in State history. Now imagine taking awesome talent, plus excellent coaching and the most eyes ever on this school and go for it. Don’t let the fire and desire to be great and make a statement die.

If we are here one year from now and nothing has changed, this will be the biggest wasted opportunity in NC State history.


Passionate State fan that just wants to anything...

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3 months ago

Hitting the nail on the head. Add the Marketing Team in this to figure out a way for once to promote this team while we are in the spotlight. Have you ever seen any type of marketing for Pack9 outside mailings to Wolfpack Club members about renewing season tickets? What an opportunity to turn this into a positive that will prob go by the wayside.

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