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Good Riddance to the 2021 College World Series


Good Riddance to the 2021 College World Series

Good Riddance to the 2021 College World Series

One week ago, our collective mental states were in a much better place. State was waiting patiently to play the winner of Stanford and Vanderbilt, feeling as though they had a clear path to the CWS Finals. Then it all went sideways.

I have no plans on rehashing all that went down on Friday morning and beyond…

What should have been memories of a lifetime, turned into the “What If” of this State fandom’s generation. We felt disrespected and hoodwinked by the big brother organization. Some of us watched the remainder of the games, although I suspect, it was simply to ensure one school in particular was not crowned king. And just like that it was over.

Good riddance and FU 2021 College World Series.

From Communication of NCAA to the Umps

I honestly don’t know how many times I shook my head at that Tournaments officials…and that include those on and off the field. We had the foul ball that definitely wasn’t. We had routine plays at first that became an adventure.  Behind the plate? Hold on for your dear life.

Some may say that the beauty in baseball is its traditions. There is no computers or gadgets, just bats, balls and umps somehow calling this a strike.

It was all mind blowing. Would have thought for the premier college baseball event, the same could have been said about old man ump behind the plate.

NCAA Just Leans in One More Time

In the closing moments of Wednesday night, NCAA wasn’t done furthering the dagger into State. First, was the announcement that with a team removed with COVID issues, Omaha welcomed record number of fans. Seriously?

I’m glad all 360k+ of you got to watch your teams enjoy their ride. Hope you all were safe out there. Surprised that many people could fit in one ballpark and be six feet apart.

Then it really got personal. State had ZERO players make the All-Tournament Team. Did we not think that Highfill’s 0.00 ERA or .750 batting average was good enough for some kind of consideration? When Brown made the absolute catch of the CWS, we didn’t think he earned it? GTFO. This was 100% salt in the wound.


I would bet my house and everything I own, that there was a conversation within their walls that went like this…

NCAA Member #1: “Wait, we don’t have an NCST (you know they’d write it like that) player…”
NCAA Member #2: “I mean, do they really have anyone good enough?”
Member #1: “They were the best team, feels like we should at least think about a few of their guys.”
Member #2: “IDGAF…I have Vandy players to console. Just release the damn thing already and let’s move on.”

I will remember this CWS forever. The lead up to it was a wild ride, filled with players and characters that became legendary. Just wish the NCAA and everyone involved hadn’t taken a massive dump on it all.

Good riddance 2021 College World Series…

Passionate State fan that just wants to anything...

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