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Vonwolf Sold His House and Bet Everything on NC State Football

NC State Football

Vonwolf Sold His House and Bet Everything on NC State Football

Vonwolf Sold His House and Bet Everything on NC State Football

Guess who’s back, back again
Vonwolf’s back, tell a friend
Guess who’s back, guess who’s back?
Guess who’s back, guess who’s back? Da, Nah, Naaa

HELLO WOLFPACK NATION! The boys took a sabbatical after everything that happened in Omaha, to re-energize and get ready for what should be an incredible Fall to Winter run for Pack sports. Before I jump into football and current life situation, a quick update on Baseball from AD Boo Corrigan……………………………..

Alright…and we’re off for some football talk!

An Accountant, Divorce Lawyer and Bookie walk into a room

Where’s this joke going Vonwolf? 

It isn’t a joke, this is my real life.

So there I was, early June, just randomly seeing what was happening in the gambling world. Some might call it perusing future investments. And lo and behold, there’s NC State football with an over/under win total of 6!

I did what any man in my situation (with utmost confidence in this Wolfpack squad) would do; I called my bookie. Couldn’t believe that number was true. Did they confuse us with New Mexico State or Utah State? Was that 6 suppose to be a 9? *Nice*

Nope. TODAY, you can still bet on State at 6-6.5 for win totals on nearly every betting site.

So in walks my accountant to crunch numbers and he’s followed by our divorce attorney…who is way, way too much on my wife’s side.

I have sold my house, car, sports memorabilia, rights to my first kid, one kidney, pinkie toe and everything in my savings account to bet on the State over.

The Reasons

  • Nearly everyone is back from a team that went 8-4 last season. Doeren has gotten winning records six out of the last seven seasons. There’s no reason why there should be a dip in on-field performance.
  • Yes, Alim McNeill’s departure is big. For a team that struggled at times containing the run, not having the big boy in there is tough. But…this team still returns 13 of the top 15 tacklers.
  • Wilson, Moore and Thomas…good lawd. One of the best LB groups in the conference and upper tier in the nation, as a whole. Studs that fight and claw every play.
  • I just think this offense clicks. Too many bad turnovers and constant rotation of QB’s. Get Leary in his groove again, behind a steady O-line with receiver depth and Bam Knight behind him. BOOM
  • Speaking of WRs…Emezie came back HUGE for the Pack last season. Look for him to move steadily up draft board conversations when he hits 8 TDs this season, while using his frame to outwork DBs.
  • Another draft stock watch goes to DL Daniel Joseph. Tied for 8th in the ACC last season in sacks. Can he go next level in production, without McNeill taking pressure off? I do think the FSU transfer Durden, helps him out. I’ll bet that his film looks mighty good come end of year.
  • State will do better against the run this year. That’s the reason…done…I believe
  • Positive turnover ratio…more points scored, less points given up. Let’s Ride Baby!

The Schedule

  • USF – This is where we go wild in front of a nice crowd and the hype machine goes up three notches. WIN
  • @Miss State – This has “Totally thought State would win and shine in a primetime game against an SEC opponent, then they put up a stinker” vibes…but they sneak out a close WIN
  • Furman – You better f*cking WIN
  • Clemson – Oh Baby…can they get to 3-0 for another primetime game at home versus a ranked Clemson squad?!? Be still my heart, be still…and LOSS…but in the way of the Miami game last year, where they probably should have won that emotional home game #RIPTuffyII
  • LA Tech – Come on now, back in the WIN column
  • @Boston College – Why do we suck in Chestnut Hill? Why do easy games get so much tougher? We sneak out a WIN.
  • @Miami – Feeling so good that it’s time for a State collapse…LOSS
  • Louisville – This also is in the running for fans leaving early because, for some reason, it just wasn’t happening…damnit Loss
  • @FSU – This stretch scares me…Just trap games left and right, but we find a way to WIN
  • @Wake Forest – We’re going to win…We’re going to WIN
  • Syracuse – Give me those damn Icy Military Appreciation uniforms in a WIN
  • UNC – I cannot for the life of me say we’ll lose this game. It’s time to show up and take care of business. GTHC GTHC GTHC and it’s the first tied college football game since 1995….108-108 TIE

Vonwolf predicts a 8-3-1 record…otherwise known as THE BIGGEST GAMBLING WIN OF HIS LIFE.

In Vonclusion

Overall, there is no doubt State has talent and experience. Fully expect to debate this until the end of time, but I do think Doeren is State’s coach for the foreseeable future. From recruiting, to transfers, to draft prospects, to coaching, to the players on the field…I really do love this team.

Will they go undefeated…absolutely not. Will they have a bad loss? 10000% But will they also have a stunner upset? Probably. It will be a rollercoaster of a season, but with more good outcomes than bad.

My life, house, marriage and future kids are all on the line. Let’s get at least 7 wins! #GoPack


Passionate State fan that just wants to anything...

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1 month ago

Welcome back!! 6+ for sure!!!

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