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Wolf-6-Pack of Takeaways from NC State’s Crushing Loss to Miami

NC State Football

Wolf-6-Pack of Takeaways from NC State’s Crushing Loss to Miami

Wolf-6-Pack of Takeaways from NC State’s Crushing Loss to Miami

Usually we bullet point out everything, but it might be easier for this game to just take it one group at a time. Can’t help but feel as though State was the better team for both Miss State and this Miami game, but miscues, game planning and injuries just sneak up and bite us again. That said, felt like Miss State was definitely “one of those nights” after the first quarter. For Miami? Always felt like we were going to find a way to win.

So let’s talk about this Wolfpack game.


Devin Leary has now accounted for 17 touchdowns (add on another 2 rushing) to 2 interceptions. It seems like each week, his vision improves and he removes another bad decision throw old Leary would have made.

And yet, we play it safe 90% of play calls.

Fully understand that you work quick screens and out routes to open up the field vertically. But if you never actually go vertical, what’s the point? Whether to Emezie for 46, Smith for 44 or a few slight overthrows, the deep ball was available. Furthermore, against THE WORST TACKLING TEAM IN THE NATION, maybe you start pushing the middle of the field instead of allowing DBs the help of a sideline two feet away. Open field tackling versus making a play on a sideline screen is a world of difference.

It has become so routine what the offense is going to do, that on multiple occasions I turned to a buddy and guessed the play like I was damn Tony Romo. Problem is? The buddy guessed a handful right too. The only thing that wasn’t right, was State’s running game (left, left, left, facepalm). In the end, State only ran the ball 17 times, compared to 46 drop backs. Person was feeling it and needed the rock more.

Carter had one of those games that he just wasn’t there. Rock hands was something that showed up to start the season, but looked to have been fixed. ***As a side note, if you blame this game solely on his two drops, you’re crazy. Don’t celebrate the big plays against Clemson and BC, then come back at him for drops with so many bigger problems.**

Lastly, unless there was some injury issues, the fact there were plays in the redzone where Thomas, Emezie and Carter were all out, seems insane. While I like the potential of a Rooks or Lesane…need the big dawgs in there.

In conclusion:

  • Let Leary make throws
  • Get out of this generic funk and mix up calls
  • On “must convert” drives…going short of the sticks on 3rd and 4th down isn’t good
  • Great game by Thomas, tough day for Carter, needed more Emezie



This was painful to watch, for more than one reason. State only loses when a top LB goes down. So if Drake Thomas can stay healthy (knocks on wood desk so hard it breaks), State will go undefeated the rest of the season.

Going to make this real easy for the breakdown.

-Secondary struggled mightily. Rambo is a beast, no doubt, but every once in a while, turn your head. I fully understand it’s one of the hardest things to do; flying 100 mph down the sideline and looking back…but boy was it rough to watch. The fourth down touchdown to Knighton was the backbreaker though. Perfect play call by Miami going with a wheel route, but every single player was staring down Van Dyke. Sometimes with those wheel routes you have WRs crossing, “hiding” the running back to some extent. This was just flat out missed and ended up going for 53 yard touchdown.

-Need more out of that d-line and more creative blitzing schemes. You cannot like Van Dyke talk sh*t all week and then produce 5 hurries. Four sacks and three were LBs. Durden, Joseph and Vann had moments of pressure and moments of nonexistence. Just would have liked to seen corner blitzes, stunts or other means of attacking the Miami backfield.

-The loss of Moore was soul crushing. This LB unit is so damn fun to watch, and for the time being, we’re down to 1 of 3 highlighted studs that started the season. Drake Thomas was trying to do 45 things at once. His energy and 125% straightforward, rocket launching is all heart and soul.

In conclusion:

  • Humbling experience for a DB crew that still has some BIG time offensive opponents coming up
  • Who will step up from d-line and LB crew these next few weeks?
  • Get well Moore


Not blaming them for everything…but this year has been so atrocious. Miami got four points from a penalty on Durden that involved the center literally moving the ball backwards. The illegal player downfield on McMahon (20 yards from play, maybe, MAYBE two yards over line of scrimmage) was the softest, ticky tack call ever.

It’s just every single week bad, bad calls that are impacting scores. Again, this loss isn’t on the refs…but I hate them all.



Here is where I say sorry to Van Dyke. You showed up and played awesome. Would still make that Waterboy video 100 out of a 100 times though.


State comes back home this week to face Louisville. Time to get back on track. #GoPack

Passionate State fan that just wants to anything...

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