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Trophy? Friday Night? PI Talks Randomness of NC State vs UNC

NC State Football

Trophy? Friday Night? PI Talks Randomness of NC State vs UNC

Trophy? Friday Night? PI Talks Randomness of NC State vs UNC

A little rivalry ‘One Word’ for all those folks in Raleighwood. Friday night brings a BIG game to Carter-Finley and Vonwolf and Wolferetti are ready to talk about it.


Trophy for State vs UNC?

Vonwolf: Unneeded

They hate us and we hate them. About to drop a fight video in here to solidify the matter. If this was 1905 and we had something badass like Wisconsin/Minnesota’s Paul Bunyan Axe, it’d be a different story. At this point, I just want to crush the Heels and literally win pride in doing so. All that to say, there should be a trophy for Duke-State-UNC like the Commander-in-Chiefs trophy for the military academies. The fact we seemingly play Duke every 15 years is a bummer.


Wolferetti: Mounted Animal

This rivalry already has an award, it’s a dumb “State Champ Ring”, right?

This take is going to piss off NC Wildlife folks and Peta, but let’s get some taxidermy going in the Triangle. Imagine this heated rivalry, where State wins and they carry a damn Ram head off the field? You enter the locker room for the next year with your rival’s mascot literally mounted on the wall? This game would somehow turn into even more of a must win. So there…that’s your answer.


Friday Night Lights?

Vonwolf: Sanctuary

First and foremost, I hate that this game is on a Friday night. Students aren’t at school, recruits can’t visit, this just wasn’t planned out whatsoever. That being said, I’m going to be at my in-laws through Saturday morning. I need this game so I can walk away and have the ability to yell if anybody walks in the room. This is a double-edged sword, however, because if State losses…well…I can’t even begin to think about that hellhole.


Wolferetti: Greed

Simple as that…ACC and NCAA wanted that Friday night money to roll in, so they moved a big rivalry game to a weird time slot. This should have been a Saturday night game last week. I’m not a fan. I hope the crowd is still rowdy. GTHC and ACC.


How Important for State to Win?

Vonwolf: Ginormous 

With a win, State is still in the hunt for conference hardware. Just as important though, State is heading in the right direction. All these recruits heading to UNC and their record and attendance are both at 50%. Build a culture where 9 wins is the norm in Raleigh, so that in short time, 9 wins is the floor.


Wolferetti: N/A

There are no words to describe what beating your rival means. State is edging towards a primetime bowl, as UNC edged Wofford just to become bowl eligible. I hate losing and hearing about it from Carolina Blue profile pictures. I need State to win…I need it…


Changes for Another Brawl?

Vonwolf: 80%

You think I’d mention it above and then not think it was seriously in play? Just imagine for a second, State defense shows up and balls out. You’re telling me that Daniel Joseph wouldn’t tell a Tar Hole what’s up if it got to that point? State has swagger in full force, just need a spark.


Wolferetti: -3000%

Two factors. One, with ACCC still in play, can’t risk being ineligible. Two, I hope we murder them so bad that it’s not even worth it. Get some good scoreboard points and let’s start rooting for the Eagles.

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