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Vonwolf: Ready to Fight Folks Barely Putting Leary as Top-5 ACC QB


Vonwolf: Ready to Fight Folks Barely Putting Leary as Top-5 ACC QB

Vonwolf: Ready to Fight Folks Barely Putting Leary as Top-5 ACC QB

The ACC just gonna keep ACCing, huh? There has been lots of talk about State football being disrespected. While some of the narratives are overblown, I’ve been steadfast in saying that Leary is getting no love.

And it just got worse.

Tuesday, All-ACC selections were made. Leary wasn’t on first team (understandable)…but he wasn’t on second or third-team ACC. In fact, he barely made the top-5 for ACC QB’s.

1. Kenny Pickett (181)
2. Sam Hartman (80)
3. Brennan Armstrong (68)
4. Sam Howell (19)
5. Devin Leary (18)

Yes, you’re reading that right. Armstrong with four-times the votes. WTF are we looking at folks?!

Howell and Armstrong combined for a 1-7 record over the last month of the season. Furthermore, their team’s defensive rankings were 87th (UNC) and 121st (UVA), forcing plenty of throws for points.


Leary is the Man

All that to say, Leary deserves better. State had multiple guys up and down All-ACC, but Leary has been an after thought all damn year.

I’ll save you the time on stats;

  • 2nd in ACC for TD’s, while also being 2nd lowest in ACC for INTs
  • 3rd in passing completion %
  • 3rd in efficiency
  • 4th in yards
  • Team is ranked and on the verge of double-figure wins
  • Broke school record for TDs in a season

Furthermore, two of his five interceptions were end of half Hail Mary’s (Just think about that…if we just didn’t go for those throws, Leary would have a ratio of 12-1…Good Lawd). For comparison, Armstrong with a 3-1 TD-INT.



  • “Well it’s because NC State doesn’t have a strong strength of schedule!” – Nope, State’s schedule ranks 29th hardest in the country and hardest between those top-5 ACC QBs
  • “Well, it’s because he’s putting up numbers against sub-division schools!” – Nope, Leary’s had five, four touchdown games, all against ACC opponents.
  • “Well, State has a WR core that bail him out constantly!” – Nope, and you wanna know something crazy. Look directly at this spread…eight Wolfpack players have multiple touchdown catches, compared to let’s say UNC with three. haha
  • “Well when you don’t have a defense, you have to chuck the ball!” – Nope and you could argue we’re so conservative on offense because we know 28 points will get it done with this defense we have. I don’t want to imagine it, but let’s say we had any number of defenses that just love to give up an average of 34 points a game (looking at you, you bum a*s UNC crew)…can you imagine the numbers Leary would have?!
  • “Well you have a backfield duo of Knight and Person that do all the work!” – Nope and if you’ve watched any of the last two months of games, it’s been more than sad. Leary has single-handedly gotten State wins.  

Part of the All-ACC is stats…in fact like 99% of it is. Because if you would have looked for one second at the pocket presence, the calming effect he has and the team’s offensive MVP by a mile, Leary would be All-ACC.

Just comeback next year and seek and destroy, okay Leary?

Passionate State fan that just wants to anything...

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