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Vonwolf: A Subset of State Basketball Fans Need to Shut Up and Cheer


Vonwolf: A Subset of State Basketball Fans Need to Shut Up and Cheer

Vonwolf: A Subset of State Basketball Fans Need to Shut Up and Cheer

Last night I did something I shouldn’t have…I opened Twitter.

I know there were moments of the State-Nebraska game that were hard to watch. But why does a certain subset of State fans continually have to hate on this team and staff? For every, “awesome effort!”, there’s a, “well the game shouldn’t have been that close and Keatts sucks.” It’s mindblowing to me, it really is. State men’s basketball had one of it’s best 12-hour stretches in recent memory and here folks are sh*tting all over it.


One-and-Done Haters are Idiots

“That’s harsh, why do you have to attack State fans like that?”

Because it’s true.

One of the top players in the entire country flipped from Kentucky to State. It’s near the very top of the biggest recruits to verbally commit to State ever. Yet, I repeatedly see people getting upset that Dillingham came out and admitted he’s, “for sure a one-and-done college player.”

You can absolutely hate the rules in place and daydream all day long about the good ol’ days of college basketball. But you need to realize, this is how the game works now. Every single team that makes their way to the NCAA Championship has a combination of guys ready to leave and guys that are looking to play out their eligibility.

Old farts that make statements like, “If he’s one-and-done, I don’t want him”….or…”I won’t bother remembering his name.” STFU. We have a high class player that could potentially shift State’s relevance in a variety of conversations from recruiting to game success.

Give props to Keatts for getting into these conversations. Big time recruits, bring more big time recruits…the winning will come with it too.


Whoa is me, we’re 6-1

I love this team. Without a doubt, there will be games this year that are just not going to be fun to watch. That said, enjoy the damn moments this team gives you.

It’s ridiculous that State fans almost want to decline wins because the margin of victory just wasn’t up to their standards. Are you kidding me? (update: As mentioned by Keith Gantt on FB…lots and lots of Colgate “we barely beat a toothpaste team” talk, then Colgate whoops up on Syracuse)

Look around the country and the dogsh*t LOSSES that ranked programs have had. Wouldn’t we rather beat teams than lose? This isn’t football where each and every game is thrown under a microscope. We’re talking basketball, where wins are wins and losses are losses.

Last night, there were significant stretches where the five guys on the floor included; two freshmen, Dowuona (who had next to no minutes coming into the season), Allen (coming off the bench for five minutes a game prior) and Seabron (who has exploded on the scene). Every single minute they were going all out. You can’t hate on this team with one ounce of your soul, if you truly are a State fan.


Keatts is Keatts

Which brings me to my last point, which is a continuation of sorts to the latter part of the players on the court. You can dislike Keatts, but you can’t be in hate/fire him mode.

You can’t talk about how hard these players play and then not think this staff had anything to do with it. Seabron has exploded this year. Dowuona had EIGHT damn blocks. The freshmen duo of Pass and Smith are going to make a hell of a jump come season’s end. Oh, and we got Dillingham.

Do I wish we had more directive and purpose on offense? Yeah. Would it be nice to get a little more X’s and O’s going? Sure. But do I see a team that is playing as one and just wants to prove everyone wrong? Absolutely.

Two months ago if I said, “State is 6-1 through seven” not a single person would bat an eye. Yet without Bates and a heavy influx of underclassmen stepping up, it’s more than impressive.

Enjoy the wins. Take pride that each guy is fighting for ‘State’ on their uniforms. Shut up about wanting to win by more or heaven forbid, State starts getting one-and-done dudes.



Passionate State fan that just wants to anything...

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26 days ago

I can only imaging the PR bashing our program would take if we even spoke of replacing KK. It would be Sendek x 10.

Definition of insanity is keep firing the coach hoping for a different result. I’m looking at the long game and am happy to stick by KK for the foreseeable future.

27 days ago

Really cogent view on state of state basketball, Vonwolf. Like a lot of State fans I’ve grown tired of seeing good but not necessarily great players unable to resist siren call of nba, talented players transferring out, one really talented player bringing along a suitcase full of blues for the program, along with the frustrations of the Sendek when it seemed the program was sooo close to returning to its glory days. So I understand the frustration of state fans when they flail away against the likes of Wright state and richmond. But – it just doesn’t make sense to… Read more »

1 month ago

You can’t see it but I’m giving you a standing ovation. Well said!!

1 month ago

I agree with you. I know I can be negative at times. I think this spawns from the NC State $h!* scenario we seemed plagued with, which over the years has conditioned me to have rather catastrophic thinking at times when something doesn’t seem to be going our way: a bad call from a ref, a penalty, a missed foul shot, a player going down with an injury, or losing a game we “should” have won. I appreciate the article because I agree with your wisdom and think you have a real nice point; let’s enjoy what we can and… Read more »

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1 month ago
Reply to  Doug Vonwolf


1 month ago

Thank you! Keatts has had an incredibly difficult run of injuries. 2021 – Losing Bates (starter) for the season, plus Allen (starter) has plantar fasciitis, Gantt has a hernia, and now Morsell (starter) with an ankle. 2020 – Lost Daniels (starter – 16 ppg / 5 rpg) for the season and yet somehow ended the season winning five consecutive road games, the most since the David Thompson era. 2019 – Incredible run of missed games. Started the season with 2 unexpected redshirts (Seabron being one), then 7 of 9 players missed at least one game, 4 of 9 missed at… Read more »

1 month ago

The Reverend says, “AMEN BROTHER”

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