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NC State’s Blowout Win Over UNC was Special in a LOT of Ways

Women's Basketball

NC State’s Blowout Win Over UNC was Special in a LOT of Ways

NC State’s Blowout Win Over UNC was Special in a LOT of Ways

If you can beat Duke or UNC in anything, literally anything, it’s awesome. Game of horse. Tag. Whatever.

Beat them by 27 in basketball? Hell yes.

Thursday night, State walked into Reynolds and smelt blood. At no point did they trail. And after going up 10-0, at no point did they lead by less than 10. The final score, 72-45. Yes, 45 points against. Incredible.

But here are four reasons why the win is extra special.

Oh Coach Courtney…

UNC’s Head Coach Courtney Banghart got RAKED this week by WPN. We all know what happened. When asked about playing in front of a sold out Reynolds, she called it “tiny” and not a big deal.

In response, WPN got LOUD on Thursday night. There was a little extra pep in the attendees walking in and the team on the court. It was awesome to see.

But I also want to go back to Coach Banghart for a sec. Maybe she actually thought that Reynolds was small and an insignificant factor on the game. But college sports needs this. I want rival coaches to sling insults. Just like when Wes Moore postgame said, “I guess we got a small media room too.” YESSSSS LFG.

Maybe this will come out wrong and me misconstrued, but I don’t think it’s bad that women’s sports find the spotlight, even if it’s from a jab at a rival. People were going to watch UNC/State, but after that comment? LOTS of people watched UNC/State. I don’t want coaches to start petty wars, but I also don’t mind us having some fun while attempting to throw daggers.

When Arizona Head Coach went back to her team huddle after beating UCONN in the Final Four, throwing up middle fingers and telling UCONN and the media to “f*ck off, we belong.” I felt that. (And reemphasizing here…middle fingers not to camera but what was to be the safe confines of her team huddle…which of course, the media went and ran with it.) But let’s get some energy into these big time matchups.


State Back to Hungry

State opened the season at Reynolds with a loss to then #1 South Carolina. Then weeks later, fell to now #15 UGA.

In an arena that we all thought they would “own” completely and wholly, they had not. The win against UNC, however, showed glimpses of what State is capable of doing there. They seemed to have fully gone into FU mode, with no conceivable way that anyone was going to come in and take what was their’s.

That’s how State needs to play from here on out. Controlled insanity with laser focus.

Hitting shots on offense with great ball movement. Relentless defense that just doesn’t quit. Emotions showing on every player’s face. That is the State team that can make a run deep into March.


Cunane was a Monster

This is really a continuation of the last statement, Cunane came to play. I understand that she is a finalist for the Wooden Award again. But there have been moments that she’s disappeared during games.

Not Thursday night.

She ended with 19 points, 13 rebounds and a block, with only two turnovers. She was everywhere. And if it wasn’t such a blowout? We’re talking State all-time performance.

State goes as Cunane goes. Perez, Boyd, B-T, Johnson are all superstars, but State with an inside game, jumps three notches up.

Loss to South Carolina? 8 points, 3 rebounds. Loss to UGA? 5 rebounds.

Get Cunane going and this team is ready.


400 ACC wins

With the win, State hit the milestone of 400 ACC wins.

Here is the full list os ACC WBB schools that can say that:

  1. NC State


Wes Moore getting special wins, the program getting special wins. Mind as well add a Natty to the list.

Passionate State fan that just wants to anything...

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