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Could 5-star PG commit Robert Dillingham end up at NC State a year early?

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Could 5-star PG commit Robert Dillingham end up at NC State a year early?

Could 5-star PG commit Robert Dillingham end up at NC State a year early?

The Robert Dillingham saga has been pretty dramatic if you’ve been following along.

The top PG in 2023 was a shoo-in to commit to Kentucky, however as time went by, more and more analysts started to change their projection to NC State.

On December 1st, Dillingham ended the conversation and committed to NC State. 

This led to a bunch of rumors. Some said that Dillingham wasn’t sure how he’d fit alongside DJ Wagner, a combo guard who is all but surely going to end up in Lexington. Others said Kentucky was worried about eligibility issues (however, that’s less likely since those issue rarely have scared the Wildcats away in previous years). Then there was the fact that Dillingham transferred to Donda Academy which is an Adidas school started by rapper Kanye West.

It’s likely we’re never going to know the whole story, but as it stands today, Dillingham is committed to Kevin Keatts and the Wolfpack.

In the ESPN broadcast of the State/Carolina game on Saturday, one of the announcers (who is a recruiting analyst) mentioned that it’s possible Dillingham could reclassify and join NC State next season. This was the first real reputable source to float that idea. However, this wasn’t the first time we’d heard about it. In fact, rumors were swirling that Kentucky was wanting him to reclassify to give him 2 full college seasons before he’d be NBA eligible.

One of NC State’s most glaring weaknesses this season (aside from having no presence in the middle with the loss of Bates) has been their lack of a true PG. Cam Hayes has struggled most of the season and really has shown that he’s more a combo guard than a PG, forcing Keatts to use Seabron at the point for a majority of the year.

Dillingham would be a huge upgrade as a lead guard. He’s extremely quick, has good vision, a pro-level handle, and can score at all 3 levels.

NC State has struggled this year and they don’t have a sure-fire super star coming in to save them next season. 3-star LJ Thomas is a well-built combo guard who will certainly see time next year, and 4-star 6’10 big man, Shawn Phillips will give some depth to the front court, but he’s another guy who is more of a rim protector than he is an offensive threat in the paint.

What I’m saying is that, help really isn’t on the way. Some help will come from guys who were injured this season and should be back next season. Ernest Ross and Greg Gantt will provide versatility and size in the paint and would give State some offensive options down low. But will Manny Bates come back? Will Seabron stick around? These are all questions that need to be answered.

Meanwhile, getting Dillingham a year early would provide a huge boost, but like a lot of the news surrounding the 5-star PG, not much is confirmed at this point.

Will he reclassify and join the team next year?
Will he be eligible to do that?
Will he stay in his class and come to Raleigh in 2023?
Will he opt to go pro and play in one of the leagues set up for those not yet NBA eligible?

All great questions. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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2 months ago

Another question:
Who’s scholarship does Dillingham use? We only have 12 next season (thank you Gottfried). We are using 12 this season – although it feels like about 4. Hellems and Allen will vacate two, and Phillips and Thomas will use them.

2 months ago
Reply to  Papajohn

Not sure. Right now, we won’t know a whole lot. Assuming our season ends soon, we’ll know more but really, still not a whole lot until the transfer portal is opened, creating black holes with some teams while opening up the galaxy for other stars to shine. Isn’t that how a transfer portal works? Also, spaces seem to find a way of opening up. I imagine if Dillingham could reclassify, there are already gears turning in the background with Coach Keatts knowing where a scholarship could potentially open up.

Last edited 2 months ago by Afterglow

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