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Vonwolf: Shoutout to NC State WBB and No, IDGAF About UCONN Football

Women's Basketball

Vonwolf: Shoutout to NC State WBB and No, IDGAF About UCONN Football

Vonwolf: Shoutout to NC State WBB and No, IDGAF About UCONN Football

I’ve been on a sabbatical these last couple months (nicer way of saying life has been insane and I couldn’t find the time to sit down at a computer and type away disgruntled thoughts about all things NC State). That doesn’t mean I haven’t been stewing in my own tears.

If anybody EVER questions State Sh*t, good riddance to them. The wear and tear on my emotions are starting to really take affect of my overall health and wellness.

You know what makes it all hurt more? Stupid people.


WPN onto the next thing and I’m pissed…

Less than an hour after the game, folks are already onto the next thing. I saw multiple, MULTIPLE tweets about “Well just a reminder, State plays UCONN in football.”

Who gives a f*ck.

There is zero correlation besides the same schools meeting in an athletic event. Furthermore, comparing two of the best teams going at it for a Final Four birth and whatever the hell UCONN’s football program is, is laughable. If I wanted to get back at the steakhouse server for being rude to me, I wouldn’t go to McDonald’s and devour a cheeseburger.

I hope we whoop up on them, but only because we SHOULD whoop up on that sad program.

Then 12-hours later, we’ve already moved onto the Men’s team. Yes, the ones that set a program low for wins. The one’s that we repeatedly invested energy into before falling short. There is no doubt, PI and others are about to drop some hardcore rumors about how this program is going to be a bare cupboard soon. But can’t that wait?

Did Bates and Seabron have a bet on the women’s game that if they lost, they’d transfer? Can this be a story on Friday so I can lump my “F Men’s Basketball , I hate it here” weekend into one?

WPN was gifted one of the best runs in State history (clumping together this last 2-3 years), and we already have moved on. All we complain about is when are we going to win…we do…and we just move right on to the next thing.


Can’t we just say thank you to this State Women’s Basketball Team?

Again, my sabbatical of sorts came at an inopportune time. Wanted to spend more time digging into this WBB team for PI. In all honesty, hand to God, I watched just about every game.

Because this team was fun as hell team to watch.

If it wasn’t Cunane inside, it was Johnson showing unreal talent from the perimeter. When it wasn’t Perez and Crutchfield playing defense at top notch, it was Brown-Turner and Boyd getting their buckets. Up and down the lineup and through the entire coaching staff, they gave their heart and soul to a program that so badly wanted to breakthrough.

And just like everything State related, they got screwed.

Hearing 9k+ UCONN fans compared to our small subset behind the State bench was infuriating. Couldn’t have been more at a disadvantage unless the game was on UCONN’s campus. The NCAA continues to find ways to ruin events for fans but, much more importantly, the players that they are apparently suppose to protect and guide.

Yet, State still almost pulled it off.

Always fighting (because they had to with a Husky player on their back). Always giving everything they had. It was a proud moment, even though the ending result hurt like hell.

Three-straight ACC Championships, add in another regular season title. Continual runs deep into the NCAAT. They needed to get the Sweet Sixteen monkey off their back and they did. Huge, HUGE piece of the national championship path has finally been cleared.

Now I know we are going to be losing some program changing players, folks that we just simply can’t straight-up replace. But you don’t think Wes Moore is up to the task to reload again? They have the structure in place, watch out for three transfers to fill back up this roster nicely.


In the end…

The NCAA sucks. I’m tired of seeing the better State team lose, be kicked out, or simply not even play. Who cares about UCONN football and just let the MBB be for a hot sec.

Thank you ladies for everything. #GoPack

Passionate State fan that just wants to anything...

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