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UNC Women’s Basketball Coach Banghart Calls NC State Fans “Classless”, Then Takes it Back



Yesterday UNC Women’s Basketball Coach Courtney Banghart was asked on a podcast, who she liked beating the most, Duke or NC State.

Her response: “That’s like asking me who I hate less.”

I love it.

We don’t like you either.

She then followed that up by saying “NC State fans are so classless…I just don’t even like going there.”

Tell us how you feel Coach.

Banghart went on to say that she has more respect for Duke, but likes beating them because they are more “relevant.”

I find NC State’s back-to-back-to-back ACC championships “relevant,” but maybe that’s just me.

Then…wait for it…Banghart said that Wolfpack fans are “mean.”

Fan goals…rival coach thinks you’re mean to her and her team…check.

As the day went on, that portion of the podcast was removed, and Banghart issued an apology.


A few thoughts…

I find it hilarious when someone calls a fanbase classless, and they think in doing so they maintain their class.

Also, don’t act like you didn’t mean what you said. You can apologize for what you said, but you said what you meant.

Coach Banghart…you didn’t offend us…the feeling’s mutual.

I’m sure all of the classless Wolfpack fans look forward to greeting you and your squad into our “small gym”, to play an “irrelevant” rival who has won three straight ACC Championships.

Matthew is Co-Owner of Pack Insider. He writes for all sports, with a focus on football and recruiting, and is in charge of business strategy. He is an NC State alum who majored in business. Matthew is also the lead pastor of The Point Church in Cary, NC.

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Women's Basketball

NC State Women’s team ranked #7 in sustained excellence ranking



NC State baseball has taken the ACC by storm and is now the team to beat.

That was a phrase Wolfpack fans have been waiting to hear since the mid-80s. They are finally hearing it again, but this time it just happens to be the Women’s team.

Wes Moore has turned NC State into a national powerhouse. Here is your proof…

Since 2017, NC State has the 7th best record in the NATION! That’s right. NC State can, without debate, call itself a Top-10 program with no caveats.

Just look at this run…

2016-17: NCAA Second Round
2017-18: NCAA Sweet Sixteen
2018-19: NCAA Sweet Sixteen
2019-20: 2nd in ACC, No Tournament (Covid)
2020-21: 2nd in ACC, NCAA Sweet Sixteen
2021-22: ACC Champ, NCAA Elite Eight

They’ve lost a lot of talent for 2022-23, but the roster is still stacked, and with Jada Boyd returning and Diamond Johnson set to take over PG duties full time, on top of Jakia Brown-Turner still here, we’re guessing NC State opens up the season as one of the top schools in the conference once again.

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Women's Basketball

Jada Boyd Will In Fact Return to Play for NC State



Back on August 12th it was reported that NC State Forward Jada Boyd would not be returning for her Senior season. There was never a statement from Boyd. It was revealed that she wasn’t enrolling in classes, but it also wasn’t clear if she would be playing basketball at another school this season.

Jonas Pope IV, of the News and Observer, broke the news today that Boyd will in fact be enrolling at NC State and playing her Senior season for the Wolfpack.

Boyd has been an integral part Wes Moore’s NC State Women’s Basketball team the past three seasons, that has won 3 consecutive ACC titles. She hasn’t been a starter, and only averaged 7.6 points and 4.4 rebounds as a Junior, but don’t let that fool you. She has been essential. Last year as a Junior, Boyd earned All-ACC Tournament 1st Team honors. As a Sophomore, she earned the ACC 6th Player of the Year honors. As a Freshman, Boyd earned ACC All-Freshman Team honors. As a Senior in High School at Appomattox County High in Virginia, she was a 5 star prospect, ranked as the #32 overall player nationally in the 2019 recruiting class.

After the exodus of Elissa Cunane, Raina Perez, Kayla Jones, Kai Crutchfield, the loss of Boyd would have been astronomical. While she might not have been a starter the past 3 seasons, Boyd has been at the very core of what Wes Moore has built.

Senior Wing Jakia Brown-Turner is the only returning starter this year, but Junior Guard Diamond Johnson and Boyd were expected to join her.

A lot of players were lost after last season, but players were added. Interestingly, none of the players added are freshman, but 3 players were added via the transfer portal: Graduate Center River Baldwin (FSU), Graduate Forward Mimi Collins (Maryland) and Sophomore Guard Saniya Rivers (South Carolina).

With Boyd back alongside Brown-Turner, they have the ability to help these newcomers understand the culture that Wes Moore has built at NC State.

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At Final Four Media Day, Multiple NCAA Committee Members Acknowledge NC State’s Situation



Friday night, UCONN faces off against Stanford. It should be NC State and everybody knows it.

At media day Thursday, here is what various members of the NCAA Tournament Selection Committee had to say about NC State’s situation in Bridgeport;


Oh my God you guys hahahahaha You thought NCAA would show sympathy?! hahahaha You thought they’d admit skewing the odds in the favor of a national powerhouse program?! hahahaha

NC State almost pulled off their biggest win since 1998, with 9k UCONN fans and multiple refs on their back. Add in what happened in Omaha, San Diego and even simple eligibility concerns in football, it’s been a rough year for NCAA beating up on State. Which is saying something because of the last, I don’t know how many years.

We could have literally wrote 15 April Fool’s Day jokes…which is in and of itself, an absolute joke.

Once again, from the bottom of our hearts, we hate you NCAA. You have let NIL become a runaway train, made transferring too easy and held no consistency in any judgement calls.

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Women's Basketball

Cunane Heads to WNBA – What Happens to Next Year’s Starting Five for NC State?



Three months ago, Big Ickey announced he was entering the NFL draft to potentially go in the first five picks. Wednesday afternoon, his female counterpart made the same statement (via Instagram) with a similar draft projection.

Solid chance Cunane will go top-five, with many projections having her heading to the Big Apple…Just like Ickey…


What A Career

I mean what can you say about Cunane that doesn’t seem like you’re gloating?


-All-ACC Season and Tournament
-Lisa Leslie Finalist
-Wooden Award Finalist
-Naismith Semifinalist
-State Records
-Beast Mode

She was the face of the program, especially these last two seasons. Humble, smiling, always going forward with max effort. A North Carolina kid that put NC State back on the basketball map. Now she’ll get rewarded with a top pick to go pro. Can’t wait to see her transition to an even bigger stage (especially if New York is in play).


Where Does State Turn to Inside?

Lots of folks think that State’s dominance in the ACC is over. Yes, big pieces are no longer part of this team, but the core is still very much strong.

Brown-Turner stays in starting five and could make a legit run at ACC Player of the Year if she can go a step or two up in her game
Jones -> Boyd
Perez -> Johnson
Crutchfield -> James/Hayes (James has the inside track)

Frankly, yes, there will be a learning curve, but the drop-off isn’t there. However, Cunane’s position inside slips a bit. Hobby and Hart can play minutes and take some of that burden, but here is where Wes Moore is going to be active in the transfer game. Wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest if his transfer board just had two big circles around a true Center and another Forward with size.

One name to watch? Notre Dame’s Sam Brunelle. 6′ 2″ Forward from Virginia that State was interested in a couple years back. She’ll bring a load of awards and the potential to play closer to home. Would be a massive get for Moore and company. We’ll even throw this one out there too, Ra Shaya Kyle of Purdue. 6′ 6″ Center that entered the transfer portal and is a beast on the boards with solid blocking ability. Add two pieces like that? State is back in business

In short, Moore has options and after last year’s haul of Hayes and Johnson, he can sell the chance to be part of something special. Cunane will be the hardest to replace though, no doubt about it.


The 2022 WNBA Draft is April 11th.


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