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NC State Football

7 NC State Players Named to 2022 All-ACC Football Teams



The Official 2022 All-ACC Football Teams are out, and 7 NC State players were represented.

1st Team

OG Chandler Zavala
C Grant Gibson
CB Aydan White
PK Chris Dunn

2nd Team

LB Drake Thomas
S Tanner Ingle

3rd Team 

DT Corey Durden

Five NC State players received All-ACC Honorable Mention.

WR Thayer Thomas
LB Payton Wilson
OT Timothy McKay
LB Isaiah Moore
CB Tyler Baker-Williams

2022 All-ACC Football Teams

First-Team All-ACC
QB – Drake Maye, North Carolina, 177
RB – Israel Abanikanda, Pitt, 187
RB – Will Shipley, Clemson, 164
WR – Zay Flowers, Boston College, 184
WR – Josh Downs, North Carolina, 184
WR – A.T. Perry, Wake Forest, 167
TE – Oronde Gadsden II, Syracuse, 127
AP – Will Shipley, Clemson, 166
OT – Jordan McFadden, Clemson, 159
OT – Graham Barton, Duke, 132
OG – Dillan Gibbons, Florida State, 131
OG – Chandler Zavala, NC State, 119 (tie)
OG – Marcus Minor, Pitt, 119 (tie)
C – Grant Gibson, NC State, 132

DE – Jared Verse, Florida State, 163
DE – Myles Murphy, Clemson, 112
DT – Calijah Kancey, Pitt, 160
DT – Tyler Davis, Clemson, 116
LB – Cedric Gray, North Carolina, 128
LB – Yasir Abdullah, Louisville, 116
LB – SirVocea Dennis, Pitt, 116
CB – Aydan White, NC State, 117
CB – Anthony Johnson, Virginia, 84
S – Kam Kinchens, Miami, 139
S – Jammie Robinson, Florida State, 129

PK – Christopher Dunn, NC State, 177
P – Lou Hedley, Miami, 133
SP – Will Shipley, Clemson, 131

Second-Team All-ACC
QB – Jordan Travis, Florida State, 98
RB – Sean Tucker, Syracuse, 140
RB – Trey Benson, Florida State, 137
WR – Jared Wayne, Pitt, 114
WR – Tyler Hudson, Louisville, 109
WR – Johnny Wilson, Florida State, 81
TE – Will Mallory, Miami, 94
AP – Josh Downs, North Carolina, 81
OT – Matthew Bergeron, Syracuse, 114
OT – Robert Scott, Florida State, 69
OG – Sean Maginn, Wake Forest, 88
OG – Caleb Chandler, Louisville, 81
C – Bryan Hudson, Louisville, 57

DE – K.J. Henry, Clemson, 80
DE – Donovan Ezeiruaku, Boston College, 75
DT – DeWayne Carter, Duke, 95
DT – Bryan Bresee, Clemson, 61
LB – Drake Thomas, NC State, 108
LB – Nick Jackson, Virginia, 75
LB – Ayinde Eley, Georgia Tech, 70
CB – Fentrell Cypress, Virginia, 69
CB – Storm Duck, North Carolina, 65
S – Tanner Ingle, NC State, 91
S – Erick Hallett II, Pitt, 83

PK – B.T. Potter, Clemson, 86
P – Daniel Sparks, Virginia, 97
SP – M.J. Devonshire, Pitt, 89

Third-Team All-ACC
QB – Sam Hartman, Wake Forest, 82
RB – Henry Parrish, Jr., Miami, 49
RB – Justice Ellison, Wake Forest, 38
WR – Jalon Calhoun, Duke, 68
WR – Antoine Green, North Carolina, 56
WR – Keytaon Thompson, Virginia, 50
TE – Davis Allen, Clemson, 52
AP – Sean Tucker, Syracuse, 64
OT – Matt Goncalves, Pitt, 66
OT – Asim Richards, North Carolina, 62
OG – D’Mitri Emmanuel, Florida State, 57
OG – Jake Kradel, Pitt, 50
C – Will Putnam, Clemson, 51

DE – Yaya Diaby, Louisville, 65
DE – Keion White, Georgia Tech, 44
DT – Kobie Turner, Wake Forest, 53
DT – Cory Durden, NC State, 44
LB – Charlie Thomas, Georgia Tech, 63
LB – Trenton Simpson, Clemson, 58
LB – Mikel Jones, Syracuse, 55
CB – Kei’Trel Clark, Louisville, 64
CB – Tyrique Stevenson, Miami, 42
S – Darius Joiner, Duke, 63
S – LaMiles Brooks, Georgia Tech, 47

PK – James Turner, Louisville, 72
P – Ben Kiernan, North Carolina, 53
SP – Jalon Calhoun, Duke, 74

Honorable-Mention All-ACC
QB – Riley Leonard, Duke, 22
RB – Treshaun Ward, Florida State, 31
RB – Tiyon Evans, Louisville, 30
WR -Thayer Thomas, NC State, 43
WR – Nate McCollum, Georgia Tech, 37
WR – Kaleb Smith, Virginia Tech, 22
WR – Jahmal Banks, Wake Forest, 21
WR – Antonio Williams, Clemson, 15
TE- Bryson Nesbit, North Carolina, 44
TE – Marshon Ford, Louisville, 27
AP – Jalon Calhoun, Duke, 32
AP – Hassan Hall, Georgia Tech, 18
OT – DeVonte Gordon, Wake Forest, 38
OT – Renato Brown, Louisville, 32
OT – DJ Scaife, Jr., Miami, 31
OT – Timothy McKay, NC State, 30
OT – Silas Dzansi, Virginia Tech, 21
OG – Walker Parks, Clemson, 48
OG – Marcus Tate, Clemson, 38
OG – Loic Ngassam Nya, Wake Forest, 19
OG – Jalen Rivers, Miami, 16
C – Michael Jurgens, Wake Forest, 44
C – Corey Gaynor, North Carolina, 26
C – Maurice Smith, Florida State, 25
C – Jacob Monk, Duke, 25
C – Jake Kradel, Pitt, 21
DE – TyJuan Garbutt, Virginia Tech, 38
DE – Akheem Mesidor, Miami, 36
DE – Chico Bennett, Virginia, 35
DE – Jasheen Davis, Wake Forest, 21
DE – Deslin Alexandre, Pitt, 19
DE – Rondell Bothroyd, Wake Forest, 17
DT – Fabien Lovett, Florida State, 36
DT – Leonard Taylor III, Miami, 34
DT – Aaron Faumui, Virginia, 22
DT – Ruke Orhorhoro, Clemson, 18
DT – Robert Cooper, Florida State, 17
DT – Chibueze Onwuka, Boston College, 16
DT – Ashton Gillotte, Louisville, 15
LB – Jeremiah Trotter Jr., Clemson, 51
LB – Isaiah Moore, NC State, 48
LB – Ryan Smenda, Jr., Wake Forest, 45
LB – Barrett Carter, Clemson, 36
LB – Shaka Heyward, Duke, 34
LB – Payton Wilson, NC State, 25
LB – Dax Hollifield, Virginia Tech, 22
LB – Momo Sanogo, Louisville, 20
LB – Tatum Bethune, Florida State, 19
LB – Power Echols, North Carolina, 17
LB – Marlowe Wax, Syracuse, 16
LB – Vinny DePalma, Boston College, 15
CB – Duce Chestnut, Syracuse, 39
CB – Elijah Jones, Boston College, 37
CB – M.J. Devonshire, Pitt, 33
CB – Zamari Walton, Georgia Tech, 27
CB – Garrett Williams, Syracuse, 26
CB – Marquis Williams, Pitt, 26
CB – Sheridan Jones, Clemson, 25
CB – Renardo Green, Florida State, 24
CB – Nate Wiggins, Clemson, 24
CB – Josh DeBerry, Boston College, 23
CB – Mansoor Delane, Virginia Tech, 19
CB – Tyler Baker-Williams, NC State, 17
S – Brandon Hill, Pitt, 37
S – Andrew Mukuba, Clemson, 34
S – Ja’Had Carter, Syracuse, 33
S – Jaiden Woodbey, Boston College, 25
S – Brandon Johnson, Duke, 22
S – Jalyn Phillips, Clemson, 17
PK – Andres Borregales, Miami, 17
P – Mark Vassett, Louisville, 45
P – Porter Wilson, Duke, 16
SP – Mycah Pittman, Florida State, 59
SP – Tucker Holloway, Virginia Tech, 26 (TheACC)

Matthew is Co-Owner of Pack Insider. He writes for all sports, with a focus on football and recruiting, and is in charge of business strategy. He is an NC State alum who majored in business. Matthew is also the lead pastor of The Point Church in Cary, NC.

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1 year ago

We have the best defense in the conference and only get one first team selection? For Drake Thomas (among others) to be selected second team is criminal. It looks like the NCAA made the selections.

NC State Football

NC State’s Dylan McMahon was One of the Best Offensive Linemen at the NFL Combine



NC State’s Dylan McMahon participated in the 2024 NFL Combine yesterday with the rest of the Offensive Linemen, and I don’t care where he is currently projected in mock drafts…McMahon was one of the best big fellas at the Combine.

McMahon ranked in the Top-10 in 4 of the 5 events, and in the Top-5 in 3 of them.

3-Cone – 7.26 seconds (2nd)
Shuttle – 4.33 seconds (2nd)
Broad Jump – 9’7″ (4th)
Vertical – 33.0″ (8th)
40 Yard Dash – 5.10 seconds (20)

Heading into yesterday’s activities, 28 Offensive Linemen had recorded a 4.47 second Shuttle Run since 2010. 24 of them went on to be drafted. All 24 of them went on to start 84% of their NFL games.

Yesterday, 6 Offensive Linemen joined the club, and McMahon was one of them.

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NC State Football

New Jersey Numbers to Get to Know on the NC State Football Roster



There are a lot of new numbers with different last names above them on NC State’s Football roster. Whether it’s new players or players changing their jersey numbers, check out the new numbers on the NC State Football roster.

Changed Numbers

RS JR WR Jakolbe Baldwin – 32 –> 84

SR LB – Devon Betty – 26 –> 8

SO CB Brandon Cisse – 25 –> 2

RS JR WR Dacari Collins – 86 –> 4

RS SR DE Red Hibbler – 47 –> 4

RS JR RB Jordan Poole – 33 –> 3

SO RB Kendrick Raphael – 20 –> 0

New Player Numbers

FR WR Terrell Anderson – 80

FR QB Cedrick Bailey – 16

FR CB Jivan Baly – 22

FR S Brody Barnhardt – 29

FR DE Chase Bond – 92

FR CB Jimmar Boston – 21

FR NIC Asaad Brown Jr. – 26

SR CB Corey Coley – 6

RS FR NIC Tamarcus Cooley – 15

SR C Zeke Correll – 56

RS JR TE Dante Daniels – 87

RS SO OL Val Erickson – 54

JR WR Wesley Grimes – 6

FR WR Keenan Jackson – 82

JR TE Justin Joly – 15

FR RB Isiah Jones – 26

FR LB Cannon Lewis – 33

JR CB Devon Marshall – 16

FR OL Robby Martin – 50

SR QB Grayson McCall – 2

FR OL Trent Mitchell – 60

FR LB Joshua Ofor – 28

RS FR WR Noah Rogers – 5

FR RB Duke Scott – 24

RS FR RB Hollywood Smothers – 20

SR RB Jordan Waters – 7

FR LB Zane Williams – 35

JR LB Wyatt Wright – 25

FR WR Christian Zachary – 83




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NC State Football

NC State’s Brandon Cisse is Embracing the Competition for the Starting Job



With Shyheim Battle headed to the NFL Draft, there is a starting Cornerback position open in NC State’s defense.

Sophomore Brandon Cisse believes competition brings out the best in everyone, and he recognizes it’s his time to step up.

“This year I have a lot more confidence. I trust my skillset a lot more. Stepping into a bigger role. Competing for the starting job,” said Cisse. “Everyday knowing my talent. This year, the biggest step is football IQ, knowing everyone’s job, and not just mine. I think that’s the biggest strength of my game.”

Earlier this week, Wolfpack Defensive Coordinator Tony Gibson said there is competition for starting roles all across the NC State defense, and one of those spots is at Cornerback across from Aydan White.

On Tuesday, when the media was allowed to view the first hour of practice, Cisse was running with the 1’s opposite of White. Now, who is running with the 1’s on the opening day of Spring Practice isn’t necessarily an accurate projection of who the staff thinks will start come September. I would expect that Maryland transfer Corey Coley is competing hard with Cisse for the job, but he just recently arrived on campus, and is new to the Wolfpacks defensive scheme.

With that being said, Gibson also mentioned that Cisse had 2 picks in 1-on-1’s one day this week.

“The good thing with Brandon (Cisse), is he’s very very smart. He played in our Dime package a year ago. He transitioned to Nickel sometimes midweek during practice. We felt good if we needed to use him in a game there,” said Gibson. “He’s very smart. He’s football savvy. He can play Corner. He can play Nickel. He can do a lot of things for us. The first two days watching him, he had a couple of picks in 1-on-1’s yesterday. Expecting big things out of him.”

As a prominent feature of the Wolfpack’s Dime package in 2023, Cisse played 148 snaps as a True Freshman, which speaks of how highly the coaches thought of him.

When asked this week if he was ever nervous about possibly being the next man up last season, from his perspective, he wouldn’t have flinched.

“I was never nervous. I was ready to step into that role,” said Cisse. “I was learning from those guys, but it wasn’t going to be a big change if I had to go in. I was confident in my game. I knew what I was capable of.”

Cisse knows he is in a competition for the starting job, but he is embracing the competition.

“Competition brings the best out of everybody. Everyday you don’t want to come in and have a bad day,” said Cisse. “Everyday you want to come and put your best play on tape. If you don’t want to play Coach Gibson’s brand of football, then you don’t want to play here.”


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NC State Football

With Players Transferring Back Home, Juice Vereen Believes NC State Has Something Special



When players like Noah Rogers, Hollywood Smothers and Tamarcus Cooley transferred to NC State this offseason, from Ohio State, Oklahoma and Maryland respectively, according to Wolfpack Sophomore Tight End Juice Vereen, the 2023 recruiting class that was supposed to be, is now a reality.

“That was supposed to be the recruiting class in 2023 the first time. Noah (Rogers), Hollywood (Smothers), all these boys,” said Vereen. “To see them coming back, we’ve got something special…really, really special going on now. We’re looking to bring it all back.”

Despite the fact that these players from the state of North Carolina were spread out across the United States, the bond that was built over the years of high school didn’t waiver.

“I was always wanting to play with those boys. Now that I get to play with them, it feels special. We’ve all been bonded since high school. When everybody split their ways, we didn’t stop our communication,” said Vereen. “Now that they’re back, we are as tight as ever again. The bond never broke. Ever. I’m glad those boys came back and realized where home was.”

Rogers played for Rolesville, Smothers played for West Charlotte, and Vereen played for Havelock, but the best players across the state of North Carolina build relationships despite the distance.

“We all got connected through visits. Camps can do it too. I’ve been on camps with multiple of these players…Noah, Hollywood, Lex. Coming up here watching games together, sitting beside each other, getting to know each other a lot,” said Vereen. “That helped us out, leading to these boys making the decision to come back home. We pretty much knew they were going to after their Freshman seasons.”

One of the key components of a football team is the relationship the players share off the field, and according to Vereen, the players from the 2023 class are as tight as ever.

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