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How to increase interest in learning

Sometimes we face a problem in learning and this is due to the fact that the child does not want to learn. Very often we blame teachers for not explaining the material well enough. In fact, the teacher today performs the function of a switchman. He is credited with freedom, which he does not have, and coupled with the painted freedom, an unpainted responsibility is granted.

In fact, all and sundry teach the school teacher how he or she should teach. Methodists, controllers, the press, school administrators, educational philosophers and parents. There is no need that all these "knowing how to do it" bombard teachers with demands and advice, often of the exact opposite nature. It often happens that these methods interfere with the fulfillment of their duty to children. Parents are mostly to blame for teaching instead of teachers. Because parents don't want to help their children learn. I would like all parents to use and as a result of helping their children they don't blame the teachers. This is an effective method for parents to motivate their child to learn.

For example, to evaluate educational work on personal results and achievements, while giving an objective assessment that meets the standards of education. This will encourage children to learn. If suddenly the children do not know or do not succeed in learning, then it is better to use which will help in learning. In this way, you will encourage the child to learn.

Or “create a situation of success” the comfort of the educational process for each student, while strictly following the program.But it is even better not to create, but for the child to learn how to move towards success. When you use this link you can encourage your child to learn. Thus, you motivate the child to good results.

Or declaring the child the subject (and not the object, as before) of education, laying the responsibility for motivation on the teacher, but evaluating the school by rating and exam results. Not surprisingly, with such systemic schizophrenia, the outcome is getting worse.
All of the above is addressed primarily to parents. So that they have a very good idea of ​​what school they send their children to today. To a school that can less and less be responsible for their education. If he is responsible for life and health - and that is already very good. But school will not give you an education. If you don't take care of it yourself. If you do not accept conscious parenthood as a necessary condition for survival for yourself and your children. Alas, there is no other way.

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