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Common Citation Mistakes That College Students Make - Guide 2022


An essay writer has to evade many mistakes to ensure that the essay is impeccable. To make this happen, writing perfectly is not the only concern. The writer needs to look out for some other factors as well such as formats, errors, diction, grammar, and citation. College students these days have a lot of burdens. Their teachers expect them to write proficient essays with proper citations and bibliography attached. Students being young and amateur, face a lot of issues while writing an essay. To address those common issues and a solution for them, we have composed this article to help college students.


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While essay writing service  write my paper , I keep myself concentrated on the essay half of my issues are resolved with attention and care. The next thing that I put work into is the selection of the topic and related sources to that topic. Once I am done with these steps, I start writing an essay, which starts with a brief introduction and ends with a conclusion. The introduction and conclusion do not have references, while body paragraphs contain evidence from journal articles.


The evidence is a must part of body paragraphs; they add credibility to your claims and improve the research essay. Citing these sources is both ethical and the duty of the researcher. It acknowledges the work of others and informs the readers that a particular piece of writing is not from the findings of the essay writer


Citations usually follow a format, and if a person fails to apply that format appropriately. Then the research paper/ essay seems faulty. Every format is unique and has a different layout. There are many formats, namely APA, MLA, AMA, Chicago, and Harvard. We will see one by one how in each format an article will be cited. For instance, the article in discussion is titled "Social functioning in patients with depressive and anxiety disorders”. Then the in-text citation of this journal in different formats can be as follows.


The table above can act as a manual for students who are troubled while citing their essays.


Citing is always considered a difficult task by students. They are tedious to do it, and this laziness leads to mistakes. The following is a list of a few mistakes that every college student makes once. These few mistakes include:


Missing references or citation: it means that the information is shared from some source, but it lacks citation.


Citations are not in alphabetical order: order matters a lot in the citation. If the reference list is not sorted, then it can cause an issue in navigating the citation.


Missing page numbers: page numbers of a journal or book are not added in the citation. It will reduce the credibility of the source as it cannot be traced.


Paraphrased information not cited: some writers think that if they do not cite paraphrased information, then it is not an issue. However, that is not the case.


Old sources: while citing researchers should use the latest literature that is ranging from the past 5-7 years only.


Missing web addresses: if a source is taken from a website or a book. Then the link or DOI of the book must be added.


Invalid citations: some writers keep adding citations without checking their relevance. This act is strictly prohibited in the field of research.


Inappropriate use of et al.: et al. is not to be used everywhere; it is used where there are more than 3-4 authors.


These mistakes are common and can be avoided easily. Either by using the citation tool of google scholar or using Zotero. Google scholars have a double inverted commas sign that reveals the citation in different formats. As for Zotero, it is an open-source software in use by various experts.


This article is very informative for beginners, and they can use it to avoid mistakes. However, if anyone still faces difficulty, then they can consult an Dissertation Writing Services . The people at such companies are professional writers, and they know how to cite things correctly. So, put an end to your thoughts and start writing. If you face an issue inciting, then ask the service. They will do your work aptly in time.


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