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What Is The Best Way To Remove Pet Hair From Laundry

Pet hair is in your curtains, furniture, carpet, bedding, and even your laundry. It is really a terrible nightmare. Usually, the Best Rated Vacuum Cleaner  for pet hair can help you deal with this problem. However, it’s more challenging to keep your clothes and your machines from these uncomfortable things. Thus, I highly recommend you apply the following tips to remove pet hair from the laundry.

Grooming your pets

Brushing and grooming your pets every day can help you get rid of almost all pet hair. This way minimizes the amount of pet hair that your pet leaves on your clothes, floors, carpets, and furniture.

What you have to do is to buy a good pet brush, groom your pets, and throw the gathered pet hairs away as soon as possible.

Cleaning loose pet hair from your clothing

You should perform this task before putting your clothes in a washing machine. Once you get rid of excess pet hair with a lint roller or a pet hair remover, your washing machine doesn’t have to build up to them anymore.

In case you don’t have these tools available at home, it’s okay to use a wet sponge or wet rubber gloves.

Drying your clothes before washing

How to dry your clothes?

Simply put your clothes with pet hair in a dryer on a no-heat cycle. Adding a dryer ball or a dryer sheet to the machine can pick up more hair. After 10 minutes, pet hairs are deposited into a lint tray that needs you to empty. Finally, you just have to wash your clothes as usual.


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Buying clothes with suitable materials

You shouldn’t choose fabrics such as corduroy, loose-knit, and velvet because they stick more pet hair than others. Instead, you had better consider synthetics that can repel pet hair. Shiny, leather, and satin clothes are also good options to clean the pet hair easily.

Covering your pet beds

Using removable covers for your pet beds can help you wash them more straightforward because you just have to deal with removable covers. Before washing, don’t forget to wipe the pet hairs away. And it’s better to wash them and your clothes separately to avoid having the buildup of pet hair.


In case your pets shed too much around your house, you need a good vacuum cleaner for vacuuming them on a regular basis. Many products are designed to pick up pet hair on the market, so it’s not hard to choose one.

Using white vinegar

To remove pet hair from your laundry with white vinegar, you need to pour a cup of distilled vinegar into the rinse cycle of your washing machine. Like fabric softener, this can soften your clothes to get free pet hairs stuck in the fiber.

Some people can’t apply this method because they hate the smell of vinegar. You can add some drops of pet-friendly essential oils into the white vinegar if you are one of them

There is a wide range of useful and efficient methods for pet owners to remove pet hair, like cleaning loose pet hair from your clothes, choosing clothes without sticking pet hair, applying white vinegar. You can prevent shedding by brushing your pet, drying your clothes before washing, covering your pet’s bed. However, if the case is too messy, you should consider the Best Vacuum Cleaner In The World .

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