Nate Irving Gets 1st Start as a Colt


After starting in the final 4 games of the 2013 season for the Broncos, former NC State Linebacker Nate Irving went on to start in the first 8 games last year before tearing his ACL.  In the offseason the Indianapolis Colts signed him to a 3-year $9 million dollar deal to come in and stop the run.  Irving was itching to get on the field early on this season, but he still wasn’t at full strength.  He played in 3 out of the first 4 games as a backup, but didn’t record a single tackle.

After starting in 12 straight games for the Broncos, Irving finally ran out on the field for the first time as a starter for the Colts last night versus the Texans.  He had 6 tackles and 1 tackle for loss in the Colts 27-20 victory.

Congrats Nate!  Welcome back!

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