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After deciding to transfer from UNC Charlotte, Torin Dorn narrowed his focus down to four schools: NC State, Miami, Texas and Florida.  Last week he nixed Texas and Florida, and visited his final two schools in back-to-back days over the weekend.  On Sunday night Dorn officially made his decision, and chose to run with the Wolfpack.

We spoke with Torin yesterday and walked away extremely impressed.  He came across as one of the more intelligent and well-spoken players that we’ve interviewed. So we decided not to tell his story.  We’re going to let Torin tell his story of why he transferred, why he chose NC State, and what he adds to the Wolfpack.

The decision to transfer
It had something to do with the coaching change. I wasn’t recruited by the coaches that are there now. I didn’t have the same level of comfort with them. Then my teammates began to leave, and I didn’t want to be there alone without anyone that I had built a relationship with, so I decided to go elsewhere.

Eliminating Texas and Florida from the mix
Texas is so far. It’s on the other side of the country…17 hours away. I didn’t want to go that far. They are also in the Big 12, and that’s a football conference. Florida is in the SEC, which is also another football conference. I’ve always dreamt of playing in the ACC, because it’s the best conference in America for basketball.

Picking NC State over Miami
I picked the school that I would choose if I wasn’t playing basketball. Both schools are great basketball schools and both schools have great coaching staffs. I just had to choose the place where I was most comfortable. This is the last chance I have to chose a school to go to.  I had to choose a school in my home state, where I can make a name for myself in this state.

NC State’s Pitch
They showed me that they have a proven track record developing guys that transfer.  They have a plan for them, and these players have been successful. Trevor Lacey and Ralston Turner both sat out a year and went on to do great things, and the coaching staff sees the same things for me. They also pitched a dream of building something great in my home state.

Relationship with NC State Players
I actually knew Caleb and Cody Martin from playing with Team Loaded (AAU) before, so I had a small relationship with those guys, and they’re great. When I visited I started a little relationship with Terry Henderson, Lennard Freeman, and BeeJay Anya. It’s a really great crew.

Style of Play
I describe myself as a guard that can do it all.  I can pass, dribble & shoot.  I can play the wing and the on-ball positions. I like to be electric on the break.

Being Forced to Play Point Guard as a Senior in High School
I think it was major. Prior to that, I had never really played in that role, and being put in that role really helped me develop as a versatile guard. I think it has prepared me better for college, and even for the next level.

The value of a highlight reel dunk
I didn’t always have that. It came later in my playing career in high school. In fact, I had more dunks last year as a freshman in college than I did in my whole high school career. I really think it is an energy thing. When you dunk on somebody, it feeds the rest of your teammates. It energizes everybody, and I take pride in that. I relish making that highlight play, and I think it’s important to a team.

On whether or not his Father who played football at UNC is going to be able to dress up in Red and White
He’s going to have to!



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1 Comment

  1. wolfpack74

    June 13, 2015 at 1:54 am

    We don’t need anymore 2.3 star players.

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