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How C.J. Leslie Fits With The Kings

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How C.J. Leslie Fits With The Kings

C.J. Leslie has been signed to play for the Sacramento Kings’ summer league squad. I must admit that I am not hopeful that C.J.will be able to stick with the Kings. When it comes to stability, the Kings are far from steady. They could possibly be one of the worst-run organizations in professional sports. Their new owner Vivek Ranadive suggested that the team play 4 on 5, in order to have someone on offense full-time.

Although C.J. has outstanding raw athletic ability, and he has flashes of NBA talent, it just hasn’t all came together like it should. I know that Leslie draws a lot of ire from Pack fans, but I want to walk away from that. Yes, he could have been a lot better, and he could have lead the Pack to much more success had he displayed a better attitude and consistent effort. But that is all in the past.

C.J. has the ability to shine in the summer league given his athletic ability and length. I have always thought that if C.J. would just stay within himself, he would be good enough. If he can give 100 percent effort and use his length and agility to defend, then he could find a way into the association. I say that because there are not many 6’9″ guys with his combination of speed, length, quickness, and leaping ability.

Offensively he has limitations, but if he can use his speed and explosiveness to attack the rim he could make an NBA roster. I compare Jeff Green, who is on the Memphis Grizzles. Like Green, C.J. is long and athletic and can guard multiple positions. However, Green has proved that he is more gifted offensively, but C.J.can learn from him. Jeff Green isn’t a great shooter, but he plays to his strengths. He gets his points from the paint with posts-ups, transition, and the free throw line.

This summer league C.J. has to show the NBA that he is capable of falling into line. He cannot have any issues off the court. He must be on-time and early. Then, on the court he has to show that he can defend, rebound, block shots, and handle the ball. Every team in the NBA needs a 6’9″ swiss army knife to do the dirty things to win games. Does C.J. have it in him? Many will question it, but only C.J. can prove people wrong or right!

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