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NC State head coach Dave Doeren spoke with the media one last time after practice today before Saturday’s contest against Eastern Kentucky.  Here’s the FULL VIDEO.  Quotes to follow.

“Week 2 is faster.  You’re in and out of the game plan in a matter of days.  We’re already at Friday, 48 hours until the kick.  The lead up to the first game takes forever.  Some of the new guys have film they can watch.  They can go through the experience and self scout the process.  If they played well, they know they need to repeat it.  If they didn’t, then they have to ask ‘Why?’ and ‘What do I have to do different?’.”

“We’re always coaching guys until the kick on the details.  The biggest thing you worry about in college is immaturity.  Guys not handling the day right.  Getting caught up in things outside the walls of our team that can distract them.  There’s a lot of distractions.  We just have to make sure that they are keeping the main thing the main thing, so that when they walk into the Murph they’re ready to play.”

“That first game is a milestone.  Second time is going to be a lot easier on them mentally.  The butterflies won’t be there and they’ll just be ready to play.  They aren’t going to be nervous.”

“Justin Jones made a nice play in the backfield.  He forced a fumble, but we didn’t get it.  It was a nice play.  It’s good to have a rotation like that.  When you can put him and Kentavius (Street) in there, they are both good players.  Justin was a little more disruptive than Kentavius in the first game, so I know that will create some competition in there.”

“Pharoah McKever has been really good.  It’s good to have him back.  He’s a little rusty, but he’s full go.  He feels great.  I’m glad we were able to rest him last week.  It was great for his leg.”

“Eastern Kentucky runs the ball more than Troy.  They’re more balanced.  Most of their production came out of their tailback last year.  He had 20 touchdowns.  They have good receivers under a quarterback who is a transfer from Cincinnati.  They all didn’t play so much in the opener because they got up so fast.  I think they are a more balanced team.  They are a no huddle team.  You’re still going to see the tempo.”

“Jack (Tocho) was a little sore Tuesday, but he practiced Wednesday and today.  I talked to him last night and he said he felt great.  It was just a little swollen coming out of the weekend.”

“Two of the big plays were mistakes on our end.  One of them was a nice play on their end.  We have to focus and understand you can’t let your guard down.  We had a misfit on one of the plays, which we can’t have happen with two veteran players, Mike Rose and Dravious Wright.  I think Jack (Tocho) let his guard down.  I think he thought he was going to get a sideline route to get in field goal range, and they ran a go route on him.  You just have to play technique.  It might have been trying to do too much maybe.  You like to have those experiences with a win.  You don’t like having them period, but at least you have a win, and it’s a good learning experience and hopefully we don’t have it happen again.  They are going to get big plays on you sometimes.  They are on scholarship too, but they can’t be touchdowns.  That’s the thing I stressed.”

“Unfortunately more goes into the uniform decisions than I would like.  You don’t just sit down and pick it.  Sometimes there are things going on that I can’t even get into.  I don’t ask the players about that.  When we meet on Sunday’s I’ll say ‘here’s what I’m thinking, are you guys good with it?’  Nine times out of 10 they’re going to say yes.  Homecoming we’re going to be traditional.  That’s what I think is the right thing to do.  You wear your school colors on homecoming.  Senior day I’m going to let the Seniors decide.  That’s something they deserve.  Other than that, we kind of mix it up throughout the season.  I always have the one or two times that we break out something fancy from a recruiting and payer excitement standpoint.”

“Garrett Bradbury’s good.  He sprained his knee.  He’ll be out this week, but we’ll have him back soon.”

“Carter-Finley has gotten better since I’ve been here.  The proximity of the fans to the field makes it loud.  The tailgating before the game.  People come in and they are festive.  We love all that about them.  The biggest thing to create what I consider the ultimate experience, is to have 3rd quarter be full the minute we come out of the tunnel.  That’s my goal.  As a coach I want to win every game and I can have goals for the fans.  They don’t have to listen to me, but I would love to have 4 quarters like it is in the first quarter.  That’s just what makes Carter-Finley and NC State so special.  No one else in the state does that, you know.  We need to be the team that sets the bar on fan experience, and continue to ask them for their support, and say thank you to them every time we get it.”

“When the fans get up and get enthusiastic, it rocks in there.  You can’t hear anybody from a foot away.  You have to read lips.  The more we can be like that the better.”

Matthew is Co-Owner of Pack Insider. He writes for all sports, with a focus on football and recruiting, and is in charge of business strategy. He is an NC State alum who majored in business. Matthew is also the lead pastor of The Point Church in Cary, NC.

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NC State Football

NC State Legend QB Roman Gabriel Passes Away at the Age of 83



NC State legend Quarterback Roman Gabriel has passed away at the age of 83.

Gabriel’s Accolades

  • 2 time ACC Player of the Year (1960 & 1961)
  • 2 time 1st Team All-American (1960 & 1961)
  • 2 time 1st Team All-ACC (1960 & 1961)
  • 1st ACC QB to throw for 1,000 yards in a season
  • Left NC State with 22 school records and 9 ACC records
  • #1 pick in the AFL and #2 pick in the NFL
  • 16-year NFL career with the Rams & Eagles
  • 4 time Pro Bowler
  • NFL MVP in 1969
  • Led the NFL in Passing Yards in 1973
  • Led the NFL in Touchdown Passes in 1969 & 1973
  • Inaugural member of the NC State Hall of Fame
  • Ranks 1st all-time in Rams history in Touchdown Passes & 3rd in Passing Yards
  • First player to have their jersey number retired at NC State, on January 20, 1962.

Praying for the Gabriel family!

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NC State Baseball

NC State has Dominated UNC in Athletics in 2023-24



After NC State clinched a series victory over UNC last night in Baseball, I thought it would be a good time to relish in how the Wolfpack has dominated the Tar Heels Athletic Program as a whole in 2023-24.

The Wolfpack Baseball team has won the first two games in the series against the Tar Heels, clinching a series victory over UNC for the first time since 2021. It marks the first time NC State has won a series against the Tar Heels in Raleigh since 2016.

NC State defeated UNC in Volleyball 3-1, winning in Chapel Hill for the first time in 25 years. The Tar Heels had won the last 5 matches against the Wolfpack.

The Wolfpack defeated the Tar Heels 39-20 in Football in Carter-Finley Stadium. It marked the 3rd consecutive win over UNC.

NC State lost both regular season games to UNC in Men’s Basketball, but when it mattered most, the Wolfpack defeated the Tar Heels in the ACC Championship Game 84-76, winning their first title since 1987.

The Wolfpack Women’s Basketball team lost to their rival in Chapel Hill, but defeated UNC 63-59 in Reynolds Coliseum. NC State has won 5 of the last 7 against UNC.

In Gymnastics, NC State defeated UNC 196.725-194.925 in Raleigh. This marked the 3rd straight victory for the Wolfpack over the Tar Heels.

NC State’s Men & Women’s Swimming & Diving teams both beat UNC. The Men won 258-93, and the Women won 196-157.

The Wolfpack Wrestling team defeated UNC 33-6 in Reynolds Coliseum. NC State has won 11 straight Duals against the Tar Heels.

The NC State Men’s Tennis team defeated UNC 4-0, winning against their rival in back-to-back years.

The Wolfpack Women’s Tennis team has defeated the Tar Heels 4-3 on two occasions thus far this season, and will face their rival again today.

The Cross Country teams didn’t have individual meets against UNC, but the Women obviously beat them, because they won the ACC Championship. The Men didn’t, finishing 8th in the Conference, with the Tar Heels finishing 1st.

The only other NC State athletic team that didn’t taste victory against UNC this year was the Women’s Soccer team, losing 0-4 in Raleigh.

Of course, each of these NC State athletic teams has much higher goals than just beating their rival, but there’s no denying how sweet it is to beat the Tar Heels.

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NC State Football

WATCH: Hollywood Smothers Leads NC State in Rushing at the Spring Game



Redshirt Freshman Hollywood Smothers seemingly was the 3rd string Running Back in NC State’s 2024 Spring Game a few weeks back, but at the end of the game, he had more rushing yards than any other back.

Smothers rushed the ball 8 times for 75 yards. He possesses explosive speed, as well as excellent vision.

Check out Pack Insider’s Tape of Smothers from the Spring Game.

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NC State Football

NC State Offers FCS Interior Offensive Lineman D’Angalo Titialii



NC State offered Interior Offensive Lineman D’Angalo Titialii (6’2″/320) today. After entering the Portal, the Wolfpack were the first to offer him.

Titialii spent his first three seasons at Portland State, which competes in the FCS. This year, he was the starting Center for the Vikings, and the year before he was their starting Left Guard. Over three seasons, Titialii started in 28 of the 32 games he played in.

Titialii is an intriguing prospect, considering he can play numerous positions on the Offensive Line.

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