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Money Mag Ranks NC State #1 School in NC


Money Mag Ranks NC State #1 School in NC

Money Mag Ranks NC State #1 School in NC

Every year Money Magazine ranks the best colleges for your money by each state, and in their 2017 report released this week, NC State was the best college for your money in the state of North Carolina. Wolfpack athletics was one of the factors that made NC State such an attractive school for them, amongst many other things.

Here is what they had to say about our school:

North Carolina State University is a school with deep-rooted tradition and local pride. In fact, many current students have parents and grandparents who are NC State alumni.Probably best known for its agricultural science program, as well as science research majors, NC State offers its 34,000 students some 300 undergraduate and graduate degree programs. With its location in urban Raleigh, there’s always plenty to do, both on campus and off. More than 400 student clubs are constantly recruiting on the Brickyard, State’s central quad, and Greek parties run late into the night. But nothing brings the community together as much as cheering for their Division I sports teams, now in a century-old rivalry with nearby UNC. Students and professors go all out, dressing in red, roasting pigs at tailgating sessions, and pitching tents in parking lots before games. When it comes time to study, the recently built learning commons offers a quiet escape. Classes are large, especially the introductory ones in the core curriculum. Nevertheless, undergrads say that professors are attentive and almost always available.The university has a solid 76% graduation rate, according to MONEY’s calculations, which is 3% higher than would be expected based on the academic preparation and economic background of NC State Raleigh’s students. In their first five years after graduating, alumni tend to earn an average salary of $52,500, which is 10% than students from similar universities.

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