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LIVE BLOG: Wolfpack commits Breon Pass & Terquavion Smith face-off, combine for 55 points

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LIVE BLOG: Wolfpack commits Breon Pass & Terquavion Smith face-off, combine for 55 points

LIVE BLOG: Wolfpack commits Breon Pass & Terquavion Smith face-off, combine for 55 points

*Please note: You may have to refresh your window to receive updates for the game. Thanks, PI*


REIDSVILLE                             FARMVILLE

55                       83


Pass                                               Smith

27                         29




-End of Game

Pass night is done…LOUD standing ovation

-Another Pass layup

Pass gets the steal and then lays it in

Pass with the open three…such a clean form

-Even down 30+ Pass is everywhere. Jumping out of bounds for balls, driving to the basket…just overmatched today

Smith’s day is done with only a few minutes left in the game. Not his best shooting performance, but def a BIG factor for Farmville

Smith hits both

Smith calls for isolation, drives, gets the foul

Pass gets rebound, heads down floor and pull up jumper for two, then right back to defense for a block

Smith left wide open from three, in and out

Pass takes elbow to face…shakes it off

Smith returns and is immediately HAMMERED in mid-air…flagrant

Pass drawls foul, keeps possession…on in-bound misses three

Smith play argues with coach as he’s pulled

Pass hits three

-Start of 4th

-End of 3rd Quarter…Things unraveling for Reidsville

Smith fouled on drive…hits 1 of 2

Pass ducks, dives, scoots all over the floor in an impossible escape from a double in the corner, but gets a charge call.

Smith’s three attempt halfway down but pops out

Pass with a sweet drive and layup, then on return defense looks to get block but called a (bad) foul. He now has three fouls.

Smith. Is. Feeling. It. Goes back on defense to get rebound.

Smith with ANOTHER three from even further back, then gets the steal and assist

Smith from wayyyyy out for three

Pass still driving the lane hard and gets fouled. Possession only.

Pass finds teammate for open three, then Smith gets an assist on the next possession

Smith hits both

Smith another drive from corner and gets the foul

Smith drives hard from corner but can’t finish

Smith going for difficulty on his three’s tonight…problem is they arent dropping

Pass drive, doesn’t get elevation and is block. Not as explosive as he can be.

Pass starts half with two, then gets defensive rebound


-Although Pass isn’t 100%, effort level is 10000%

Smith hits 2 of 3 free throws

Smith fouled while attempting 3

Pass drives and misses on a hard layup attempt…looks to be limping

Pass with a CLEAN no look pass but Smith comes across for the block

Pass Missed free throw…lead down to 11


Smith pump fakes from three, gets it inside for assist…then rebounds on defense, before missing from three

-Farmville playing suffocating defense, slides are so clean

Pass is hustling and dishing but not getting much help.

-Reidsville struggles to get over half court and calls timeout

Pass picks up second foul…Same as Smith

Smith hits both

Smith fouled, at the line

Smith drives, looked like a foul but they play on

-Start of 2nd

-End of 1st Quarter

Smith hits both free throws

Smith pump fakes from three land, drives and picks up foul

Pass drives on Smith and takes the layup…Smith immediately heads down the floor to score himself

Smith already with two fouls but remains in the game

Pass completes four-point play.

-With Smith IN HIS FACE Pass hits a three and heads to the line.

Smith 2 for 2 at the line…early six points

Smith capitalizes on turnover for layup…Immediately gets ball back again and fouled on dunk attempt. At the line.

Pass drives one-on-one versus Smith and Smith knocks it away. Great defense.

-Timeout on the floor. Both teams with LOTS of jitters early. Smith not scared to shoot the ball, but off early.

Pass rebounds and puts it in.

Smith with alley op pass

Breon Pass takes the charge

-Both Pass and Smith with missed threes

-Smith drives through lane for the layup

-Game Started with FC Ball

-Warmups complete…Player introductions coming shortly



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