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Indiana FIRES Archie Miller after just 4 seasons. Bullet dodged by NC State?



Former NC State point guard, Archie Miller, who was in the running for the NC State job 4 years ago, has been canned by Indiana University after just 4 seasons.

Miller started turning heads when he was a Dayton, taking them to four NCAA Tournaments and winning 2 A-10 regular-season championships. At that time he was regarded as one of the top up-and-comers and NC State took a hard look at him after firing Mark Gottfried. However, it seemed as if he wasn’t as interested as some expected him to be, and Debbie Yow had her heart set on Kevin Keatts.

In hindsight, it looks like NC State dodged a bullet.

Over the past 4 seasons, Archie led Indiana to a 67-58 record, and this year they finished 12-15, good for 10th in the Big Ten. Next year most of the team was going to be back with only one 4-star recruit coming in.

So what went wrong for Archie Miller? Why did Indiana give up on him so quickly?

Did they think his heart was still in Raleigh because of that zoom call (sports illustrated article)?

Or was it the fact that they closed out this season losing 6 straight?

Or was it the fact that he never had a winning record in conference play?

Or was it all of this plus the fact that he seemed to be struggling on the recruiting trail?

No matter what the final straw was, it’s sad to see a former Wolfpacker get fired. At the same time, however, you have to be kind of glad this wasn’t going down here at NC State.

That said, let’s look at how the final 3 NC State candidates have fared over their past 4 years…

Archie Miller (IU)
67-58 record (54%)
Zero NCAA Tournaments

Kevin Keatts (NC State)
78-46 record (63%)
1 NCAA Tournament

Will Wade (LSU)
79-38 record (68%)
2 NCAA Tournaments

PS. Will Wade also got hit with recruiting violations.

So yeah, Archie’s resume looks pretty bad. Keatts is clean but a little behind Wade, while Wade is dirty and slightly ahead of Keatts.

Make of this what you may, but it seems like NC State dodged a bullet by passing on Archie.

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2 years ago

I don’t think one can understate Debbie Yow’s affect on the program… should have a statue made also. She has totally turned the athletic department around.

University News

NC State Ranks 22nd in Final Fall Standings for Directors’ Cup



The Fall Standings for the the Directors’ Cup have been released, and NC State is ranked 22nd nationally, and 9th in the ACC. Last year, NC State was ranked 16th in the Final Fall Standings.

(Directors’ Cup)

The Women’s Cross Country team won the national championship for the 2nd straight year, giving NC State 100 points, and the Men’s Cross Country team finished 11th, adding another 66 points. The Men’s team made a jump this year, improving their ranking by 21 spots, and contributed 37 more points.

The Football team and Women’s Soccer team each chipped in 25 points, while Men’s Soccer and Women’s Volleyball failed to contribute any. The Football team and the Women’s Soccer team took a dip this year. The Football team finished 32 spots back from last year (I’m not sure what rankings they look at. NC State finished 33rd in the AP Poll), contributing 30 less points. The Women’s Soccer team fell 16 spots in the rankings, and contributed 25 less points.

The Directors’ Cup was started in 1993 for the purpose of ranking Collegiate Athletic Programs as a whole.

Last season, NC State finished the year ranked 17th in the Final Directors’ Cup standings, which was the 2nd highest finish in school history (15th is the highest ranking – 2017-18). It also gave the Wolfpack 2 consecutive years ranked in the Top-25.

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University News

ACC spurns Raleigh, moves headquarters from Greensboro to Charlotte



Today, the ACC announced that it will be moving its headquarters from Greensboro to Charlotte, NC.

The ACC has been headquartered in Greensboro, NC since it was formed in 1953, however that will no longer be the case in 2023.

The move was not without some controversy. In November we posted about Raleigh’s mayor lobbying for the headquarters in the state’s capital city.

Obviously, we’re biased on this one, but to be fair, the ACC is built around the Tobacco Road rivalries. Raleigh, the home of NC State, is just 30 minutes from both Durham (Duke) and Chapel Hill (UNC). It also is the capital of North Carolina. So to us, it makes the most sense. However, we don’t get a vote, and like usual, Charlotte gets the nod (The ACC’s new headquarters will be located in Uptown Charlotte in the Bank of America Tower.)

Sadly, Raleigh appears to not have even been in the final 3.

Greensboro, Charlotte and Orlando (?) were the finalists.

Maybe they didn’t want to seem partial to their cash cows, but when has that stopped them before? Maybe this was about incentives (most likely). The state offered $15 million to stay in state and commit to 15 years but it’s not disclosed if Charlotte also ponied up some extra cash to get it in their city.

The ACC noted Charlotte’s eastern time zone (which Raleigh has), it’s population growth (which ranks behind the Triangle’s), its population diversity (which is on par with the Triangle’s) and its large airport (which is bigger than Raleigh’s, but both are international).

So whatever the REAL reason is for not even including Raleigh in the final 3, it’s no surprise to anyone. Charlotte has continued to win the battle for sports in the state of NC, and it doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.

By choosing a city in NC, the ACC has agreed to hold an additional four men’s basketball tournaments in the state (including two in Greensboro), an additional four women’s basketball tournaments in the state, an additional four baseball postseason tournaments and 20 other postseason tournaments by 2034. Those events are in addition to those already scheduled for North Carolina (WRAL).

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NC State is offering an education in Beer Brewing and even has its own ‘Beer Lab’!



Yeah, this is a sports site, but it’s also an NC State site. Sports and beer have always gone together hand in hand, so hey, we think you’ll find this interesting.

NC State currently has their own beer, in partnership with New Belgium, called ‘Ole Tuffy’ which we’re sure you’ve seen at your local grocery store (if you live in North Carolina). However, they’re not stopping there.

This year, they’ve announced that they will start offering a minor in Beer Brewing.

They even have their own beer lab where students will get to work hands-on in learning the ins and outs of the craft.

Interested? Here’s the deal…

Students may declare their desire to complete the Brewing Science and Technology minor by applying through CODA. Students will be assigned an advisor to help them in selecting coursework for the minor.

Dr. Sheppard will certify the minor prior to graduation. The minor must be completed no later than the semester in which the student expects to graduate from his or her degree program. Paperwork for certification should be completed no later than during the registration period for the student’s final semester at NC State.

Dr. John Sheppard
Professor and Director of Undergraduate Programs for Bioprocessing Science
129F Schaub Food Science Building
919.513.0802 | [email protected]

And here are the course requirements…

Here’s to hoping the next wave of innovative breweries in North Carolina is run by Wolfpack grads!

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NC State Football

Did you Miss the PackaPalooza? Check Out What You Missed!



Yesterday was the 10th annual PackaPalooza, which is a campus-community street fair up and down Hillsborough Street. If you weren’t able to attend yesterday, check out what you missed.

Wolfgang A Cappella doing this…

Y’all…NC State’s own World Champion Cheese Roller was at that Packapalooza!

The Men’s Basketball Team was on the scene…

The Gymnastics team…

I mean why not…

Katelyn Tuohy walked around with her Track National Champion hardware…

The Wolfpack Football team took the stage…

The Captains also hung out with the WORLD CHAMPION CHEESE ROLLER…

Chancellor Woodson shredded a guitar…


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