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THE FIX IS IN: The NCAA has kicked NC State out of the CWS

NC State Baseball

THE FIX IS IN: The NCAA has kicked NC State out of the CWS

THE FIX IS IN: The NCAA has kicked NC State out of the CWS

While you were sleeping, the NCAA was busy making one of the slimiest, least transparent, and down-right coward moves in their history.

NC State is going home. One of the best underdog stories in college baseball history has been erased by the NCAA.

After finding out a couple of players tested positive on Thursday, those guys were sent home. The rest of the team (all negative) took the field yesterday, only to have them pulled from the field and tested again right before game time. This was the cause of the delay.

Who made that call? NC State should demand that answer because something doesn’t smell right.

There is also talk coming from the NC State parents that the players that were pulled yesterday after the delay had no positive tests at the time and were sent home for being unvaccinated, for extreme caution. Now, we can’t confirm or deny that, but it’s just what is circulating.

So how did we get from there, to here, where now NC State is finished, kicked-out, and sent home? … Here you go…

The NCAA is a sham. It’s a hollow organization that fronts as a group to protect and serve student-athletes, but in reality, it’s a business that takes marching orders from above to preserve their money flow.

NC State didn’t deserve this. You know it. They know it…

But know this…They are going to pit you against Avent. They are going to pit you against these players. They are going to make this about COVID, about the vaccine. They are going to make you choose sides. Stay together Wolfpack Nation. Stand behind your team.

As a human, you are going to want to cast blame, and they are going to frame it in a way that the easiest place to cast it is onto your these kids and this coach.


This isn’t on NC State. This isn’t on Avent. This is on the NCAA, and don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. Those that wanted the vaccine are protected against bad outcomes. Those that didn’t, are taking personal risk, but not putting those around them in danger because, again, those around them who want to be protected are. As you can see, being vaccinated does not stop the spread. So what is this all about? Why is it up to the NCAA to protect those that have decided to be unprotected? This isn’t about health and safety, this is about strong-armed compliance and making an example on the national stage.

Why are these teams still testing like they are? Why does the NCAA still have the control they have? Why are they able to continue to have these powers?

The entire stadium is shoulder to shoulder. Nobody fans were tested. No one knows which fans were vaccinated and which ones were not. Omaha has all restrictions off. Masks are optional. And Omaha is just doing that because they are following the science coming down from every agency out there.

Why then, has the NCAA decided to not follow suit? It’s almost as if they want this power and wants to get to put their finger on the scale. They are the enemy and don’t you forget that.

You are about to be tested, Wolfpack fans. Stay together.


A pasta eatin', Wolfpack lovin' loudmouth from Raleigh by way of New Jersey. Jimmy V and Chuck Amato fanboy. All opinions are my own and you're gonna hear'em.

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11 months ago

They gotta think about the health of the other players.

1 year ago


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