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Former NC State Standouts Rodon and Turner Make First MLB All-Star Game

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Former NC State Standouts Rodon and Turner Make First MLB All-Star Game

Former NC State Standouts Rodon and Turner Make First MLB All-Star Game

It’s been quite a year for State baseball. Not only did this current State team make a run at a national championship, but so many former players are putting in work from MiLB through MLB. The newest big news, is that both Carlos Rodon and Trea Turner will make their debut in a MLB All-Star Game.

How is this Turner’s First ASG?

It would seem like even the most casual observer of baseball would have assumed Turner has been there before. Turner finished second in Rookie of the Year voting, then just last year, was mentioned in MVP discussions. He consistently leads Shortstops in just about every metric known to man. All of this to say, this shouldn’t be his first ASG.

This year, he’s been on an absolute tear. At the halfway point, assuming second half is equal, he’ll have a career year in Home Runs (on pace for 30), RBIs (78) and Hits (204). Currently hitting .321 with a 86% steal percentage (18 for 21), he’s doing everything for the Nationals. By hitting his third career cycle this year, Turner moved into baseball lore becoming only the fourth player to have three career cycles since 1900.

Unfortunately for Turner, a guy by the name of Fernando Tatis, Jr also happens to be in the National League and will get the start. No doubt this won’t be Turner’s last ASG, just hope this becomes more routine than it’s been thus far.

Resurgence of Rodon

There were times not too long ago, that Rodon was done for.

In just the last couple of years, he’s pitched less than 50 innings with two arm surgeries. There were worries about his future in Chicago. With a losing record, although when he’s on he’s on as we can see, White Sox were only able to give him a one-year deal this offseason. Then he made history with a no-hitter against Cleveland and hasn’t stopped since.

With an ERA of 2.37 and 122 strikeouts (good for 13th in baseball), he’s been as consistent as ever during his career. A 6-3 record has helped the White Sox to a first place standing in the AL Central heading into the ASG break. Without a doubt, well deserved string of success for the big lefty. Hope that this leads plenty of suitors this offseason for a contract.


This year’s festivities moved from Atlanta to Denver. Future’s game starts on Sunday (July 11th), Home Run Derby Monday (12th) and All-Star Game on Tuesday (13th).

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