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5 Takeaways from NC State’s 79-65 win over CCSU + Box Score

NC State Basketball

5 Takeaways from NC State’s 79-65 win over CCSU + Box Score

5 Takeaways from NC State’s 79-65 win over CCSU + Box Score

1.) The FloSports stream absolutely sucked, as anticipated, and now I’m $30 poorer.
As I mentioned yesterday, you had to dish out $30 just to stream this game, and I can’t imagine too many Wolfpack fans were happy. First off the stream was awful, constantly buffering and breaking down. Secondly, the announcers were horrible and couldn’t get anyone’s names right. And lastly, NC State was almost unwatchable for the majority of this game.

2) NC State’s offense looked pretty bad for a majority of the game
When they are hitting shots, this NC State team looks pretty decent. When they aren’t, it gets bad. The offense looks non-existent. Meaning, it’s just a bunch of high ball screens and then guys doing whatever they want, almost like a pick-up game. Everyone waiting around for someone to make a play.

I don’t know the answer to this, but it needs to be fixed and fast. State trailed at the half by 1 and led by one with less than 10 minutes to play before they broke out and went on a huge run. It’s concerning since this was statistically one of the worse teams in the nation and the Pack wasn’t able to put them away fast.

Now, to their credit, the second half was much better. They played with more energy and looked like they were gelling a little more as a unit, but honestly, they were just bailed out by Seabron again. They did shoot 45% after shooting in the mid-30s in the first half.

3) This was their first road game and it WAS only the 3rd game of the season for a young team.
Now, I’ve been hard on this group and hey, this s big-time college basketball, deal with it. But, I do want to say that I think it’s important to understand that this is a young team that lost its best player. They are starting 3 sophomores, a junior and a senior. And the first guy off the bench is a freshman.

This team is learning. This was their first road game, and it wasn’t even a true road game. At least in a road game, you can get motivated by opposing fans hating on you. In this tournament, the stands are empty, so a young team struggling to find their energy makes sense.

That brings us to our next point…

4) Jericole Hellems has lost his mojo, and NC State needs him to find it
NC State lost Bates to injury. They can’t afford to lose their senior leader, Jericole Hellems, to …whatever it is that’s going on with him.

Hellems emerged last season when Daniels went down and became the leading scorer on the team. This season it was thought that he’d take on the same role and increase his output. After game 1, that bet looked good. However, in the past 2 games, he’s gone missing, going 3-12 from the field, scoring a combined 8 points, and committing a combined 9 fouls.

Hellems usually feats on these early season teams with smaller frontcourts, where he can play bully ball on the block. But right now he’s lost his shot and looks like he’s not sure what to do when he gets the ball.

NC State desperately needs him to turn it around, and that starts tonight when they take on OK State.

5) Dereon Seabron is our savior
Man, if it weren’t for Dereon Seabron, where would NC State be right now?

The 6’7 guard has been the only dominant player on this roster of the first 3 games. He’s got two double-doubles, 3 consecutive career-high scoring games, and just missed another double-double with his 24 point, 9 rebound performance last night. When NC State needed a boost, Seabron gave it to them.

You love to see this, but you also need to see others set up. Remember, Seabron, right now is overmatching these smaller teams with his size and versatility. None of these early-season opponents even have a chance to land a 6’7 guy with great guard skills. But as we get later into non-conference play and into ACC play, teams are doing to have guys comparable to Seabron. What happens then?

I still believe Seabron is going to be a major factor for this team, but the guaranteed double-doubles are going to be a lot harder to come by. Who steps up to help him?

That hasn’t quite been figured out yet.


The first 3 games have been a bit of a testing ground for Keatts and aside from the emergence of Seabron and the play of Morsell and Smith, it hasn’t been all that pretty. But, like I said, this is a young team without their best player and anchor in the middle. They need time to adjust. They need time to understand their roles. They need time to build confidence.

Tonight will be big for this team. Will they show up and challenge Oklahoma State, or will their first taste of high-major competition overwhelm the young guys? Usually, I can get a read on things, but right now I’m totally unsure what to expect.


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15 days ago

Joey, I love reading your stuff (next time please share the password to the crappy streaming service) but . . . “this s big-time college basketball”; “Hellems usually feats on these early season teams” little things like this interrupt a good time reading about the pack. Well that and how poorly we played.

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