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Corchiani Jr Starts Senior Year Strong

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Corchiani Jr Starts Senior Year Strong

Does the name Chris Corchiani ring a bell? Well if it doesn’t then you’re obviously not a true NC State basketball fan.

Corch was NC State’s PG from 1988-1991 and during that time he was probably the best lead man in the nation. He became the first NCAA player in history to break the 1,000 assist plateau and finished his career at State as the NCAA leader in assists with 1,038.

Corchiani went on to play in the NBA for a bit and today is in the mortgage business. He can still be found every now and again playing pick up ball at the YMCA, schooling kids half his age who have no idea who he is. However, most of his off time these days is spent coaching his son Chris, who is a senior PG at Ravenscroft in Raleigh.

Check out the video below. Chris Jr. is coming into his own as a player and is starting to turn heads of some D-1 coaches. While he may not profile as a high major prospect, I wouldn’t put anything past him thanks to his bloodlines. Now, I’ve played with Chris Jr quite a bit and while he’s not the quickest player you’ll see, he’s got everything else figured out. An absolute bulldog on the court, much like his father, he locks down on defense and invites physical play. He’s added a lot of muscle over the past two years and is a master of deception with the dribble. Hesitation, head fakes, and changing of speeds allows him to really compete against players who have an athletic edge on him.

As a late bloomer and someone who isn’t on a lot of teams radars right now, Chris might draw some late interest for mid-majors looking for a gritty PG who will grow into a great team leader. While it would be amazing to see him in the red and white, following his father’s footsteps, it’s likely he’d only get a preferred walk-on spot to begin with and with full ride D-1 options out there, it’s likely he’ll go somewhere where he can get major minutes, play early on and grow into a one of those mid-major PGs you watch in the NCAA tournament and wonder…”How’d all the ACC schools let that kid get away?”


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