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NC State Basketball

Wolfpack Trump Volunteers 83-72



NC State proved to be too much as they had the answers to every Volunteer charge. Tennessee was on fire to start the game hitting their first four three pointers, luckily State settled down on both ends of the floor to gain control of the game. At the half the Pack held a 39 to 27 advantage. Pacing the Wolfpack was Ralston “Freeze” Turner, he had a career night scoring a total of 33 points while connecting on 8 out of 17 attempts from three!

How did the Pack bounce back after a tough loss? Here is our take!

Ralston “Freeze” Turner: 

I can’t overemphasize just how important he is to State’s offensive attack. Tonight he had it going. I touched base on the fact that he is one of the best heat check guys in the NCAA. What does this mean? Well it means that he can get hot at any given moment, when that happens he is must see TV. Ralston was in the zone all night. He is so dangerous once he hits a couple in a row. Once he gets into rhythm opposing teams beware! Throughout the game Ralston had a couple of heat check moments, none better than his 35 foot three pointer he hit at the top of the key assisted by Cat Barber! Lets recap this play. It wasn’t anything special leading up to his shot, Cat dribbled at Ralston who looped behind him as Cat shovel passed it to him. I think there was only one player on the court that thought he was going to shoot it…That player was number 22. On this night before he walks across the stage (he graduates tomorrow) he will always remember, scoring a career high in points and made three-pointers (8).Only one off of the school record of 9 by Rodney Monroe! Hats off to Ralston!

Cat Barber: 

Cat’s outstanding performance will undoubtedly be overshadowed by Ralston’s career night; however, Cat was a steady presence who also had a career high against the Volunteers! Barber tallied a total of 8 assists tying his career high in that category. Not only did Cat get his teammates involved but he valued possessions by only turning the ball over once! This is impressive given the aggressive nature of Tennessee. Throughout the game the Volunteers were relentless in their full court pressure and on the ball defense of the Pack. No question that the refs allowed a fair amount of hand checks and physicality, yet Cat was up to the challenge and passed with flying colors. To cap off his steady night Cat went 5 for 5 from the charity stripe, which played a huge role in the Pack holding off the late push by the Volunteers. This type of performance is exactly what the Wolfpack needs out of him. He doesn’t have to be super aggressive hunting his shot, but needs to use his speed to set up his teammates. I was proud of Barber in the way he turned down his own shot in favor of Turner’s hot hand on a couple of possessions.

Abu and Anya? I think so! 

Tonight we were shown a different combo underneath. Abu and Anya played more minutes together than in any game previously. I really enjoyed the way they compliment each other and believe that they could be the best answer for the Pack down low. Why? Well by having Abu and Anya NC State presents a difficult blend of length and athleticism that other teams must game plan against. Abu is long, strong, as well as quick. He also displayed a soft touch around the rim tonight as he found the soft spot in the heart of the 1-3-1 zone employed by the Volunteers. With Abu flashing the high post and BeeJay throwing his weight around on the block teams quickly become exposed defensively! I saw it on a couple of plays where BeeJay cleared out space as Abu used his face up game to attack the rim. Then on another possession Abu pulled the help-side big away from the paint that resulted in a nice lob to Anya!

Playing these two together in stretches is a great option for Gottfried as it adds excellent versatility on both side of the court. Look for the Pack to experiment more with Abu, Anya, Lacey, Turner, and Barber to create mismatches nightmares for opposing teams!

Plenty of Bite to back up the Howl: 

Tennessee tried to punk the Pack tonight! They came out with the attitude that they were going to be physical on both ends of the court. They attacked the rim with ferocity and determination! Yet our boys were tough all night and did an admiral job of playing with emotion as well as energy to overcome the Vols. Officiating played into Tennessee’s favor in the way hand checking was allowed as they harassed our guards the whole night; however, our three headed attack of Barber, Lacey, and Turner were fully equipped physically to handle the pressure. All three used pace and angles to use the Volunteers aggressive nature against them. For example I saw where State used emotional intelligence tonight by walking away from a potential disaster. A couple of times the Vols tried to bait our bigs into altercations after a play, yet our guys didn’t bite and played with composure! Throughout the night NC State hung tough and didn’t allow the Vols to get over the hump as they tried to close the gap late in the game. You have to appreciate how this team competes, I promise you they will never quit! Its’ not in their DNA.


Great win for NC State. Tennessee was a gritty grind it out type of team that must be matched in intensity and energy! Everyone of our players were ready to play with outstanding effort and selflessness. I loved how our guys rallied behind Ralston all night. Every single player looked to feed Turner’s hot hand, there were no signs of jealousy. From the tip to the final buzzer our guys had one thing on their mind…Atone for Sundays loss against Wofford. Sometimes the taste of defeat can be the fuel needed to achieve success. Our guys could of easily let the last games fate happen tonight, yet instead of crumbling they came together and finished the job as a team!

State returns to action this Saturday in the Gotham Classic against the 22nd ranked Mountaineers from West Virginia! The game will be played in Madison Square Garden, arguably the most famous arena in the world! You can check out all of the action on ESPN 2 at 9:30 PM





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8 years ago

We were very fortunate that Turner’s shots were falling like rain this game because it would have been tough to win otherwise. Turner shot lights out. He keeps shooting like this and he will position himself as a late 1st round to 2nd round pick. One shot was from the parking lot.  Tennessee played very physical defense and it seemed like all their long jumpers were automatic. If not for our interior defense for most of the game this could easily have been a loss. I thought Anya and Abu really controlled the paint area. Anya however did lose his… Read more »

NC State Basketball

UNC Transfer Dontrez Styles Expected to Visit NC State Soon



UNC Guard/Forward Transfer Dontrez Styles (6’6″/210) is expected to be visiting NC State soon. According to a source, he was expected to take an unofficial visit tomorrow, but it has been rescheduled to Monday.

Styles entered the Transfer Portal on March 17th.

Over the past two seasons, Styles has seen limited action for the Tar Heels, averaging 5.9 minutes in 45 total games (15 this season).

Styles is no stranger to NC State. He played high school for Kinston (Kinston, NC), and was offered by Kevin Keatts. Styles was a consensus 4-Star prospect coming out of High School. 247Sports ranked him as the #62 overall player nationally in the 2021 recruiting class, and the #2 player in the state of North Carolina.

ON3 ranks Styles as the #21 player currently in the Transfer Portal.

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NC State Basketball

All-AAC Temple Transfer Damian Dunn Visiting NC State this Weekend



According to a source, Temple All-AAC Transfer Shooting Guard Damian Dunn (6’5″/195) was expected to be at NC State today on an unofficial visit.

Dunn entered the Transfer Portal on March 20th.

Dunn averaged 15.3 points per game this season, earning 3rd Team All-AAC honors. He shot 41.1% from the field this season, and 34.8% from three-point land.

In 2021-22, he led the Owls in scoring (14.9), and earned 2nd Team All-AAC honors.

Dunn originally is from Kinston, North Carolina, but played his Senior season of High School for Meadowcreek in Georgia, finishing his high school career as a 3-star prospect.

With the almost guaranteed loss of Terquavion Smith, NC State will be in need for a dynamic scorer, and Dunn has proven that he can do just that at the collegiate level.

Currently, Dunn is the 16th ranked player in the Transfer Portal according to ON3.

Dunn is a Redshirt Sophomore this season, with 2 years of eligibility remaining.


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NC State Basketball

NC State’s Jack Clark Enters Transfer Portal



NC State Forward Jack Clark has entered the Transfer Portal.

I heard from a source that it was close to 50/50 whether Clark would return to NC State next year for his final year of eligibility.

Clark started in 17 of the 23 games that he played in for the Wolfpack this season, averaging 9.0 points and 6.9 rebounds per game. Clark led the Wolfpack on rebounding in 22-23.

When it’s all said and done, I wouldn’t be shocked to see NC State pull in 6 players from the Transfer Portal when all the dust settles.

Brace yourself for the ride.

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NC State Basketball

A few Point Guards we think NC State will target in the transfer portal



As stated yesterday, NC State lost Ebe Dowuona and might lose a couple more guys to the portal eventually. They also are very likely to keep their core guys aside from Terquavion Smith who is almost surely headed to the NBA.

The Pack has a few glaring needs for next season. They need a starting PG, they need a starting SG and they need a 4/5 guy that can be the bruiser option at the 4 against bigger, stronger teams, and also a guy who can slot in as a backup behind Burns if Mahorcic’s knee doesn’t get back to full strength. Those are the direct needs at this moment, however, based on what guys on the current roster do, there might end up being other needs. That said, we’d going to focus on the needs of today.

There is always the case that transfers can via the portal with no prior connection to the team. That means they aren’t local kids and they don’t have a prior relationship with the coaching staff. While that is possible, it’s not usually how this plays out. What usually happens is a kid wants to come closer to home, or they have some prior relationship with the staff (sometimes both).

So right now we’re going to limit our focus to a few guys that are in the portal and either local or have a prior relationship with the staff. We’re also going to limit the discussion in this piece to just Point Guards.

What is a ‘Keatts’ Point Guard?

NC State runs their offense off of an initial high pick and roll, like many college teams today. That means they need a playmaking PG. Now, a playmaking PG doesn’t mean a guy who just puts up a ton of points (although that is what Joiner was for the Pack last season), but it could also mean a guy who can score but also get his team involved.

Remember, the high pick and roll is not designed to get a PG open shots. Sure, that is one option, but if you have a good PG coming off that high screen, they have 3 real options. Shoot it, pass to the roll guy/pop guy, or draw help and kick out to the corners. If you have a guy who can do all of these things well, then the high pick and roll is nearly unguardable. However, if you have a guy who only does one of those things, the high pick-and-roll looks pretty stagnant and one-dimensional.

Right now, Keatts is constantly criticized for his offensive system, and based on his personnel and how the offense ran last season, I get it. But with a pass-first PG (who can also score), this offense could be really efficient. I think for the sake of the team and the sake of his job, Keatts would be smart to prioritize a PG who is a little more pass-oriented and creates a little more havoc off that screen (meaning he keeps his dribble alive on the drive and probes, not to score necessarily, but to bait the defense to get out of position.)

So, what would you say Keatts’ ideal PG looks like?

Well, we don’t really know. His first two recruited were Lavar Batts and Braxton Beverly, both taken in his first year and both kind of out of desperation. Then he landed Jalen Lecque, who was a 6’4 elite athlete PG, who opted to skip college and go to the NBA. Then he brought on Cam Hayes and Shakeel Moore. Moore was a late addition, who I believe was taken to entice teammate Josh Hall to come to NC State (Hall also skipped college to go to the NBA after committing to State). Hayes, however, was a Keatts guy and Hayes was a 6’2, 185lb combo guard who was known as a shooter and good defender (he ended up being not much of either at NC State unfortunately). Then he brought on Breon Pass, a 6-foot guard who has given State some good minutes the past couple of years, but doesn’t look quite ready to take over as a starter. Pass was known as a good scorer at a smaller NC school, and a very good defender. So far his defense has panned out but not as much scoring as we expected. Next there was LJ Thomas last year. He’s a bigger 6’2 190lb PG. Not quite as quick but more physical. Not as much of a playmaker, but more of a scorer. Then Keatts brought in Joiner this year, a 6’1 scoring threat who never averaged more than 2.3 assists per game before coming to Raleigh.

So, to us, this is Keatts biggest flaw during his NC State tenure. He has an offense built around having an elite PG, and he really hasn’t decided what an elite PG in his system looks like. The best he’s brought in was Joiner, but the offense ended up being a lot of isolation and one on one play. To really reach the next level, Keatts needs to find a PG who is a playmaker and passer, one who can defend and then pair him with an elite scoring guard.

Who is out there right now that we should keep an eye on?

Jalen Cone
Northern Arizona | 5’11, 175lbs | 18ppg, 2.5 assists, 40% from 3pt range | From Walkerton, NC
Cone started his career off at Virginia Tech. He was a 3 star kid who was super quick, and more of a scorer than a playmaker. He had offers from VT, Tennessee and Baylor, but that was really it. NC State was involved a little bit here but never given an offer.

He had decent stats at VT, but really came into his own when he transferred to Northern Arizona. Obviously, this is weaker conference, but he had 20pts, 10 rebounds, and 4 assists against Michigan State, 17 points and 6 boards against Arizona State. He did get shut down against Texas, scoring just 6 points and turning the ball over 5 times, but this is a guy who had games of 45pts, 38 pts, and 29pts. He’s super quick and really a good shooter. He’s a less physical version of Jarkell Joiner if you ask me. So maybe Keatts sees this as a decent fit, but in my opinion, you need to target a guy who is more interested in getting his teammates involved (but I guess that depends on your ability to lock down an elite scoring 2 guard). I’m also concerned about his 1:1 assist-to-turnover ratio. You want your lead guard to be better than that.


Bobby Pettiford
Kansas | 6’1, 190lbs | 2 ppg, 1.3 assists, 30% from 3pt range | From Durham, NC
Pettiford is a stout, physical guard who can defend, but really hasn’t shown much on the offensive end. That said, he’s had a case of the injury bug during his two years at Kansas. He started with an ankle injury and then had an abdominal injury, both really slowed him down. When he committed to Kansas (after decommitting from Louisville) Bill Self really thought Pettiford was going to be a major contibutor to his team saying “We were very fortunate when Bobby opened up his recruitment last month. He became a priority immediately. We feel Bobby has a tremendous future, great upside and will make an immediate impact for us. His work ethic and drive are something I think every program hopes every player has.”

Pettiford is interesting to me. He’s a very physical guard, a good defender, and a good finisher around the rim, but he’s not super athletic, nor is he a great long-range shooter. He also isn’t someone who is explosive in transition. Those seem to be all things Keatts is looking for in a PG, so you’d think Pettiford isn’t going to be a major target for State, but you never know. He has a lot of talent, but I’m not sure he fits great with the pieces NC State currently has in place. However, in HS he was a really good shooter and showed a real scoring ability, so who knows.


Javon Small
ECU | 6’2, 180lbs | 15.8 ppg, 5.6 assists, 33% from 3pt range | From South Bend, IN

Small isn’t a North Carolina prep kid, but his connection to the state is that he’s transferring from ECU. This is a kid who was a 3-star recruit and only had mid-major offers, but has erupted for the Pirates this season. He’s a big, strong PG who shot nearly 40% from the floor and 33.3% from long range. This year Jarkel Joiner shot 42.8% from the field and 35.4% from long range. So he’s not quite the shooter that Joiner was, but he’s not that far off. He also is more of a playmaker than Joiner. He averaged 5.6 assists per game and 3.4 turnovers per game. He was ranked 18th nationally in assist rate when he went down with a knee injury in mid-January. This is a guy that I think Keatts should try to bring in, and it looks like he’s already reached out.

Check out his highlights…


Dayvion McKnight
WKU | 6’1, 195lbs | 16.5 ppg, 5 rebounds, 3.8 assists, 34% from 3pt range | From Shelbyville, KY
McKnight is being listed here because NC State has reached out to him. I’m not aware of any connection with the staff, but he definitely fits the Keatts mold. He’s a little bit of a bigger, stronger guard, and honestly is like an undersized James Harden with the way he creates space and attacks the basket (He’s also a lefty). McKnight is going to be a really unique player no matter where he ends up. He’s got a knack for creating space, great footwork, a nice jumper and he really loves drawing contact on his drives to the hoop. I can definitely see why NC State reached out, and if he really does pattern his game after James Harden, then the NC State high screen and roll offense is the perfect system for him. Don’t look at his frame and think he’s slow, either. The kid has speed and while he’s not going to play above the rim, he’ll be a scoring threat no matter where he lands.

Here are his highlights…



As more names get added to the portal with NC State connections, we’ll add them here and reshare this article.

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