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CJ Williams leaves Clippers/Warriors game with ankle injury

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CJ Williams leaves Clippers/Warriors game with ankle injury

Former Wolfpack guard CJ Williams has been the feel-good story of the NBA season.

A 3-star prospect goes to NC State and spends the majority of his career as a role player before graduating and playing a few years overseas. Comes home to try out for the NBA and makes the G-League, only to completely dominate and be pulled up by the LA Clippers.

But that’s not where it ends.

Williams played a few minutes here and there at the beginning, but the minutes he was getting were productive. Soon 8 minutes turned to 16, 16 turned to 20. On December 31st, Williams logged 34 minutes. He followed that up with 29 minutes on January 2nd and poured in a career-high 18 points.

It was all coming together for CJ. He had become a pretty big part of the Clippers rotation and over the past 7 games was averaging over 10 points. He even hit a game-winning 3 pointer vs. the Hawks on Monday night.

Tonight, however, the Williams story has hit a speed-bump as he went down with an ankle injury in the 3rd quarter.This sprained ankle wouldn’t be such a big deal if it wasn’t day 42 of his 45-day contract. That means unless Williams is signed to an actual NBA deal and they create space for him, he’ll be getting sent down to the G-League for the remainder of the season.

We’ll keep an eye on the situation and let you know how bad the injury is and what the Clippers decide to do.

Video above is from @VersaceBoyEnt

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