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Keatts talks to media after loss to UNC : BULLETED

NC State Basketball

Keatts talks to media after loss to UNC : BULLETED

Kevin Keatts met with the media to discuss his team’s loss to UNC. Above is the full press conference and below is the summary in bulleted format.

  • Was wrong. Always say anytime you play a team twice it’s two different games. It wasn’t.
  • Great offensive game for both teams. Give UNC credit, plays we made at end of last game, they made this game.
  • Biggest play of the game was Kenny Williams hitting that late 3. Gave them separation.
  • Maye was really good. Tremendous. 33 points and 17 rebounds.
  • Proud of my guys. Fought until the end.
  • Told team they are becoming a very good team. Don’t accidentally beat Arizona, Duke, UNC, Clemson. Moving forward have to figure out how to not beat yourself.
  • Expectations coming into the season outside of program were pretty low. Picked 12th. Now in a situation where we are playing top teams in the country down to the wire.
  • Need to get guys to change expectation. Don’t want them to settle with where we are. Team is scoring on everybody, but need to figure out where to go from here.
  • Luke Maye had a great 2nd half. Switched a lot of different guys onto him. They shot 56% for the game, we shot 54%.
  • Team has done a great job running guys off the 3 point line. Most baskets have been 2’s. Happy with that part of defense.
  • Need to do better at closing the game and finishing plays at the end.
  • Excited about defense and game style. People make mistake looking at percentages. Go back adn look at overall game. Typically getting 10 more shots than the other teams because of forced turnovers. Percentages are a little deceiving. Looking more for how many steals, deflections and forced turnovers do we have.
  • Happy with the guard play. Guys did a good job keeping guys up front.
  • Pinson had a great night last time, team contained him today.
  • Went into the game knowing we had to keep them off offensive glass. Didn’t do it. Keep them out of transition. Did that okay. Keep them from getting open 3s. Did that. Only had 6. They had 11 vs Duke.
  • Wore red blazer at the UMKC game in Reynolds as well. It’s great. Knew Roy was going to come in with some Carolina blue blazer on, wasn’t going to let him show me up. I’m a way better dresser than him.
  • Batts didn’t play. Coaches’ decision.
  • Every couple games need to reset expectations. Team is in unchartered waters when you look at last couple years. Program has seen a lot of success, but last couple years they had 5 conference win and 4 conference wins. Got to reset and move forward.
  • Disappointed about the loss, but doesn’t hurt us now. About moving forward. That’s what is important.

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