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247: Anfernee Simons (2018, 5-star) Recaps his NC State Visit

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247: Anfernee Simons (2018, 5-star) Recaps his NC State Visit

247: Anfernee Simons (2018, 5-star) Recaps his NC State Visit

As we mentioned, 2018 5-star guard, Anfernee Simons was on campus visiting NC State this past weekend.

247 Sports caught up with him to see what he had to say about the visit.

“It was a good atmosphere. The game, there were a lot of students there. That was different because at Louisville they mostly had a pro-like crowd going to the games and stuff. It was mostly kids in the background. Unfortunately, they didn’t get the win, but it was still good to see a good atmosphere.” (247 Sports)

He was also impressed with Kevin Keatts…

“He’s a good guy, He’s really close with his team and I feel like they really appreciate what he says. What he does in pregame, they are really locked in on what he says and I thought he was a really good person.”

“I ate dinner at his house, that was pretty good, That showed me a lot that he invited me to his house to spend time with his family.” (247 Sports)

Simons got the full tour of NC State and it seems like he came away pretty impressed. You can check out the 247 article for a few more quotes, but from the sounds of it, Keatts and company certainly made an impression.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out. As you probably already know, Simons is playing prep at IMG, meaning he has the ability to go straight to the pros if he wants to. Some mock drafts have him going in the first round, so he will certainly test the waters, but most scouts think spending a year in college is the right move. If he goes that route, NC State is most certainly one of the few schools in the running to land him.

Here are some highlights…

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