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Money Magazine Ranks NC State as #1 College in North Carolina



Money Magazine released their ‘best schools for the money’, and look who is slotting in at #1 in North Carolina.

That’s right pack fans. NC State is atop the list, followed by Duke at #2 and UNC at #3. In fact, NC State ranks 31st in the nation.

Taken into account for this ranking was Median SAT/ACT score, estimated price without aid, estimated price with average grant, percent with need who get grants, average student debt and early career earnings.

There are some interesting takeaways here. While it’s a little harder to get into Duke and UNC, students coming out of NC State with a degree make more ($53,800) in their early career than UNC students ($51,200).

So the boys in blue can keep running around with their dated data about how much more valuable their degrees are, but the statistics have spoken.

If you want to pay less and earn more in North Carolina…You go to NC State.

Here’s what they had to say about the Wolfpack:

North Carolina State University is a school with deep-rooted tradition and local pride. In fact, many current students have parents and grandparents who are NC State alumni. Probably best known for its agricultural science program, as well as its science research majors, NC State offers its 34,000 students some 300 undergraduate and graduate degree programs. With its location in urban Raleigh, there’s always plenty to do, both on campus and off. Hundreds of student clubs are constantly recruiting on the Brickyard, State’s central quad, and Greek parties run late into the night. But nothing brings the community together as much as cheering for their Division I sports teams, now in a century-old rivalry with nearby UNC. Students and professors go all out, dressing in red, roasting pigs at tailgating sessions and pitching tents in parking lots before games. When it comes time to study, the recently built learning commons offers a quiet escape. Classes are large, especially the introductory ones in the core curriculum. Nevertheless, undergrads say that professors are attentive and almost always available. The university has a solid 78% graduation rate, according to MONEY’s calculations, which is 10% higher than would be expected based on the academic preparation and economic background of NC State Raleigh’s students. In their first three years after graduating, alumni tend to earn an average salary of $53,800. (Link)

NC State News

NC State Names Holmes Hall After 1st African-American Graduate & ACC Athlete



Today NC State changed the name of University College Commons to Holmes Hall in honor of Irwin Holmes, the first African-American to earn an undergraduate degree.

Holmes proudly walked across the graduation stage on May 29th, 1960, with a degree in electrical engineering in hand.

Not only was Holmes the school’s first African-American graduate, he was also the ACC’s first African-American athlete, playing tennis and running indoor track.

In 1960, Holmes became co-captain of the Tennis team, becoming the 1st African-American captain of a varsity team in ACC history.

Truly a remarkable story.

The legendary Tim Peeler broke it down in story form here.


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NC State News

Check Out This NC State Themed Corn Maze!



The Granville Haunt Farm has raised the bar of what it means to be an NC State fan.

Grey Blackwell, who graduated from NC State’s College of Design in 1992, runs the Haunted Corn Maze in Granville County every year, and this year the maze is also a shrine for all Wolfpack fans to experience. As you walk through the haunted maze, you are walking through the shape of the Tuffy head logo, the block “S” logo, and the word Wolfpack.

A company from Idaho designed the maze to fit the space and then arrived in August with two small John Deere tractors equipped with GPS to direct them where to cut. It took them about a half a day to make Tuffy appear in Blackwell’s corn field.

“It’s an agri-tourism event, so it made sense for NC State to be part of it,” says Blackwell, who has season tickets to NC State football games.


With Fall getting in full swing, you should take a trip out to the Granville Haunt Farm. Prices start as low as $10 for individual attractions, and it’s right under an hour drive from the Raleigh area.

Check out their website here, and you can buy tickets before you go.

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NC State News

The tunnel under Trinity Rd is complete, Will allow fans to walk from tailgate to Carter-Finley



As you’ve probably heard, NC DOT has been working on an underground tunnel that connects one of the main NC State tailgating lots to Carter-Finley Stadium.

Well, that tunnel is now complete and ready for use during this weekend’s game. This means Wolfpack fans can have fun at their tailgate and not worry about getting mowed over by a car while trying to cross Trinity Rd (one of the main arteries to the stadium). Here is a sneak peek at what it looks like, thanks to Wolfpack podcaster/journalist James Curle.

The tunnel is located near the intersection of Trinity Rd and Youth Center Dr.

Not only does this keep pedestrians heading to the game safe, but it also allows traffic to flow without having to yield for pedestrians every 3 minutes near that intersection.

The completion comes at the perfect time as NC State has two home games in a row before the NC State Fair takes over the lots.

** Image courtesy of James Curle. Speaking of James, he’s been creating NC State content since 2011 and he’s always done a high-quality job. If you’ve been a fan of his over that time, make sure you throw him a few bucks for a 6-pack soda.

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NC State News

NC State putting on big party for The Brickyard’s 50th birthday this Saturday!



If you went to NC State then you’re obviously familiar with the Brickyard, but do you know its story?

Before it was actually made of bricks, it was a bunch of “warped planks sitting atop the muddy red quagmire that separated the old Erdahl-Cloyd Student Center from the shiny cylindrical marvel called Harrelson Hall that rose near the railroad tracks on NC State’s main campus. (NCSU)

**Note: Harrelson Hall was the first cylindrical building built on a college campus in the United States, however, it was torn down a few years ago because it was sinking. What it once stood is now a raised park.

In 1966, NC State decided it was time to do something a little more permanent and they started paving the area with red and white brick. They dubbed the area “University Plaza” but everybody just called it ‘The Brickyard.’

The Brickyard became a central gathering place for students. It was where they congregated, grabbed lunch, studied on a nice day, or just relaxed. It was where they celebrated and where they protested. It became a big part of the NC State college experience, so much so that when they graduated students would steal a brick as a memory of their time in Raleigh.

If you went to NC State, then you are part of this history. So make sure you join the alumni association and NCSU Libraries as they host the Brickyard’s 50th birthday party this Saturday (Sept. 22) from 10 am to noon. (meaning you can attend and still get home to grill-out before watching NC State vs. Marshall at 7pm.

Attending will cost you $5 if you’re a member of the alumni association and $10 for non-members. Kids are free. You can register here.

Here is a list of what they will have going on…

We hope to see you out there!


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