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NC State Football

VIDEO: NC State Head Coach Dave Doeren Talks After Beating Georgia State 41-7



Head Coach Dave Doeren spoke with the media in his press conference after NC State crushed Georgia State 41-7 today. The VIDEO is above, and a BULLETED breakdown is below.

  • Good win for our football team. A lot of 1st time things happening. Guys scoring their first touchdowns and making some big plays.
  • It was good to see Redshirt Graduate Senior Running Back Brady Bodine score a touchdown for us. He’s been an awesome teammate and good leader.
  • Freshman Running Back Trent Pennix scored his first touchdown. Great to see that.
  • And then Redshirt Freshman Matt McKay getting in there at the end. Good for him to get out on the field and get some quality snaps at the end of the game.
  • Obviously Redshirt Graduate Senior Quarterback Ryan Finley was exceptional. 31 of 38. I know he would like the interception back. 370 yards passing. If you know Ryan Finley, he wants other players to get credit. I love that about him.
  • Defensively…keeping them out of the end zone. Gave up some runs, and runs after the catch, and some missed tackles we need to clean up.
  • Redshirt Graduate Senior Wide Receiver Stephen Louis seemed fine as far as any injuries outside of a concussion. He’ll go through the protocol and take the steps necessary. Other than that, I think we came out pretty healthy.
  • Redshirt Freshman Running Back Nakia Robinson got his first reps.

On Redshirt Freshman Wide Receiver Thayer Thomas…

  • Thayer is playing at a high level.
  • I think sometimes guys get categorized. Sometimes people think that a walk-on overachieves and they aren’t that great of an athlete. He is an overachiever, but he’s a tremendous athlete. Great quickness. Much faster than people give him credit for. Good ball skills. Works really hard. He’s tough. Had a good game today.
  • Took advantage of an opportunity with Jakobi (Meyers) still being out. His first 100-yard receiving day.

Difference between Junior Wide Receiver Kelvin Harmon last week and today…

  • Had a good run after the catch. Had a good week of practice.
  • Sometimes you need to play a game to see where you’re at. Kelvin’s a great competitor. As soon as he put something on tape, he’s going to watch it and get better, and that’s what he did.
  • Coverage systems were different. Had more off-coverage. More free access stuff today. Caught the ball well. Ran crisp routes. Gave himself a little more space on the sideline. Last week he kind of ran out of room a couple of times.

On Freshman Running Back Trent Pennix…

  • I said earlier in the week that Trent playing last week, even though he wasn’t productive, was going to help him this week, and you saw that. He’s going to continue to get quicker and play faster. He made a guy miss out in space, which is great to see from that position for us.

On defense giving up 7 points, and then shutting them out the rest of the way…

  • They’re resilient. People are moving the ball at times, but they made corrections. Offensively GSU had a couple of extra days to prepare, and they did somethings they hadn’t put on tape. Had to adjust. Hit us on a route early and got some field position. Thought the guys settled in.
  • Really did a nice job on third down. 4 for 13.

On what needs to be improved in the running game…

  • Need to get on film and really dig in it.
  • See where some of the linebackers were coming free. That’s not part of what we do. Want to make sure we are fitting those guys up. Always handle the first level first. Need to see what happened on film.
  • I know it’s not where we want it. Got to continue to work at it. Get our Offensive Line playing together. Reps for our running backs and tight ends. They are still young. All that’s going to help over time.

NC State Football

NC State Wearing All-White Against Louisville



NC State will be wearing ALL WHITE on the road against Louisville tomorrow.

The Wolfpack is 2-2 this year in ALL WHITE. They are 1-1 in the standard white uniforms, and 1-1 in the Ice Wolf uniforms.

Standard White
Marshall – 37-20 (W)
Clemson – 41-7 (L)

Ice Wolf White
Georgia State – 41-7 (W)
Syracuse – 51-41 (L)

After tomorrow’s game, the Wolfpack will have worn ALL WHITE in half of their games in 2018.

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NC State Football

VIDEO: Dave Doeren Talks After Practice Before Louisville



Head Coach Dave Doeren met with the media after practice today before NC State’s game on the road against Louisville this Saturday. The video is ABOVE and a bulleted breakdown is BELOW.

  • Thankful for Close-King Indoor Facility. They’re (Louisville) a turf field. It’s supposed to be beautiful down there on Saturday. Being outside in the rain wouldn’t have really helped us prepare for what we are going to see element wise.
  • Practicing outside sometimes takes away from focus, because you’re playing with wet balls and your footing is challenging. On the turf it wouldn’t be. It’s also flu season. So, trying to keep guys healthy through this too is a big part of that.
  • You know, their issues are not ours. We expect to see a very good football team that’s going to play hard. I’ve read everything I can read. They’re making football fun for those guys and that’s what they should be doing. For us, it’s what do we need to do better. We’re going to have to adjust throughout the game because there could be some new things they haven’t shown. Our guys just have to be really coachable. It’s about executing with great technique and effort. Finishing plays and having fun while we’re out there. That joy you have for the game is really important.
  • You do everything you can to help your guys and deal with what comes. You know, the injuries are a part of the game. You’re recruiting for the future all the time. Developing for the future all the time. Obviously, I think we showed that early in the year with all the players we lost to the NFL, but we had good players ready to go. Now it’s been sustaining the injuries that have come and guys are working hard to be ready to play and take that opportunity.
  • Our guys have been able to get in games and understand how it’s different than they thought it was going to be, grow up, and not use a year in that process. It’s helped our depth when we’ve had injuries. So, you know there’s always going to be things that you wish were different, but I’m using it (new 4 game redshirt rule) the best that I can. I think it’s helped a lot of our guys and it’s definitely kept them practicing a certain way knowing that they could get called any time to play.

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NC State Football

NC State’s Dave Doeren’s Week 12 ACC Media Teleconference Transcript



NC State head coach Dave Doeren answered questions on the weekly ACC Media Teleconference today before the Wolfpack’s matchup against Louisville Saturday. Here’s the transcript:

THE MODERATOR: We’re joined by Dave Doeren from NC State.

COACH DOEREN: I have had a good week here getting prepared for Louisville, and our guys really came back to work on Tuesday and had a great practice and excited about the way they’ve prepared, the way they’ve worked and bought into getting back to the fundamentals of the game of football, that felt like we didn’t do as well as we’re capable of in last week’s game. And it’s exciting to see the guys do that. They’re a resilient bunch of guys. They’re awesome guys to coach and excited about this next opportunity in a road game with Louisville who is obviously going through a tough situation, but I know there will be a lot of spirit and fight from their ball club. So look forward to that game.

Q. When you have kind of a deflating loss like that maybe the guys didn’t expect, didn’t see coming, what do you as a coach say to them to try to make sure it doesn’t have a hangover effect and you have this bounceback?

COACH DOEREN: I think the best thing you can do with anyone you’re working with is be honest and own the things that are yours and ask them to own the things that are theirs. And point out the things that are correctable. And then get together with the guys. And to me it’s opportunity coming up here to play another football game. And every week, whether we win or lose, we want to be better than we were the week before. And obviously we weren’t able to do that last week.

So you use it as an opportunity to grow as a coach and as an opportunity to grow as a player. And it’s not about blame. It’s about fixing things and getting things back to where we can win a football game.

Q. To get the offense back where it had been was it just fundamentals as you said or what have you been able to —

COACH DOEREN: There’s several things. We dropped five balls and a couple of them would have been really good catches but we’re capable of making really good catches and on the line of scrimmage I just didn’t think we had played as fast’s with have and guys were off target on some things and Wake Forest did a good job. So I mean part of it is the way they played. But we weren’t the same as we’ve been on our landmarks and our zone schemes and sustaining blocks and creating spaces for our running backs in the run game.

When you get five red zone possessions and get one touchdown and two of those three that you don’t score, you drop touchdown passes. I mean, that’s hard to say that we were doing the wrong things. We just gotta finish plays and that’s fundamental football. Blocking, catching, running, breaking tackles, leveraging the football and that’s what we focused on this week.

Q. When you’re playing a team that has an interim coach and is down a bunch of coaches on their staff, how do you just prepare for what challenges they might present for you, if they try and do anything different, or you just go by what you see on tape?

COACH DOEREN: I think there’s naturally going to be some adjusting that we have to do in the game. I mean, I would assume that with the new play caller coach Galloway that he’ll have some wrinkles. Their defensive coordinator hasn’t changed. So you expect to see the same types of things they’ve been doing.

I know they’re going to be very spirited. I know Lorenzo’s going to do everything he can to make football fun for those guys and be honest we’re doing the same thing here. We just want our guys to play the technique and execute the plays and have fun doing it. And however they come out in the game, you know, whether it’s pass at quarterback or one of the athletic quarterbacks that they have, we have to adjust and there will be things going on on the sideline that we have to do a good job with our guys and be able to play within the scheme and adjust to what they’re doing.

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NC State Football

NC State’s Garrett Bradbury is 1 of 8 Semifinalists for Outland Trophy



Eight semifinalists for the 2018 Outland Trophy were named today, and NC State Graduate Senior Center Garrett Bradbury was one of them.

The Outland Trophy has been awarded to the best interior lineman on offense or defense since 1946.

Here’s what the FWAA had to say about Bradbury:

Garrett Bradbury, C, North Carolina State (6-3, 300, Gr., Charlotte, N.C.): A three-year starter on the line, the team co-captain has played all but four snaps for the Wolfpack this season. In 679 snaps he has not allowed a sack and has only allowed two pressures on 348 pass attempts. His protection has helped place Ryan Finley on the cusp to become N.C. State’s only quarterback to pass for 3,000-plus yards in three different seasons. Has led the blocking for an offense averaging 31.4 points and 453.0 yards per game. Earned his degree last year in business supply operations management. (Outland)

2018 Outland Trophy Semifinalists

Garrett Bradbury – C – NC State
Michael Deiter – G – Wisconsin
Mitch Hyatt – OT – Clemson
Ed Oliver – DT – Houston
Ben Powers – G – Oklahoma
Christian Wilkins – DT – Clemson
Jonah Williams – OT – Alabama
Quinnen Williams – NG – Alabama

Former NC State Center Jim Ritcher, whose number is retired, won the Outland Trophy in 1979.

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